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Since she was not seated that far away from Ye Chen’s table, Ye Chen happened to overhear the woman’s constant sneers at Bai Xuewei.

“Didn’t you just get what you deserved What’s the point of being someone’s mistress To try to steal Ye Chen away from Chu Xiang despite everything her family had given to you and your mother, how shameless of a woman you are! As for the money, I have no intentions of lending you any.

Why don’t you go and borrow more from your Ye piggy bank I heard he has yet to earn even a single penny from his time at his company.

How pitiful….

How about I introduce you to someone who might be willing to be your sugar daddy”

Bai Xuewei choked with sobs as she replied, “How could you say such things about me even though you know nothing about the situation I know I had treated Chu Xiang badly, but I truly love Ye Chen with all my heart.

I have no need for a financial backer.”

“Hohoho… Who are you putting up this act for There aren’t any men here to comfort you.”

Upon hearing their conversation, Ye Chen — having restrained venting his emotions for the past few days — fumed with blind rage.

After all, he was the one who chased after Bai Xuewei in the first place.

Wasn’t the woman who was throwing insults at Bai Xuewei indirectly doing the same to him Not only was she throwing insults at them, but she had even ridiculed him for being stingy and not giving any money to Bai Xuewei.

Unable to hold back his anger any longer, he lost his impatience and pulled Bai Xuewei behind him to protect her as he glared menacingly at the woman.

Even after everything that happened, Bai Xuewei was still one of his first women.

How could he possibly let someone else insult her

The woman boiled with anger, yet she did not dare to go against Ye Chen.

She vented her rage by splashing her cup of coffee onto Bai Xuewei before turning around to leave.

Dragging her to the side, Ye Chen asked worriedly whether or not she had been scalded by the hot coffee.

Obviously, the female party of the blind date was not happy with the scene.

“I wouldn’t mind if you wanted to support that housekeeper after we’re married, but surely you shouldn’t have acted so brazenly out in the open.

Where do you place me in this situation”

Her exact words triggered something deep within Ye Chen’s heart.

Would her suggestion be any different from the relationship between his parents Does that woman plan to raise a gigolo for herself after the marriage

Ye Chen replied furiously, “Does it really matter whether I help her out a bit or not Aren’t you somewhat too strict”

The female party laughed in ridicule.

“Alright, I admit that I may be quite strict.

However, am I not already giving you my utmost respect despite you daring to marry a mere housekeeper”

At that moment, the female party lifted her handbag and slowly walked away without hesitation.

Although she may have come from a family outside the city, her family could still cooperate with some other family and did not necessarily have to rely on the Ye Family alone.

Furthermore, she had no reason to be afraid of offending a family that was going downhill anyways.

Ignoring her own difficult situation, Bai Xuewei immediately comforted Ye Chen, “Ah Chen, don’t be angry.

Was that your girlfriend just now I’m so sorry for causing you even more trouble again.

I’ll go and explain everything to her right now.”

“What girlfriend Just ignore her.

She was simply a blind date that my mother arranged for me.

Follow me, I’ll buy you a new set of clothes.” Ye Chen let out a deep and heavy sigh.

Since he was unwilling to go on a blind date, he had planned to ruin it in the first place.

Having treated Bai Xuewei in such an amicable manner and lost all hope of getting Chu Xiang back, Ye Chen neither felt conflicted about Bai Xuewei nor saw her as someone hostile — so much so that he felt as if he had fallen greatly as a person.

Bai Xuewei had always known how to act in front of Ye Chen to get his attention.

After walking around the city and having a meal together, she managed to soothe the irritation in his heart.

Finally, she dealt the final blow by dragging him into a bar and getting him drunk.

Ye Chen was truly someone who never learned from his past mistakes.

Knowing that he would get pressured by his parents if he went home now, he would naturally choose to reconcile with someone who wished to appease him.

The moment Sun Jie received news of Bai Xuewei spoiling the blind date, she decided that it was finally time for her to act mercilessly and bribed people to swindle Bai Ling.

Not only did Bai Ling end up losing the money she had saved up for the past years, but she had even accumulated a large sum of debt from a loan shark.

Furthermore, Sun Jie had even threatened Bai Ling and Bai Xuewei with harsh words painted on the entrance of their house.

It seemed that they had already fallen deep into a hole, unable to climb their way back up.

Fang Qing had long since asked her men to keep their eyes out on Bai Ling and her daughter but had forgotten all about it after a while.

Upon receiving the news of their situation, she could only stare blankly in disbelief.


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