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“Dad, you’re the best!” Chu Xiang went on her tiptoes and kissed Chu Dongqi on the cheek, and then she turned to kiss Fang Qing on the cheek too.

“Mom, you’re great too.

I love you both so much!”

Chu Dongqi and Fang Qing smiled warmly at their daughter.

They finally believed that their daughter was no longer sad or angry.

Fang Qing returned her daughter’s kiss by pecking her on the cheek and said, “Mom and dad love you the most too.

Have fun at home.

When I return from work later, I will bring back the tiramisu dessert that you love.”

“Okay! Mom and dad, go ahead and head to work.” Chu Xiang let go of their arms and waved at them.

Chu Dongqi and Fang Qing left together and rushed to the company to handle their official business.

The Chu Family and the Fang Family had a business marriage with their son and daughter.

Originally their respective businesses were only second-rate companies.

The husband and wife couple had a good relationship even though it was a marriage to tie the two companies together.

They were deeply in love with one another and lived in harmony.

When Chu Xiang was 18 years old, her parents merged their companies and renamed it the East Corporation.

They planned on passing the company to Chu Xiang in the future.

When the two companies merged, the new East Company became one of the top corporations in China.

As a result, both Chu Xiang’s parents became very busy.

In the past few days, they visited the hospital twice a day to spend time with Chu Xiang.

Due to that, they had a lot of work piled up.

Now that Chu Xiang recovered, they had to return to their workaholic mode.

The original Chu Xiang probably yearned to have the same type of relationship after seeing how much her parents loved each other.

As such, she was probably extremely angry and sad when she discovered that Ye Chen and Bai Xuewei were having an affair together.

The original Chu Xiang was spoiled since she was a child, so he had a stubborn temper.

She refused to believe that Ye Chen would destroy their relationship for Bai Xuewei.

Ye Chen refused to break up with Bai Xuewei while Bai Xuewei pretended to be innocent and pitiful.

In the end, the original Chu Xiang became so frustrated that she overdrank.

Soon, she died of alcohol poisoning.

Chu Xiang didn’t know whether the original Chu Xiang regretted her decision, but a dead person cannot come back to life.

The original Chu Xiang was not able to save her soul because she was not a cultivator, and the current Chu Xiang could only use her powers to ensure that the original Chu Xiang will reincarnate into a good life in her next life.

The original Chu Xiang will not reincarnate into an animal or into a poverty-stricken family.

In exchange, the current Chu Xiang was able to take over the body.

The original Chu Xiang only asked the current Chu Xiang to take care of her parents and hoped that her parents would be happy for the rest of their life.

Chu Xiang was not obligated to fulfill the original Chu Xiang’s wish since their deal was fair.

But after seeing how well Chu Dongqi and Fang Qing treated her, Chu Xiang changed her mind.

She will treat her parents well, and make sure that they will continue to be a warm and happy family in the future.

No one will be able to destroy their happiness.

Chu Xiang took a tour around the living room before she headed upstairs toward the original Chu Xiang’s room.

The room was decorated in a pink princess-style theme.

Chu Xiang actually really liked the way the room was decorated until she saw the photo of Ye Chen and the original Chu Xiang on the bedside cabinet.

The photo destroyed the beauty of the whole room.

Chu Xiang walked forward, picked up the photo, and tore the photo into pieces.

She threw all the photos of Ye Chen and all the gifts that were given to her by Ye Chen into an empty box.

Then, she went downstairs to instruct one of the servants.

“Help me cut up all the photos of Ye Chen in this box and then throw them away.

The other items are gifts given to me by that scum.

I don’t want them anymore, so you can divide them up among the other servants if you want it.

Just make sure these items and photos will never appear in the villa again.”

“I understand, my lady.” The servant patted his chest, telling her to leave this task up to him because he will make sure that no traces of Ye Chen would be found again in the villa.

Chu Xiang ran upstairs happily.

When Bai Ling came out from the room after she finished packing her things, she saw Chu Xiang cheerfully run upstairs.

She was pushed out of the villa by the servants and forced to stand alone in the empty boulevard.

There were no cars or people in sight.

Only her lone figure with a few boxes scattered around her could be seen, making her appear quite a miserable sight.

Bai Ling started panicking again.

Did her daughter really robbed Chu Xiang’s fiancé Then why was she living in such misery while Chu Xiang appeared to be so cheerful Did she make the wrong move Will Ye Chen really marry Xuewei What should she do in the future Where will she live now that she was kicked out

Her future was unknown.

Bai Ling watched as the door to the Chu Family’s villa gradually closed in front of her face.

She suddenly regretted her choice.

Once she leaves the Chu Family villa, will she be able to enjoy the same level of comfort she experienced in the past ten years

T/N: I’m glad Chu Xiang decided to fulfill the original Chu Xiang’s last wish.

I also believe Mother Chu and Father Chu deserves the best.

They’re one of the most loving parents I’ve read about. 


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