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“You! Chu Xiang, yo-you…” Mrs.

Lin jabbed fingers at her, speechless with rage.

Swiping her hand away, Chu Xiang took one last glance at her before putting on her sunglasses and walking away.

“Since everything has already been packed, let’s go.

I cannot tolerate staying in this filthy place for even a second anymore.”


Lin was so furious that she started to feel nauseous.

Realizing that she was losing her balance, her maid quickly supported her back to her room before calling the family doctor and notifying Lin Jiawei.

As soon as Lin Jiawei received news of the situation, he hurriedly asked about the condition of his grandmother.

Only after making sure that she was okay did he feel a sense of relief.

After hanging up the call, he knitted his eyebrows in irritation as he thought of Chu Xiang for the first time ever since Mo Xinru came back from overseas.

The first time he ever saw Chu Xiang was during an award ceremony.

At that time, he attended the event as an investor and sat in the first row seats.

Having received the award of a well-rounded idol, Chu Xiang performed a song on stage during the event and looked extremely charming.

Despite all those qualities, however, what caught Lin Jiawei’s attention was her similar appearance to Mo Xinru.

As if he had found some sort of treasure, Lin Jiawei ardently chased after Chu Xiang and showered her with his love.

Soon enough, he managed to break past her defenses as she too fell for him after all his persistent attempts.

Although the Lin family opposed his marriage with Chu Xiang, Lin Jiawei nevertheless put up a valiant fight against the constant pressure.

Moved by his efforts, Chu Xiang decided to step down from her career as an idol to marry him.

When Lin Jiawei originally filed for a divorce, Chu Xiang talked to him about how she had suffered a lot from the Lin family.

Even then, he didn’t sympathize with her at all.

How could she put the blame on someone else when she was the one who lost herself The woman that Lin Jiawei fell in love with was someone who was persistent and assertive, just like Mo Xinru.

Although Chu Xiang may have the same appearance as Mo Xinru, she was a mere substitute who was not worthy of his love.

Hearing the recent news of Chu Xiang, however, Lin Jiawei felt as if he had misunderstood her personality.

The Chu Xiang he previously knew was a pure and kindhearted girl who was extremely sensitive.

Furthermore, she had low self-esteem and had a habit of enduring hardships without fighting back.

With that weak personality of hers, Lin Jiawei knew that their relationship would end sooner or later.

In the past two days, Chu Xiang had, on the other hand, driven his lawyer out of the hospital, signed the divorce agreement that left her without anything, faced the constant sneers of the public, and even purposefully offended his grandmother.

All of Chu Xiang’s recent actions did not match up with her personality whatsoever.

Had her suicide attempt changed her as a person Or did she want to vent her dissatisfaction and take advantage of the situation to make her comeback as an idol

Realizing how he had been thinking about Chu Xiang for the past two minutes, Lin Jiawei could not help but find it ridiculous before tossing thoughts of her to the back of his mind.

Her recent actions were probably just her survival instincts kicking in — surely some sort of meaningless fluke.

On the other hand, Mrs.

Lin fumed as she proceeded to have Lin Jiawei think of a way to sabotage Chu Xiang.

After all, Mrs.

Lin could no longer affect Chu Xiang in any way since she had already broken off from the Lin family.

Furthermore, she certainly could not break the law to disrupt Chu Xiang’s plans.

Unable to vent out her anger on Chu Xiang, Mrs.

Lin had reached the pinnacle of bitterness.


Enjoying a bottle of champagne in the hotel, Chu Xiang looked through the original host’s savings and discovered that she only had around two million yuan left.

Consequently, she needed to find a place to settle down as soon as possible while looking for a while to earn some money.

Sorting through all her options, Chu Xiang ended up calling the original host’s previous manager and got straight to the point, “Sister Chen, since I’m planning to come out of retirement, would there happen to be any notices on your end”

Surprised by Chu Xiang’s sudden call, Sister Chen replied awkwardly, “Chu Xiang My small agency here will not be able to assist a big shot like you whatsoever.

That person from the Lin family had already warned us to not be involved with you.

How could you be so foolish That man is the president of the large company.

Surely… you wouldn’t lose anything to ask for alimony, right If you had done that instead, wouldn’t you perhaps have enough resources to start anew However, not only have you chosen to end your marriage with several loose ends, but you have even been sabotaged after divorcing without receiving any compensation.

What in the world were you thinking”

“Sister Chen, you have to understand how difficult it is to curry favor from that despicable man.” After a moment of thought, Chu Xiang continued, “Knowing how large the entertainment circle is, it would clearly be impossible for Lin Jiawei to block every single path into the industry.

As an old friend of mine, would you be willing to lead me to that open path”

“I… I’m a mere manager with limited influence in the industry.

I have no idea how I’m even supposed to help you.

Please forgive me.”

Chu Xiang smirked.

“It’s fine.

Let’s just leave it at that.”


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