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Chu Xiang frowned and slapped away the microphones.

“What do my actions have anything to do with you”

Suddenly, a pair of sharp eyes caught sight of the divorce agreement.

As the others took notice of the document, they began taking photos of it.

Before the security had snatched the document away from them, they had already glanced through all of its contents.

One of the reporters exclaimed in astonishment, “Chu Xiang, will you be getting the divorce with nothing as compensation Did you get absolutely nothing from your marriage with Lin Jiawei”

Upon hearing his questions, Chu Xiang leaned her head against the bedside, plastering on a fake smile.

“Why would he give me anything At the very least, I have fully understood that Lin Jiawei was never a good person with any morals whatsoever.”

“Chu Xiang, did Lin Jiawei get a divorce with you just so that he could marry his true love that he recently reunited with”

“Why don’t you go ask him for yourself”

“Chu Xiang, have you met that woman before If so, did you think that you were inferior to her”

Puzzled by that question, Chu Xiang replied, “Would you look up to a woman who intends to destroy someone else’s family I believe that not a single person in this world would be foolish enough to think that they’re inferior to someone like her.

They couldn’t possibly believe that a mistress is better than them, right”

“In that case, what do you think about how you were being treated as a substitute all along”

“It’s merely a one-time experience of being cheated on.

There’s nothing more to say about it.”

“Chu Xiang, are you looking at the videos of your previous performances Will you be coming out of retirement soon”

“Of course.

As you have already figured out, I will not be receiving any sort of compensation for the divorce.

Thus, I would naturally have to work again.

When that time comes, I sincerely hope that you won’t be as rude to me then.”

Chu Xiang lifted her phone to continue watching her videos.

She looked to the security guards.

“Please tell them to leave the room.

I do not wish to deal with them any longer so make sure that no one else disturbs me.”

The security guards and the nurses immediately pushed the horde of reporters out of the room.

Since Chu Xiang said that she would not be dealing with them, they did not request the reporters to delete the photos that they took.

Feeling triumphant, the reporters instantly rushed back to their offices to write articles before sending it to their superiors for them to look over.

On that same day, in the evening, news about Chu Xiang leaving her marriage without any compensation and coming out of retirement spread through the media.

As expected, the internet did indeed have many opinions about that matter.

After hearing about how Chu Xiang would not be receiving any compensation for the divorce, in addition to her unyielding words, a small portion of the internet users had unexpectedly sympathized with her and even spoke up for her.

[Chu Xiang got what she deserved.

At that time, she had abandoned her career to marry into a rich family.

Surely, she did not expect to be kicked out.

She’s merely a substitute for another woman!]

[Before the marriage, she had already signed a prenuptial agreement that stated how she wouldn’t receive any money if the marriage were to fail.

Was it really necessary for you to speak about her in such a manner now Shouldn’t you be directing that attitude towards Lin Jiawei instead That mistress of his doesn’t seem to have a good character either.]

[Chu Xiang said that she would come out of retirement, but can she still sing and dance as well as she did before Has she lost her mind after living like a princess for the past year Hopefully, she isn’t naive enough to put on an act.

Otherwise, it would be rather embarrassing for her.

Since she had already quit her career as an idol before, she should honestly have stayed far away from the entertainment circle now.

Does she believe that she can still earn money from coming back into the circle I think she probably attempted to commit suicide to attract more attention from the media.]

[Did Chu Xiang really do anything wrong Isn’t the Lin family the disgusting one I will support Chu Xiang’s decision to come out of retirement and will even be willing to attend her concerts.]


Lin watched it unfold, fuming as her face turned ashen.

She then swept her gaze towards Lin Jiawei.

“How does it feel knowing how much trouble she had caused for our family Bring her back from the hospital immediately and tell her to shut her mouth before she causes even more problems!”

Looking closely at the signed divorce agreement in the photo, Lin Jiawei reassured his elder.

“Grandma, Chu Xiang has already signed the divorce agreement and is no longer my wife.

There’s nothing to worry about anymore.

Even if she does go back to the entertainment circle, she won’t be able to accomplish very much.

She has no way of affecting our family.”


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