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“Shen Ling.” Shen Feng called out.

“Here.” A forty-year-old middle-aged man who sat beneath him stood up and bowed respectfully.

“You were in charge of the arrangements in the dungeon.

Recount the happenings of that day.” Shen Fengs stern gaze swept across Shen Ling and the tenderness that a father should have had for their child was nowhere to be seen in his wise and farsighted gaze.

Instead, there was only the imposing aura of someone who was at the top of the hierarchy.

Shen Ling smiled inwardly in bitterness.

He was Shen Fengs fourth son, and excluding Shen Yu who passed away, he was the youngest among the second-generation family members.

However, when compared to Shen Yu, who was a master of pen and sword, he seemed much more mediocre, and he was also not favored by Shen Feng.

The dungeon incident happened to be within the scope of his responsibility.

“Reporting back to the Family Head.

I left the estate due to some important matters that day and was not present when the incident occurred.

The ones responsible for the dungeon that day were three of my subordinates.

After I returned to the estate, I was notified that someone had intruded into the dungeon.” Shen Ling wiped his cold sweat discreetly.

Even though to trespass the dungeon was a serious crime, the real problem was the magical beast that was imprisoned in the dungeon that day.

It was a precious beast that the Vermilion Bird Family had sacrificed hundreds of their elites to capture.

Other than Shen Feng, only Shen Ling knew precisely what had happened in the dungeon that fateful day.

The reason Shen Feng had gathered everyone there to question Shen Yanxiao was not merely because of a simple matter of someone trespassing the dungeon.

What truly alarmed Shen Feng was something that everyone in the Vermilion Bird Family did not expect, not even in their wildest dreams.

“Are those guards present here today” Shen Feng questioned.

Everyone in the main house was struck dumb by Shen Fengs question.

It was supposed to be a straightforward and clear cut incident.

That day, they discovered a passed-out Shen Yanxiao in the dungeon, and that was a confirmed fact.

Everyone expected Shen Feng to pass his order for her punishment.

However, it looked like Shen Feng wanted to get to the bottom of the story and there was something wrong with his behavior! Everyone had an inkling that whatever mistake that Shen Yanxiao had committed that day was probably not as simple as trespassing the restricted area.

At that very moment, Shen Jiayi and Shen Jiaweis complexion turned deathly white as they hadnt expected Shen Feng to pursue the matter.

That day, before they deceived Shen Yanxiao to enter the dungeon, they came up with an excuse to lure the three guards from their posts, and thus gave the idiot a chance to enter the dungeon.

Why would Shen Feng want to interrogate those three guards then With their grandfathers wisdom, he would probably have guessed that they were the mastermind behind that incident even before the three guards were to expose them.

Shen Jiayi and Shen Jiawei wanted to cry.

Never in their wildest dreams would they expect that a small matter of trespassing the dungeon would be of high importance to Shen Feng.

They assumed that they were in the clear after they threatened Shen Yanxiao to keep her mouth shut.

Who would have expected Shen Feng to interfere in that matter

The complacent and arrogance on both of their faces instantly disappeared, and what remained was panic and fear in their eyes.

Shen Yue, the middle-aged man who sat in front of Shen Jiayi and Shen Jiawei, which was also their father, had faintly sensed the uneasiness from his children.

His brows furrowed, but he did not say anything.

The three guards, who were in charge of guarding the dungeon that day, were brought into the main house.

They respectfully knelt before Shen Feng and waited for his interrogation.

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