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Actually, beneath her tranquil expression, she was gritting her teeth firmly.

She hailed a taxi, and only when she sat inside did she turn her head to look at Ye Chen.

Sure enough, he was still standing in the same place.

He looked like he was staring blankly, yet also like he was staring back at her.

Bai Xuewei knew Ye Chen best.

Even though Chu Xiang had been an enigma recently, she was confident that she understood him at least.

Someone who didn’t know how to cherish people or objects, unable to appreciate the beauty right in front of him.

He would only learn the value of things after he lost them.

Ye Chen always said that he disliked his parents’ behavior very much, but actually, he was imperceptibly influenced by his parents’ conduct through their words and examples.

However, he insisted on finding someone he truly likes by himself, which could be a perfect excuse even if he cheated.

This way of thinking made him lose his bearings, resulting in him not knowing what he wanted.

This has ‘perfectly’ described what ‘the grass is always greener on the other side’ meant.

(T/N 1: “Lose one’s bearings” means “to lose sight of or become unable to determine one’s orientation, position, or abilities relative to one’s surroundings or situation.”

Ye Chen always said that he hated his parents’ behavior, but his own behavior mirrored theirs in small ways.

The only difference was that he excused his cheating with his insistence that he just wanted to find someone he truly likes on his own.

At this point he didn’t even know what he wanted, which was why he was never satisfied with what he had and his eyes always strayed.

This was a tactical retreat.

Now that Ye Chen was fed up with her, she left him beautifully and gracefully.

Just what was the difference between Bai Xuewei and Chu Xiang If Ye Chen could forget about Chu Xiang’s shortcomings and love her again, he could definitely forget his suspicions towards her as well.

Her actions left a clear message.

After he had dumped Bai Xuewei, he chased after Chu Xiang.

His mother blocked her number and humiliated her, while Chu Xiang recorded their personal affairs to cause an uproar.

Bai Xuewei was only an infatuated woman who suddenly got dumped and had her sense of security destroyed.

It was only natural that she would react negatively after being agitated like so, and yet she was the one who promptly calmed down after realizing her mistakes.

Her reputation on the campus was ruined, thus she simply moved on without complaint.

In the end, she was the real victim of this love triangle.

All of this was enough proof that Bai Xuewei was truly kind at heart and gentle.

She showed love for Ye Chen and shame for how she treated Chu Xiang.

As long as he got the opportunity later, Ye Chen would definitely come back to her.

She repeated her strategy in her mind countless times as she moved to the apartment Bai Ling had rented.

She expected a slap from Chu Xiang, not total humiliation, so she made the wrong decision.

Bai Xuewei decided to stay away from her and focus on Ye Chen to avoid miscalculating again.


When dusk was closing in, Chu Xiang received a call from the dean of students, telling her that the punishment had been decided.

Ye Chen and Bai Xuewei have committed a serious mistake, thus they were not allowed to attend classes for the rest of this semester, and they would be kept under surveillance in the next one.

They were not allowed to disturb Chu Xiang in any way while they were on-campus.

If they make a mistake again, they would receive concurrent punishment and  immediately get expelled.

However, the campus would clarify that Ye Chen and Bai Xuewei were ordinary lovers who had broken up, and that there wasn’t anything such as questionable transactions or pregnancy.

Chu Xiang didn’t care about these at all.

In any case, Bai Xuewei would suffer losses.

Everything was fine as long as they didn’t disturb Chu Xiang anymore.

Chu Xiang hung up and held up a document to the camera for the person on the other end of the video call to see.

“So, will my plan work”

Xiao Han set both hands on his table, looking at her through the screen.

“There are a few things that need fine-tuning.

How about you come over to my place and we’ll discuss it There’s a wine glass here with your name on it to celebrate your peaceful campus life.”

“President Xiao, has anyone ever told you how attractive you are” Chu Xiang rested her chin on both hands, smiling.

“Offering to drink with a woman at night… is pretty dangerous.”

Xiao Han slowly loosened his necktie without breaking eye contact.

“Miss Chu, are you coming”

“I certainly won’t reject President Xiao’s cordial hospitality.”


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