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After Chu Xiang’s unexpected performance, the acting coach was astonished and immediately erupted into a round of applause before exclaiming with excitement, “Not bad indeed! You have great talent for acting.

Although you clearly lack the experience in acting, you still managed to grasp the essence of each emotion precisely.

Uncle Dong, I believe that Chu Xiang will have no problem walking down the path of an actor.

By training under my guidance for a period of time, she can definitely take on the leading role in any drama or TV series.”

Uncle Dong nodded in satisfaction.

After that, the fitness coach had Chu Xiang undergo a fitness test to determine the condition of her body.

With input from the physique coach and dietitian, the three of them proposed several suggestions on the spot before Uncle Dong dismissed them early to create a workout plan for Chu Xiang.

From that point on, she would need to pay close attention to her figure and physique at all times.

Uncle Dong took a quick glance through the notes he took.

“Chu Xiang certainly has talent for acting now compared to her previously mediocre skills.

We can take this opportunity to promote this new side of Chu Xiang to the public during her comeback.

In that case, I will have the acting coach arrange more classes.

Since it will take a long time for a TV series to air, however, I believe it is best to take a step back and focus on something else first.”

Observing Chu Xiang’s behavior from the side, the head of the operations department listened closely.

“Will we be establishing Chu Xiang as an independent idol who constantly strives for improvement in the eyes of the public Having met her in person for the first time today, the first impression she gave me differed from the image I previously had of her.

During the peak of her career, she caught my attention since many considered her to be one of the top idols.

However, I’ve always seen Chu Xiang as a pure and… naive young lady who carried a hint of shyness.

Only while performing to her greatest extent on stage did she dazzle like a shining star.

Nonetheless, Chu Xiang was overall a sweet and delicate girl.”

“In contrast, the Chu Xiang I met today did not possess any traces of that.

Her firm determination and absolute confidence establishes a strong character that indicates capability.

I’m not sure whether the rest of you have noticed this, but I certainly have realized this large contrast from her previous self.”

Uncle Dong nodded.

“I understand what you’re trying to say.

I think the same.

Chu Xiang, are you aware of the changes in your character Or was your previous personality actually a façade”

Looking down at the ballpoint pen she was fiddling with in her hands, Chu Xiang smiled.

“While the previous company I worked under did indeed place a label on me, the character that many people loved me for was most definitely my actual personality at that time.

Once an innocent and kindhearted person, I thought I knew everything about the world and believed I was being extremely cautious with my actions; beneath the surface, however, I was simply a naive young lady who was easily deceived in many different situations.

Because of that personality of mine, I have experienced so many hardships… so much pain… that I found myself dipping my toes into the pool of death.

At that point, I would have rather killed myself than to live in such a wretched world.

In my attempt to commit suicide, I miraculously survived and received a second chance to the flip the tables in this game of life.

Having such experiences would naturally cause a person to grow.

In my case, I made the resolve to never fall for anyone’s tricks anymore.

I vowed to improve myself as a person and to not waste this second chance that I was given.” Chu Xiang then confidently looked up.

“I have been reborn as a much stronger and more formidable Chu Xiang.

At this moment, there’s nothing that I won’t be able to achieve.

Since I love entertaining people, I have chosen the entertainment industry as my battlefield and will be the one left standing.

I truly hope that each one of you will have the same resolve and expectations, for we will be walking through a path of thorns with no way out.”

Having only been doing their jobs, each person in the room was taken aback and awed by her unexpectedly motivating speech.

The heroic nature of Chu Xiang’s words caused each of them to heat up uncontrollably.

One of them exclaimed, “Chu Xiang, you are talented in every single aspect of an idol and will surely storm the industry by surprise.”

The head of the operations department slammed his hands on the table.

“Alright, I’ve decided.

Instead of placing a strict label on Chu Xiang, we’ll allow her to stay true to her real personality.

By doing so, she will definitely be able to attract many followers who will ultimately become her fans.

At that point, she will naturally create and establish her own label.

Furthermore, it would not be necessary for her to worry about accidentally exposing her true personality.

In fact, isn’t there a reality show being broadcasted live right now Taking advantage of the attention from her recent divorce, why don’t we arrange for her comeback in that reality show Uncle Dong, what do you think”

Uncle Dong took a moment to think before answering, “A reality show can be a double-edged sword since it has the potential to attract both a legion of fans and a horde of haters.

Judging from everyone’s responses today, however, I believe  that we can allow Chu Xiang to join the reality show as she will have a higher possibility of attracting fans.

For the next one or two weeks, she will test the waters by attending as an esteemed guest for a reality show.

If the results come out well, then we’ll immediately have her join as an official member in a more popular one.”


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