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Chu Dongqi cut off a piece of steak and made fun of her.

“Does Xiang Xiang want to fall in love Is it there no such atmosphere when you’re with Mom and Dad”

“Of course not, there is a soft and sweet atmosphere when I’m with Mom and Dad, it’s really nice.” Chu Xiang poured them both some more red wine and asked curiously, “Dad, when you discussed the project plan, did everything run smoothly When do you plan to implement it Have you already established a group yet”

Chu Dongqi and Fang Qing glanced at each other, then shook their heads and burst into laughter.

“She’s almost become a workaholic.

In the future, if we really turn the company over to her, I reckon that she would be so busy that she wouldn’t even have time to eat a meal with us.

That won’t do, we can’t let her wield power so early, we have to let her work as an assistant for a couple of years.”

Fang Qing nodded in approval.

“We can’t give her too much work.

In the past, we didn’t notice that she liked work so much.

Now she goes to sleep even later than I do, yet in the morning when I go to work, she has already prepared some tea for me and organized the documents with instructions.”

Chu Dongqi put down his knife and fork and looked at his wife indignantly.

“You’re purposely showing off! Xiang Xiang, you’ve already been your mom’s assistant for a long time, now you should be my assistant for a while.

We execute things in different styles, you’ll be able to learn even more if you switch between us.”

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“Hey! How can you drive a wedge between us right in front of me”

“She’s my own daughter, do I even need to do that”

Chu Xiang silently ate with her head lowered, not disturbing their connection.

Her original prediction was correct, she had become an extremely unwanted guest.

A night of pleasure is worth thousands of gold pieces, she had thrown away a huge gold mine just to become a third wheel!

Of course, nothing came out of the couple’s debate about “driving wedges”.

They decided to keep things as they were, letting Chu Xiang do what she wanted because they were confident that she would execute her job well no matter what it was.

Since they mentioned work, Chu Xiang broached the subject of her plans.

 “Xiao Han and I plan to work together and take the Ye Family’s brand name.

I’ll send our plan to you tomorrow.

I hope I can put together a group and collaborate with the Xiao Family on my own.”

Chu Dongqi was dumbfounded.

“Why do you want the Ye Family’s brand name Did they bother you You can tell me, I’ll help you deal with them.”

Chu Xiang smiled and said, “Dad, let me do it on my own.

They keep asking for trouble and harassing me.

Since I find them distasteful, let me have a chance to put what I learned to use.”

Fang Qing nodded resolutely.

“Okay, tomorrow, I’ll help you choose an office, and you can select people to put together a group to snipe the Ye Family.

But what does this have to do with Xiao Han Why did he agree to collaborate with you”

“Xiao Han overheard me cautioning Ye Chen.

He mentioned that he had insider information that said that the Ye Family’s project had bright prospects and generous profits, so he proposed that we work together to take them down.

I thought it was a good learning experience, so I agreed.

We will share the profits and hazards evenly.

We may not be able to swallow them on our own, but it’s just right if we split it with the Xiao Family.

Chu Dongqi raised his eyebrows.


Xiao took the initiative and proposed to collaborate with you He has insider information so he could easily take the brand name on his own, he doesn’t need to share the fruits of success with us.” Thinking it over from a man’s point of view, he warned Chu Xiang.

“Business is business.

Be careful when you meet him in private, and don’t let him bully you.

There are no free meals in this world, so if you come across any problems, you must be attentive and thoroughly think it over.”

Chu Xiang smiled faintly.

“I know, Dad.”

Bullied Impossible.

This was a win-win situation.

Actually, that black shirt President Xiao wore looked quite nice… Chu Xiang really wanted to go and drink that glass of red wine.


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