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Chu Xiang bid farewell to everyone, then reached out to grab her bag.

The young man let go of her and asked tentatively, “Sister Xiang, are you really going out with President Xiao”

She looked at him and smiled.


We make a good match, don’t we Well, I’m leaving now, so have fun without me.”

The young man finally let go of her.

Chu Xiang gazed at Xiao Han as she walked to him.

An Lan looked at them from behind, then suddenly shouted at Chu Xiang.

“Sister Chu, you must protect yourself! Don’t get hurt!”

Chu Xiang raised her hand and waved at her without turning around.

Xiao Han had come over to help her open the car’s door.

Chu Xiang put her hand on Xiao Han’s chest, tilting her head to kiss his chin.

“President Xiao, you’re very charming tonight.”

Not minding other people’s surprised reaction, Xiao Han held Chu Xiang in his arms and planted a kiss on her lips.

Afterwards, he whispered in her ears, “You’re a lot more charming.

You could captivate so many young men in the time it takes to eat a single meal.”

Chu Xiang chuckled.

“President Xiao, are you jealous”

Xiao Han gazed into her eyes “I don’t like vinegar,” he complained, voice soft.

“I only like red wine.

I’ve been keeping that bottle especially  for you.

When will you be able to come and drink it with me”

(T/N: “Being/feel jealous” in Chinese is 吃醋.

If translated literally, it’s “drink vinegar”, thus XH’s answer.

An alternative might be something like “I don’t like to drink vinegar,…)

“How about now” Chu Xiang raised her eyebrows, then got into the car.

Xiao Han promptly closed the door and got in.

He let Chu Xiang wave goodbye to the others for the last time before driving away.

An Lan rubbed her eyes.

“Was that President Xiao I saw just now The ‘iceberg’ Xiao Han from Xiao Group Did I not mistake him for someone else”

“Who said that Xiao Han is an iceberg He’s clearly a volcano; he has seduced our Sister Xiang and taken her away!”

“Don’t you guys think that Sister Xiang is pretty amazing She had made Ye Chen that angry and was able to change President Xiao into this.”

“Lots of things had happened.

In any case, Sister Xiang is together with President Xiao now.

That means we have a chance.”

“That’s not the same thing.

If President Xiao treats Sister Xiang badly like Ye Chen did, I’ll steal her away from him whenever I want.”

An Lan tottered about as she interrupted their chattering, “Alright, alright, I know that you’re all Sister Chu’s little fanboys.

No need to express your loyalty to Sister Chu for now.

Let’s go, we’ll go to a bar.”

Everyone got in the car and told the chauffeur the directions.

An Lan looked back to where Chu Xiang departed and felt gloomy.

She had just become a bit closer to Chu Xiang only now and—like the other young people—wanted to have some more fun with her, but in the end, the Big Bad Wolf Xiao had run off with Chu Xiang in his mouth.

Because of that, An Lan would probably be alienated after this.

Just why wasn’t she a man

(T/N 1: The “driver” that drove AL and friends is the one who usually offered a paid service for someone who has consumed alcohol…something like a taxi driver but personal I think

T/N 2: The “run off with Chu Xiang in his mouth” is…figurative Since they think of XH as a “big bad wolf”, it’s as if XH had taken CX away like how a wolf takes away its prey Food Something like that I think…)

Big Bad Wolf Xiao who bore a grudge still remembered the words that An Lan shouted.

He asked as he was driving, “Are they telling you to protect yourself well Do I look like someone who would hurt you”


Meanwhile, Big Bad Wolf Xiao bore a grudge over An Lan’s words.

“Why are they telling you to protect yourself Do I look like I would hurt you”

Chu Xiang looked at Xiao Han’s lovely side profile.

She pursed her lips.

“It’s you they should be worried for.”

After the car entered the garage and stopped, Chu Xiang pushed Xiao Han down and kissed him deeply, unfastening his tie.

Xiao Han held her, got out of the car, and walked to the elevator.

Then, he held up her bag to cover their faces.

The beautiful flush on Chu Xiang’s face was a sight he wanted to keep for himself.

He lived in the penthouse, accessible only by a special elevator.

The moment they entered it, Xiao Han pinned Chu Xiang to the wall and nibbled her earlobe.

When her phone rang suddenly, he froze, tightening his hold on her.

He really would throw Chu Xiang’s bag into the ocean one of these days.

Chu Xiang grabbed her cellphone and answered it as she chuckled.

Fang Qing’s voice came from the other side.

“Xiang Xiang, when will you be back”

She leaned into Xiao Han’s embrace and kissed his chin, smiling.

“Mom, I’m already tired from partying until late at night.

I’ll sleep outside so don’t wait for me today.”

“You won’t return Oh, alright.

Don’t drink too much and take care.”

“I know, Mom.

You should rest earlier, goodnight.”



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