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The organizers for the career expo had invited yet another company into the fray.

Some students even heard rumors that it was the Dongfang Group.

All the students in the area swept their gazes towards Chu Xiang simultaneously.

Isn’t the Dongfang Group the company of Chu Xiang’s family

Dressed in a professional suit, Chu Xiang tied her curly hair into a low ponytail as her high heels clicked on the floor with each step.

She led the Dongfang Group employees, her graceful yet domineering presence lingering.

Though she may be a student just like most of the people at the exposition, it felt as if she had already far surpassed any of them and walked ahead in life.

The students merely watched as Chu Xiang walked towards and sat down in her booth.

Meanwhile, the employees of Dongfang proceeded to set up the posters of the Dongfang Group, putting further emphasis on the logo in the center.

On their posters, it stated clearly that their company was planning to recruit a total of one hundred interns from their university, with generous compensation as well.

So, what kind of company was the Dongfang Group To give a greater perspective of things in the industry, it was a company that has several times more influence than the Lisheng Group previously discussed.

Since they had never recruited any interns in the past, most people never even considered getting an internship in Dongfang!

Seeing the opportunity of a lifetime, many of the students flocked towards the recruitment booth of the Dongfang Group.

At that moment, Chu Xiang’s classmates rushed to the front.

“Chu Xiang, are you in charge of the recruitment Were you the one who organized this recruitment”

Chu Xiang smiled.

“Yes, I was indeed the one who organized this.

After all, I’m looking to form my own group and raise some fresh-bloods within the company.

Since the quality of education at our school is quite high — in addition to the abundance of students with great potential — this was the first place that immediately came to mind.

However, we will only be recruiting summer interns this time.

I have appointed several different positions for the internship, so anyone who has an interest in those positions may sign up.”

“Thank you for blessing us with such a great opportunity, Chu Xiang!”

“I want to register and be one of the members of Chu Xiang’s group!”

“I’m also registering and hoping I’ll be able to pass.

This internship will surely teach me many things.”

“I’m so touched by Chu Xiang’s kindness!”

During this period of time, Chu Xiang managed to handle the university students very well, making sure to give off a good appearance so that they would be more than willing to assist her.

Since all the students were on her side, both Ye Chen and Bai Xuewei would often be given the cold shoulder and on the receiving end of various insults — even their names were pinned in the “pillar of shame” section on the university forum.

Furthermore, the students would constantly warn the two of them to not bother Chu Xiang in the university, which reassured Chu Xiang and allowed her to better focus on her studies.

Seeing how much the students were helping her out, Chu Xiang decided to reward the generosity and kindness by giving them the opportunity of a lifetime.

Of course, another reason for recruiting interns was to compete with the other groups in her company and to prove her competency.

The Dongfang Group had sent over four employees who assisted with the registrations and arrangements regarding the preliminary interviews for the internships.

For all the students who passed the preliminaries, they would have to sit through a second interview with Chu Xiang herself.

Any students who managed to pass both interviews would have to sit through a detailed briefing about their positions in the company — having already secured their internship for Dongfang.

While Chu Xiang was still wearing a faint smile on her face as she worked, she spoke, on the other hand, with a tone that suited someone leading a company.

Thus, the students who were lining up immediately turned down their volume to show respect.

At this time, one of the female students had just passed the preliminary interview and proceeded to her interview with Chu Xiang.

After a thorough analysis of her resume, Chu Xiang lifted her gaze towards the female student and said, “You will not be offered an internship at our company.


The female student frowned.

“Why did I fail Please tell me so that I may improve.”

“I recall that you were the one who attempted to spread all sorts of rumors about me such as Ye Chen gifting me the sports car as a break-up fee.

Our Dongfang Group does not have any interest in hiring anyone who likes to spread such vile rumors, or anyone with such a problematic personality.”

She gaped in disbelief.

“That incident was such a long time ago.

Chu Xiang, I really did not know that you were richer than Ye Chen at that time.

Furthermore, I was not the only person who thought that way.”

“We won’t be hiring any of the people ‘who thought that way’.

While our company is indeed looking to raise some fresh-bloods, we are only interested in people with good personalities,” Chu Xiang retorted as she shot a quick glance towards the security by the entrance.

Noticing her signal, the security immediately led the female student out from the booth.


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