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Chapter 1002: Twilight City (20)

In the accommodation for the representatives of Sun Never Sets, the four beasts, Nangong Mengmeng, Lan Fengli, and Du Lang sat in the hall as the seven of them gathered together for a discussion.

“Senior Uncles, do you think Teacher will teach that Duan Hen a lesson when she goes over there tonight She truly has such a gentle personality.

Dont tell me she will get bullied again It would have been fine if she brought me with her.

With me there, if anyone dares to say anything bad about her, I will beat them until they look for their teeth on the ground!” Nangong Mengmeng leaned against the table and angrily waved her fist.

She was depressed that she could not go to the banquet with Shen Yanxiao.

She was afraid that her teacher would be toosoft to them and get bullied by them again.

The four beasts, who had a deep understanding of Shen Yanxiao, looked at Nangong Mengmeng with complicated expressions.

Soft personality Gentle

Could those words be used to describe Shen Yanxiao that pervert

Did Nangong Mengmeng use the wrong words

Shameless, black-bellied, and crafty.

These words were more apt to describe Shen Yanxiao.

She was getting bullied

It was already fortunate enough that the little lady did not bully others.

“Miss Nangong, dont be anxious.

Young Master Qi Xia has also gone with her.

I believe there wont be any problems.” Du Langs understanding of Shen Yanxiao was not as deep as the four beasts.

He also felt that even though Shen Yanxiao was decisive, she was still rather kind.

“Uncle Qi Xia is always smiling all day long.

Ive never seen him with a taut face.

Hes also a good person.

Will he be able to stand up for Teacher” Nangong Mengmeng was unsure.

No matter how she looked at him, Qi Xia also seemed to be a nice person to her.

He would always have an eternal smiling face and would always be gentle and polite to everyone.

One look and she knew that he was not good at arguing.

The four of them silently turned their heads and stifled their laughter until their intestines were about to knot.

Qi Xia was a good person

Oh god, that was the funniest joke they had heard recently.

That bastard and Shen Yanxiao were absolutely alike.

Regardless of whether it was his shamelessness or his poisonous tongue, he would never give in.

How was he considered a nice person At most, he was a smiling tiger, easily deceiving an inexperienced young lady like Nangong Mengmeng.

Speaking of which, Qi Xia was more like Shen Yanxiaos brother than those few from the Vermilion Bird Family who were related to her by blood.

Their personalities were so similar, and their black-belliedness was comparable.

If the two of them were to go out, it would definitely be the most savage team in history.

Wanting to take advantage of them was simply wishful thinking.

“Alright, you dont have to worry.

They will be fine.” Yan Yu was the kindest, and he knew how to comfort Nangong Mengmengs young heart.

As for the other three beasts, their faces had turned red from holding back their laughter.

“Is that so…” Nangong Mengmeng was still worried and looked at Lan Fengli.

“Little Senior Uncle, do you think they will bully your sister” Lan Fengli was Shen Yanxiaos younger brother so Nangong Mengmeng had automatically regarded him as her Little Senior Uncle.

Lan Fengli looked at Nangong Mengmeng expressionlessly and coldly said.

“If they dare, I will kill them.”

“…” Nangong Mengmeng felt that she had asked the wrong person.

It was as if she had ignited an explosive that should not have been ignited.

Just as Nangong Mengmeng was feeling uneasy about Shen Yanxiaos encounter tonight, Shen Yanxiao and Qi Xia slowly walked in from the entrance of the pavilion.

A ray of light shone, and Shen Yanxiao and Qi Xia leisurely walked out from the light.

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