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Ever since Xiao Han and Chu Xiang were caught red-handed, they had become rather open with their relationship.

Every day, Xiao Han would find the time to have lunch with Chu Xiang at Dongfang with the ulterior motive of persuading her out on a date.

However, since she was a bona fide workaholic, he had never once succeeded despite his persistent attempts.

Thus, he would assist her by teaching her more about the business industry and various entrepreneurial skills.

As time slowly passed, Chu Xiang had already become the center of attention in the business industry as her name and achievements spread across the region like wildfire.

Furthermore, another topic of the feud between Chu Xiang and Ye Chen lingered as well.

Originally Chu Xiang had harbored little interest in the project that the Ye Family sought to bid for.

But since Ye Chen kept pestering her non-stop, she had no choice but to teach him a lesson by targeting his family’s business.

Although the big shots of the business scene all knew that both the Chu family and Xiao family must have seen the benefits of the project beforehand, they could nevertheless tell that there was something more to their sudden participation in the bid.

As this project alone had brought many benefits for the two cooperating companies, the other companies could only look at their success in envy, let alone how the Ye family must have felt after suffering such a huge loss.

Having destroyed their close relationship with the Chu family, the Ye Group must be slamming their heads into a wall right now.

Had they successfully won the bid — much less surpass the Chu Family — their company would have soared in the business industry.

On the other hand, all those great possibilities crumbled down as the Chu Family interfered with their endeavors and put them to shame.

How ironic their downfall was, for everything ultimately resulted from their son’s personal mistakes.

In an instant, they had just become the laughingstock among their peers.

If Chu Xiang’s acquisition of the bid would pass down through history as one of her legendary feats, then the Ye Group’s defeat would surely be recorded as one of the worst mistakes.

During the business classes in university, the day after the bid took place, the professors mentioned not only Chu Xiang’s perfectly-executed plan but also the Ye Group’s downfall and failure.

From that day on, both Ye Zhenghong and Sun Jie would never attend another dinner banquet, for their reputation had plummeted to rock bottom from that one blunder.

Aside from that, Ye Chen was now widely known as the perfect representation of a rich brat who only knew how to seek his own pleasure — partying all day long instead of attending to his proper duties as the heir of his family’s company.

Despite being in the company for quite a while now, he was still the same brat who was all talk and failed to deal with his own private matters.

Consequently, his private matters had even caused a crisis that tainted his entire family’s reputation.

This type of troublemaker would only bring disaster wherever he went.

Since the Zhang family had decided to revoke their initial marriage plans, the Ye Family could only settle for the second-best option now as they looked to cooperate with another rich family from another part of the country.

Having established a foundation in the city, they were able to provide the other family a platform to gain a foothold within the city, potentially leading to their rapid growth.

In addition, the Ye Family would also require the other family’s constant drive for success upon receiving such a great opportunity to revitalize their own.

As such, both families would ultimately benefit from each other’s existence.

Despite all their efforts, Ye Chen was still conflicted with the idea of his arranged marriage and refused to meet the female counterpart during their scheduled blind date.

Seeing his stubbornness, Ye Zhenhong warned Ye Chen — if yet again he messes up this opportunity — that he will ultimately disown him as his son.

Having yet to prove himself, Ye Chen could only grit his teeth and obediently follow his father’s demands by attending the date.

Even then, he constantly wore an ugly expression the entire time and never once paid any attention to his partner.

On the other hand, Bai Xuewei heard about the news of Ye Chen’s arranged marriage from the other students in the university.

While she may have been involved in the conflict with Chu Xiang and Ye Chen, after staying low and quiet for a while, she was slowly forgotten by the students around her.

Capitalizing on that fact, she would constantly eavesdrop on multiple groups’ conversations as her main source of information.

Hearing news of Ye Chen’s blind date, she naturally became desperate as this situation was far different from the one with Chu Xiang.

After all, blind dates that were forced by one’s parents would most likely result in marriage, regardless of both parties’ feelings.

In that case, what had she been doing the entire time Why had she been tormenting herself to chase after Ye Chen Would this not mean that her efforts were all in vain If she was indeed fated to become a mistress, wouldn’t any other second-generation rich guy be enough Was there still a reason for her to cling onto Ye Chen All these thoughts lingered through her mind and ate her alive.

Despite all that, Bai Xuewei knew that she could not simply sit in place and do nothing.

On the day of Ye Chen’s blind date, she purposefully invited a family that was greatly inferior to the Chu Family to have dinner at the location of Ye Chen’s blind date.

Having played with the daughter of that family once in the past, she tried to take advantage of that fact to borrow money from them.


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