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The next day, Ye Chen woke up in a hotel.

Still feeling the dizziness of a hangover, he glanced over to the side and saw a woman beside him.

He immediately sobered up and all the memories from last night also came back to him.

He didn’t feel frightened anymore.

Thinking back on it, he was drunk back then, so he wasn’t clear-headed enough to think carefully.

Not long after, the woman by his side also woke up.

Ye Chen knitted his brows as he pushed her away.

“You should leave first.

I’ll greet Young Master Zhang later and talk to him about letting you become the leading actress.”

“Thank you, Young Master Ye,” the woman responded happily, promptly getting dressed before she left.

Ye Chen stood under the shower, contemplating the mess he was in as cold water drizzled down at him.

He had thought he was in love with Bai Xuewei, but he unexpectedly didn’t feel sorry for her at all last night.

He then recalled how stunning Chu Xiang was at the banquet.

Her powerful aura bloomed as if it was a flower bud that had found suitable soil, revealing a dazzling beauty that kept all eyes on her.

Ye Chen thought that he liked Bai Xuewei’s gentle nature, but he eventually realized that Bai Xuewei was as tasteless and plain compared to Chu Xiang.

Before, he had hoped that Chu Xiang would eventually become gentle, but he realized that she was actually a fierce and heartless woman, and that it was part of her charm.

And now she was ignoring him, stirring up his jealousy by smiling at Xiao Han.

These feelings… Ye Chen grew aware of the fact that he’d always thought of Chu Xiang as “his”.

Only after he had left her for another woman did he realize that she was the one he truly loved!

Frustrated, he rubbed his face and punched the wall.

Meanwhile, his cellphone rang incessantly for a few minutes before he irritably grabbed it.

It was his mother, so he calmed himself down before answering.

“Mom, what’s the matter”

Sun Jie was angry.

“You’re still asking me that Where are you hanging around again this time I told you to woo Chu Xiang, yet you ran away with that young star.

Why are you so reckless I’ve humbled myself and put in a good word for you for nothing.

Are you making me angry on purpose I’m warning you, don’t make me lose my temper.

I’ll never accept that young housekeeper!”

Ye Chen sighed, laying on the bed.

“Mom, I know it’s my fault.

I know now that I like Chu Xiang, but she won’t look at me anymore because she’s already together with Xiao Han.

I’m upset enough already, don’t make it worse.”

“You liked her for over ten years yet suddenly chose to be with a random housekeeper.” She perked up, delighted.

“Just break it off completely with your women and court Chu Xiang again.

She won’t be able to play hard to get for too long as long as you make yourself look pitiful.

Sun Jie prattled on a bit more, rebuilding her son’s confidence.

He was a person who did whatever he wanted to, right No matter what other people thought, he wanted to be head over heels for Chu Xiang again.

He was just as determined as when he wanted to break off their engagement before!

He didn’t even go to see Bai Xuewei.

He only told her directly through a call that he didn’t like her anymore.

The apartment would be her break-up fee.

Before Bai Xuewei had the time to ask more, he had hung up and blocked her number again.

Before he called, Ye Chen hadn’t even noticed that his mother had blocked Bai Xuewei’s number on his phone.

Obviously, she wasn’t as important to him as he thought she was.

This epiphany strengthened his resolution.


Bai Xuewei had been anxious for two days, and her premonition had actually come true.

She couldn’t contact Ye Chen no matter how hard she tried.

In the end, she furiously smashed all the things in the apartment

What did she need the apartment for It was nothing compared to the house that Chu Xiang would have given her.

Didn’t she betray her best friend to marry into the rich Ye Family and become Mrs.

Ye Why else would she even consider offending the Chu Family


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