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Chu Xiang was slightly taken aback upon hearing Xiao Han address her as “Xiang Xiang.” Taking another look at his aloof expression, she could not help but burst into laughter.

She then grabbed him by the crook of his arm and smiled.

“Have you been waiting for long Let’s go.”

Among the crowd of students, a voice shot up.

“Chu Xiang, is he your boyfriend”

As both Xiao Han and Ye Chen looked towards her, Chu Xiang’s smile widened.

“Indeed, isn’t he handsome”

“Handsome! Far too handsome!” The crowd burst into cheers.

Xiao Han’s frown relaxed as the corners of his mouth curved upwards into a satisfied smile.

Just as Xiao Han led Chu Xiang towards his car, Ye Chen stared coldly at the two of them before shooting his gaze towards Chu Xiang.

“Are you really going out with him”

“What do you think”

Alternating his gaze between Xiao Han and Chu Xiang, Ye Chen grit his teeth.

“Will you really not give me a chance to redeem myself I thought that my actions over the past several days would be enough to convey my sincerity.” He took a deep breath before continuing in a gentle tone, “Xiang Xiang, since today is the fifteenth anniversary since we met, would you please give me one last chance Why don’t you act as if today was our first time meeting each other Why don’t we start back from square one altogether I will definitely not disappoint or hurt you ever again.”

Xiao Han’s grip on Chu Xiang’s arm tightened, almost squashing her.

She scoffed.

“Ye Chen, why should we commemorate such a terrible day If I could start my life all over again, I would definitely choose not to meet you that day.

Furthermore… I already have a boyfriend, so I won’t be giving any chances to others, including you.

I’m not interested in being with anyone else.”

Chu Xiang tugged Xiao Han’s necktie and pulled him in.

Standing on her tiptoes, she aimed for his lips

Xiao Han’s lips were faintly smeared with scarlet after the kiss, which looked rather sexy on him.

Chu Xiang smirked.

“Let’s go, time will not wait for us, and we have many things to do.”

As the two of them walked past Ye Chen into Xiao Han’s car, Ye Chen’s mind thought about the “many things” that they were going to do.

Just as he shouted and was going to chase after them, the security guards called over by the students prevented him from doing so.

 This is the reason why Chu Xiang was so fond of her classmates.

These kids are simply too cute!

While the driver went back into the car and drove in the direction of the restaurant, Xiao Han seated himself next to Chu Xiang in the back and raised the partition between the back and front seats of the car.

Despite knowing what Xiao Han was planning to do, Chu Xiang tilted her head innocently.

“What are you going to do”

Xiao Han stared deep into her eyes, a fire slowly burning in his heart.

“What does Miss Chu think”

“You’re not going to call me ‘Xiang Xiang’ anymore” Chu Xiang teased as she pulled Xiao Han towards her by his necktie once again.

With a smile on her face, she leaned into his body and pinned him down on the seat.

“President Xiao, call me ‘Xiang Xiang’ again.

I like the sound of it.”

Reaching his hand into her bag, he took out her phone.

“Turn this off first.”

Chu Xiang grabbed the phone and chuckled.

“That won’t do… If you don’t call me ‘Xiang Xiang’ again, I’ll head back to the com…”

Her unfinished words drowned between their lips as Xiao Han held onto her head and prevented her from moving away, pressing her body back onto the seat.

Along the way to the restaurant, the words “Xiang Xiang” continuously spilled from Xiao Han’s mouth.

The driver, having been Xiao Han’s employee for a long time now, saw Xiao Han with a girlfriend for the first time, so he acted as a good wingman and drove the car steadily around the city to give his boss plenty of time to you-know-what.

When Xiao Han reached towards the zipper of Chu Xiang’s skirt, she pushed Xiao Han backward slightly, panting.

“Are we at the restaurant yet Since I still have many tasks to do in the afternoon, I will be leaving earlier than planned.”

Xiao Han grabbed her hand and gently moved it towards his lips.

“Delay your plans.

Let’s go to my house.”

“That’s not possible.

I have a meeting to attend later.” Chu Xiang gently touched his face with the back of her hands and leaned in for a kiss.

“Be a good boy.

Let’s just go and have lunch.

I’m starving.”

Xiao Han looked at her for a few seconds before sighing defeatedly.

Taking a deep breath, he sat himself up and knocked on the partition.

“Go to the restaurant.”

As the car changed directions and drove towards the restaurant, Chu Xiang tidied up her attire and took out a small mirror to touch up her makeup.

Noticing Xiao Han’s dejected expression in the mirror’s reflection, she grabbed the discarded necktie and waved it towards him, “Come here, let it tie it for you.”


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