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“No, just stay here! I’ll head in and tell her what you wanted to say.” Ye Chen forced Bai Xuewei into the car, shut the door, and even locked the car.

His face turned dark once again when he turned around and saw all the boxes lying scattered all around the road.

He strode forward to the villa and rang the doorbell.

Bai Ling and Bai Xuewei looked at each other with a bright smile on their face while they held each other’s hands.

Since they had shed all pretense with the Chu Family, they spared no efforts pretending to be pitiful in front of Ye Chen.

Bai Ling received a text message from Bai Xuewei, telling her to stand under the sun deliberately.

This way, Ye Chen would hate Chu Xiang more for mistreating Bai Ling.

Their plan was to intentionally injure themselves, so they can gain some pity points with Ye Chen.

People will always be more biased towards people who are weaker.

In the end, it seemed like their plan worked out perfectly because Ye Chen was furious at Chu Xiang now.

Since they were kicked out of the Chu Family villa, they needed to firmly grasp onto Ye Chen.

They cannot let him slip away from them.

The guard at the gate had already been ordered by Chu Xiang not to let any of these three outsiders into the villa.

As a result, the guard refused to open the gate to the villa for Ye Chen.

After Ye Chen was refused entrance, he became even angrier.

He suddenly lifted one of his feet and kicked the gate and shouted, “Chu Xiang, get out!”

Chu Xiang was in the gaming room, and the gaming room in the Chu Family villa had the best soundproof walls in the world.

Chu Xiang couldn’t hear Ye Chen’s shouting at all.

She had an excited smile on her face, and she looked quite high on the game that she was playing.

Chu Xiang was completely new to this; it seemed as if she had opened the door to a new world when she picked up the controller for the gaming console.

It was impossible for her to pull herself away from playing this game.

Since she was so immersed in this game, she had already thrown Ye Chen to the back of her mind, completely forgetting about him.

The servants gathered around downstairs as they listened to the commotion that Ye Chen was causing at the gate.

They had already ripped and cut up all of Ye Chen’s photos into pieces and divided all the gifts that Ye Chen gave to Chu Xiang among themselves.

They liked their masters because they were kind to them and easy to serve, as such, they really disdained Ye Chen for cheating on their young lady.

When they saw their young lady and Ye Chen’s attitude towards each other before, they knew that their marriage would end in divorce.

As a result, they weren’t too worried about Ye Chen becoming their new master because it’ll be temporary.

After the servants gathered around and had a brief discussion, they decided to help their young lady vent her anger.

The servants walked to the gate while holding the presents that Ye Chen gifted Chu Xiang.

They asked the guard to open the gates and dragged the box of cut-up pictures outside the gate.

One of the servants stepped forward, smiled politely, and said, “Master Ye, our young lady is busy playing video games right now, so I’m afraid she doesn’t have the time to meet you today.

Please head back home.

When the young lady finishes playing her game, I will inform her that you have been here.”

Ye Chen was startled when he saw the pieces of cut-up photos in the box.

He was able to see that they were all pictures of his face.

These were all photos of him and Chu Xiang when they were younger.

He looked up again and saw that each of the servants was holding a few items in their arms.

The items that they were holding looked very familiar, so he couldn’t help but frown and asked, “What’s with the items that you’re holding”

One of the servants replied with fake sympathy, “These were all the items that our young lady no longer wants, so she has given them to us.

But since the young lady told us that she doesn’t want to see these items anymore, we asked the guard at the gate to watch our stuff, so we can take them home when we head home for the holiday.

This way, these items will not dirty the young lady’s eyes.”

“Master Ye, the people living around here consist only of the wealthy and the influential.

It’s not appropriate for you to be seen waiting at the gate and being refused to be let in.

We’ll be heading back in first, so we won’t be seeing you off.” The servants placed their items at the gate like they were piling up garbage.

They entered the villa without even looking back at Ye Chen’s reaction.

Ye Chen stared at the box of shredded photos so intensely that it seemed like he could burn through a hole in the cardboard box.

He had never suffered such a humiliating situation.

How could mere servants have the gall to throw his dignity on the ground and stomp on it Chu Xiang, I’ll remember this!

Ye Chen stormed away from the gate and towards his car.

When he got in the driver’s seat, he slammed the door so loudly that it had startled Bai Ling and her daughter.

Before they could even ask about the situation, he already started driving the car.

Bai Ling widened her eyes by his sudden action and cried out anxiously, “My box! What about my boxes of luggage”

“I’ll ask someone to pick it up later,” Ye Chen said coldly without even glancing at them.

If it weren’t for them, then he wouldn’t have suffered such humiliation.

It seemed like Bai Ling and her daughter’s act were all in vain.

Since Ye Chen couldn’t see Chu Xiang, all the anger bottled up in him was vented out on the pair of mother and daughter.

Their plan backlash and they had to suffer the consequences of their own actions.

They didn’t even dare to make a peep under Ye Chen’s intense pressure.


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