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After the short yet humorous exchange, Yang Yong drove them straight to the hotel.

Upon their arrival, Chu Xiang treated the two of them to the buffet in the dining hall.

Unable to control herself, Xiao Tao quickly picked out several different dishes since she did not need to worry about losing weight.

This meal alone revealed Xiao Tao’s ardent love for gourmet food.

While chatting with Chu Xiang, Xiao Tan was also scrolling through her phone.

As soon as she opened the microblogging website, she suddenly discovered the photo of them buying medicinal ingredients from the store earlier.

Somehow, the media twisted the story into Chu Xiang having to buy medicine to treat some sort of disease.

The comments of the post were filled with users trying to guess which disease Chu Xiang was suffering from.

For whatever reason, there were even some comments speculating her of being dumped due to infertility.

Xiao Tao fumed, “These people have too much time on their hands.

Why should they even care about the things that Sister Xiang does To think that so many theories can come out just from being caught buying medicinal ingredients.

At this point, why don’t they become screenwriters instead”

Chu Xiang leaned towards her and took a look at the contents on her phone.

Despite the ridiculous posts from desperate news reporters, she continued to indulge herself in the food.

“Oh well, it won’t hurt to have a few rumors here and there.

The most they can do is discuss on the internet anyways.

If they were standing before me, I doubt they could even utter a single word.”

Xiao Tao froze, then chuckled.

“Sister Xiang speaks with wise words.

Those netizens are simply a bunch of losers who lack the guts to do anything in real life.

Sister Xiang is such a generous and magnanimous person.

If I were you, I would already have cursed them and sent them straight to hell.”

“I’ve already gotten used to being treated this way,” Chu Xiang said as she recalled the time she spent in her original world.

So what if someone gossiped about her behind her back The only terrifying situations were ones where you were standing on the verge of life and death.

Compared to those situations, she did not even see the need to waste her time or effort on the words of others.

Throughout the entire meal, Brother Yong did not utter a single word as he soon left with Xiao Tao after finishing the food.

Without anything else to do, Chu Xiang returned to her room to relax with a well-deserved bath.

Shen then turned on the TV to catch up with the latest news regarding finance and economics while concocting medicine with the ingredients she purchased previously.

Her first attempt was an utter failure as she misjudged the amount of ingredients and lost control of the temperature.

In her second attempt, on the other hand, Chu Xiang managed to get everything just right.

After letting it cool down for a while, she then drank the medicine and began cultivating in the medicinal bath as she applied some sort of ointment on her face.

If she made the correct estimation, the results of the medicine would definitely be shocking.

While her entire face and neck were smeared with a mix of blue and green, her entire body below her neck was soaking in the bath water — on the surface of the water lingered various types of medicinal ingredients.

During this time, Chu Xiang used the spiritual energy within her body to absorb the medicine.

As the effects of the medicine activated, it became apparent that it was nourishing her skin.

Soon enough, the medicine had succeeded completely as her youthful appearance started emerging once again.

The next day, Chu Xiang woke up and felt refreshed as the condition of her skin had greatly improved.

After getting things ready, she went to the company for work while Xiao Tao and Brother Yang helped her move into the company dormitory.

At that moment, a few celebrities signed with Glorious Star Entertainment just so happened to be chatting at the neighboring room in the apartment building.

Upon detecting unusual movements outside, they came out and asked what was going on.

As soon as they received news of Chu Xiang moving into the same apartment, they were naturally astonished.

One of them exclaimed, “Chu Xiang really signed the divorce without any compensation and ended up moving into the company dormitory.”

“I actually can’t believe Chu Xiang will actually be moving into the dormitory with us.

Despite everything that took place, she was nevertheless the top celebrity a year ago.

To think that she will now be our neighbor!”

“Do you guys think that Chu Xiang will regain her initial popularity after coming out of retirement Although she had many fans during her peak, she must certainly have lost many of them after marrying into money, right Will her old fans still have the same feelings for her and be willing to support her even after her recent divorce”

“I think it will be extremely unlikely for that to happen.

How many true fans does she even have One year is an extremely long period, especially in an industry as competitive as entertainment.

Most of her fans have already abandoned her.

If her fans really wanted to support her again, would she have been ridiculed into such a miserable state Had Lin Jiawei not blocked her paths into the entertainment circle, she would never have signed with our company.”


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