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When Ye Chen persisted in following through with his actions, Ye Zhenhong scolded him and spread the news about how he had disowned and kicked Ye Chen out of the family.

No matter how much Sun Jie tried to take control of the situation, she simply could not persuade Ye Chen to change his mind.

Thus, she cut off all his credit cards to pressure him to come back.

On the other hand, Ye Chen had already made his resolve and remained firm in his decision.

Moving into the small apartment with Bai Xuewei, he then quietly signed the marriage certificate with her.

At this moment, Bai Xuewei was bursting with excitement.

Although they did not have a marriage ceremony nor did they receive the blessings from Ye Chen’s parents, she had nevertheless achieved her goal of being the wife of the Ye family’s young master, not just in name but also in reality.

So what if both Ye Zhenhong and Sun Jie refused to recognize their marriage Their opinions did not matter as the law had already recognized their decision.

Even if they were forced to divorce now, the Ye Family would have to pay her a large sum of money as compensation.

Let alone bearing the next generation of the Ye family, Bai Xuewei had confidence that she would be able to slowly establish her presence in the family after giving birth to her child.

Ever since they both signed the marriage certificate, Bai Xuewei could finally feel the heavy burden being lifted from her shoulders as she lived her days in jubilation.

With the reality of being a father slowly sinking into his mind, Ye Chen started to take a liking to raising his child.

Seeing that change in him, Bai Xuewei believed that everything had made the right decisions.

On the contrary, Chu Xiang had waited for this exact thing to happen.

She purposefully waited until Bai Xuewei and Ye Chen lamented the struggle of living in poverty before leaking the Ye Family’s greatest secret — that Ye Zhenhong’s illegitimate son had officially turned eighteen years old!

Upon seeing the scandal in the news, Xiao Han could not help but sigh, “You are one cunning woman…”

Chu Xiang pursed her lips and smiled.

“Who told them to mess with me in the past I was once a helpless princess who could not do anything in life.

However, the tables have already turned, for they will now be the ones struggling to find their own happiness.”

News of the scandal spread like wildfire as it made the headlines of every magazine in the city.

Since the Ye Family actually had an illegitimate son, would Ye Zhenhong still name Ye Chen as the family’s successor Did Ye Zhenhong originally kick Ye Chen out of the family just to clear the obstacles for his younger son

As soon as Ye Chen received the shocking news, he immediately rushed back to his family to inquire more about the situation.

Upon his arrival at the family villa, he just so happened to witness the scene of Sun Jie beating Ye Zhenhong up before she fainted and was admitted to the hospital.

Furthermore, two searing red scratches could be seen clearly on Ye Zhenhong’s face.

Neither had he witnessed his mother acting in such a crazy manner nor had he seen his father acting so cold before.

Even after Sun Jie was admitted to the hospital, Ye Zhenhong never once paid a visit.

On the other hand, Sun Jie constantly cursed at him and wished for his eternal damnation during her stay in the hospital.

While the hatred between his parents had greatly affected him, news of his half brother — two years younger than him — was even more difficult for him to take in.

At the same time, Ye Chen felt as if another great crisis was about to descend on him.

The moment he discovered his brother’s whereabouts, he immediately got into a huge fight with him that sent him to the hospital.

On the side, Chu Xiang performed a good deed as a virtuous citizen and helped the younger brother by anonymously reporting the fight to the police.

Very soon, the incident turned extremely dire for the Ye Family, for Ye Zhenhong had to personally make a visit to the police station.

At this moment, the illegitimate son’s mother took advantage of the situation by milking the incident.

Since news of the illegitimate son had already been made public, why would she not take the chance to take over some of the Ye Family’s property

While harmony within the family will result in prosperity, chaos in the family will, on the other hand, surely lead to its own demise.

As Chu Xiang continued to add fuel to the fire, she also quietly purchased company shares at the same time — cooperating with Xiao Han to slowly take away the Ye Family’s projects.

Under the pressure of the dire situation, Ye Zhenhong was constantly under fire from his company’s shareholders and his family that was on the verge of collapse.

Ye Zhenhong originally did not want to recognize his illegitimate son; however, how could he possibly ignore someone that held the potential to drag his whole family into further chaos Even the shareholders of the Ye Group were shaken greatly as they did not know what to do about the current situation.

Taking the brunt of one problem after another, the Ye Group could feel the fatigue and damage to their reputation.

Among the people around Chu Xiang, Xiao Han had clearly contributed the most and was more focused on helping her than Chu Dongqi and Fang Qing.

As her parents never had the chance to help their daughter vent her anger, they could not help but feel slightly jealous towards Xiao Han — calling him “stinky brat” behind his back.


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