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Chapter 1005: Twilight City (23)

“So its him.” Shen Yanxiao sneered.

That Geng Di was really smart.

He knew that he was not her opponent in a one-on-one fight and so, he rushed to recruit allies.

“Xiaoxiao, you have been very decisive today, but you must be careful.

After all, this is Twilight Citys territory so you have to pay attention to everything.” Even though Long Fei appreciated Shen Yanxiaos methods, he was still worried for her.

After all, she was still young.

Even though she was strong, her experience was lacking.

“Thank you, Brother Long, for your advice.

However, I am curious about one thing.

Since the Elders Council of the Seventh Kingdom can control Twilight City, why did they hand over theCity Lord title to Duan Hen His father is dead, and he is alone and helpless.

Moreover, he is still young.

Cant the Elders Council just directly seize Twilight City” It was naturally better to personally control a city than to nurture a puppet.

Long Fei hesitated for a moment before he softly said, “In fact, that was the original plan of the Elders Council.

Back then, Duan Wuya was young and healthy, but he suddenly passed away due to illness.

At that time, the Elders Council had the intention to transfer Twilight City to their hands.

However, the ten-year-old Duan Hen had somehow signed a contract with a mythical beast, Redflame Beast.

With Redflame Beast as his backing, even the Elders Council would not dare to seize Twilight City.

However, even if the surname of the city lord is Duan, it is no different from being controlled by the Elders Council.

Right now, Duan Hens authority has been taken over.”

“Arent the Elders too detestable They are bullying a little kid! They are not acting their age!” Nangong Mengmeng, who had a strong sense of justice, immediately exploded.

“The human heart is complicated.

The Forsaken Land is a huge piece of fat meat.

Although the people sent here to reclaim the land have achieved success for quite a while, they are not able to control the resources here.

They fought hard to build their country, but in the end, they had to benefit others.

If not for their strong backing, Im afraid the City Lords here would have changed many times over.” Shen Yanxiao chuckled.

The human heart was unpredictable, especially when in front of huge benefits.

Even brothers could turn against each other, let alone strangers.

Shen Yanxiao spoke calmly, but her words caused waves in Long Feis ears.

The people who had reclaimed the Forsaken Land were meritorious subjects, but the various City Lords, who had shouldered huge profits, had suddenly become obstacles in the eyes of many.

He relied on the Blizzard Mercenary Group to support him.

Geng Di was able to gain a foothold in Fantasy Devil City because he had a father sitting above millions of people.

As for Duan Wuya… Duan Wuya was an orphan adopted by the Elders Council.

He was just thrown into the Forsaken Land.

Even though he had conquered a piece of the land for himself, he could not protect it in the end.

As for Shen Yanxiao…

Long Fei looked at Shen Yanxiaos smiling face.

Of the four great cities in the Forsaken Land, she was in the best position.

She had almost cut off all contact with the Longxuan Empire.

All the resources in the Forsaken Land were under her control.

Moreover, her strength and the forces behind her were not something ordinary people could shake.

How enviable.

“That Duan Hen… is so pitiful,” Nangong Mengmeng whispered.

Little did she know that before she knew the truth, she had even cursed Duan Hen to death.

Now that she knew the truth, she felt sorry for him.

“He is indeed very pitiful.

I saw Duan Hen sitting beside Elder Wen, not daring to utter a single word.

This is honestly… sigh.” Long Fei could not help but sigh.

If he were to leave one day, would Long Xueyao become the next Duan Hen

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