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“Alright, President Xiao.”

Xiao Han sent his secretary another message that stated, “Pass this message down to the subordinates.

The meeting today will be held earlier in the afternoon rather than later.

In addition, make sure to free up my schedule later in the afternoon.”

“Yes, President Xiao.”

Meanwhile, in the secretary’s group chat…

[Is President Xiao going to torment us again]

[Just when we thought things were going well, he’s going to turn into the devil again Dear heavens, please don’t let President Xiao force us to work overtime.]

[Does President Xiao know how to date Why is his mood so unstable during this period]

[Let’s hope that his love life does go well and that the cupid hits its mark so that we won’t have to go through hell again.]

Having planned to go to the birthday party in the late afternoon, Chu Xiang shifted all her tasks and meetings to an earlier time.

Since their companies have gotten rather close lately, the employees who often worked together had already exchanged WeChat IDs with one another.

Upon mentioning their bosses during the casual conversations they had online, they would lament about their hardships when dealing with their two workaholic demons who always aimed for better results in their companies.

Despite their complaints, though, they had already finalized their plans for the project.

Later in the afternoon, Chu Xiang brought along a gift for An Lan’s birthday party.

Arriving at the reserved venue, there seemed to be a dozen or so people — all of which were around the age of twenty.

Most of the attendees above twenty years old had already delved into their family businesses and begun learning from their elders.

Among the young adults that attended the party, Chu Xiang would be considered as the most successful person in the business industry, and most of the attendees had already agreed on that fact.

Instead of trying to compete with her, they used this opportunity to get to know her in the limited time they had and possibly strike a partnership with her company..

When it was time for dinner, An Lan remained seated next to Chu Xiang and constantly chatted with her.

Seeing how the main protagonist of this party did not mind, the other attendees relaxed their expressions and surrounded the two of them.

Some of them even took the chance to ask Chu Xiang for some advice regarding some issues — only to be told to make an effort like her by not backing down and asserting their dominance.

The restaurant bustled with excitement and constant discussions.

Chu Xiang felt as if the others were worshipping her inexplicably, which was quite different from her initial plans to make friends at this party.

Even so, she had indeed made several connections, meaning that her attendance was indeed worthwhile.

Furthermore, An Lan’s personality resonated very well with her.

‘What a cute young lady she is.’


On the other hand, after finishing all his work, Xiao Han brought his newly-purchased clothing to the gym.

Spending most of the latter half of his afternoon working out, his entire body was drenched in a layer of sweat as he performed several different workouts that accentuated his figure.

Xiao Han noticed the instructor looking at him.

“Could you create a workout plan that will help me maintain my youthful figure”

“President Xiao, your figure is already good as it is,” came the astonished reply.

 “Since your body is currently in its peak, you have no need for those types of workouts in your routine.”

“Even so, please make one for me.

If I don’t put in an effort into maintaining my body now, it will be far too late to do it in the future when my muscles start to get weaker.”

“Alright, I’ll send you a specialized workout routine later.”

Only after he received the call from Chu Xiang in the evening  did he finally stop working out.

He showered quickly, then dressed into his new clothes to finally pick her up.

He arrived just in time to see Chu Xiang walk out the exit.

While An Lan held her by her arm like a spoiled child, two other handsome young men were smiling and conversing with them.

Furthermore, another guy was holding on to her bag.

Chu Xiang seemed to be in harmony with her same-age peers.

Feeling as if his dearest person had been discovered and taken away by someone else, Xiao Han remembered the generation gap between him and Chu Xiang.

His heart worried over this crisis.

Driving the car towards the foyer, he immediately stepped out and opened the door for Chu Xiang with one hand while placing the other on the roof of the car, sweeping his gaze towards her with a smile.

Chu Xiang’s eyes flashed in awe upon seeing Xiao Han.

Backlit with dusky light in a silver-gray suit, he magically possessed an even greater appeal.

Her heart melted, unearthing the urge to indulge in that elusive glass of red wine with him.


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