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Little Puppy’s Fairy Fan Site Admin Sister (30)

On New Year’s Eve, SJ Boys attended the Spring Festival Gala again.

Zhuo Yichen proved his stage performance in front of the national audience.

His singing was always the most stable one in the group, and the majority of passersby who have followed him realized one thing — The actor who performed particularly well in “The Dark Night Will Brighten” turned out to be a talented singer too!

When the four members were invited for an interview backstage, the host asked them to send blessings to the fans.

Geng Xuan and the others all wished everyone happiness, well-being, and a happy family.

When it was Zhuo Yichen’s turn, he smiled and said, “I only wish you all a good recharge in the new year; achieve good results, and never disappoint yourself.”

All the Recharge CP fans in front of the screen cheered.

With such a master who loved producing sugar, they really didn’t even need to produce their own food.

Stating such a thing in front of the national audience was the best validation for ‘recharging’!

What remained of Zhuo Yichen’s Duweis fumed.

Saying this online would only make those CP fans bolder and have sexual fantasies about him.

CP fans immediately expressed their disdain.

If Zhuo Yichen did not like Chu Xiang, he would never mention the word “recharge” ah.

Knowing that his CP was dubbed this but still mentioned, what was it if not a public display of attention They loved such boldness from him!

Besides, Zhuo Yichen obviously was insinuating something in his remarks.

It was the most important thing to live up to oneself.

Have the bunch of fans who kept tearing others apart made efforts in reality Did they have plenty of time to fight After following such a motivated idol, they still kept bashing people online every day, and even had the nerve to show up.

Weren’t they ashamed of themselves

After the number of Duwei fans dwindled, they brought up a quarrel and lost again.

Hence, their fondness for Zhuo Yichen declined anew.

The following day of the New Year’s Eve was the first day of the Chinese New Year.

Fleeting Years was released.

Droves of people bought tickets to watch it because of Director Chen’s reputation.

This was the first time that Zhuo Yichen has acted as a male lead in a film, but he has taken the lead in the box office.

The Xingchens from all over the country rushed into the cinema to support the box office of their idol.

Against all expectations, everyone went in happily, but almost all of them came out crying.

Zhuo Yichen’s life in the movie was too miserable! His relationship with the heroine was too cruel! They all burst into tears when they saw how scrawny Zhuo Yichen was, when he grabbed food on the ground and stuffed it into his mouth.

When they saw that he was misunderstood by the heroine and sat alone on the ground in a daze, they wept even more.

In fact, Zhuo Yichen used to be labeled as a teen idol and a standard traffic celebrity.

People have just begun to realize that he has grown up and his acting skills have improved, but it was only limited to TV series.

This time, he chose to take the lead role in Director Chen’s film, and to be honest, few people were optimistic about it.

After all, filming a movie required more consummate acting skills.

Everyone thought he still wasn’t good enough.

Even the Xingchens also went to the cinema in the spirit of supporting their idol’s choice.

Who would have thought that Zhuo Yichen’s acting would shock them to the core!

This was no longer the extent to which his acting was remarkable in The Dark Night Will Brighten, but rather an explosive kind of acting.

Zhuo Yichen threw away all his idol burdens in the movie.

He was in dire straits and miserable like a beggar, kowtowing to people and begging for mercy, and grabbing food with stray dogs.

There was really none of his image to speak of.

There were also Zhuo Yichen’s vacant and numb eyes, his choked cry, and his nervous laughter; each of which were heart-wrenching.

Then, he grew strong, fought relentlessly, resolved crisis after crisis repeatedly, and became a dominant warlord.

Zhuo Yichen played each stage of the protagonist’s growth exceptionally well!

Throughout the movie, no one in the audience would imagine that he was the idol, Zhuo Yichen.

All those who watched it would only see the life of the character in the movie, and not a single moment of it was acting.

As far as the Xingchens were concerned, they felt something deeper, and that was how hard Zhuo Yichen suffered when filming this movie! On that day, he also mentioned in the variety show that it was too hard to lose weight while filming “Fleeting Years”.

They felt even more distressed for him when they thought back on how thin he was when he attended events and was scolded by bashers.

They said he was ugly, and spread gossip that he was taking drugs.

Why was such a wonderful and hardworking boy bullied by haters Were those haters even human!

After the movie was released, there were a lot of 1-star and 2-star bad reviews online, which raised the overall score of the film to 5 stars.

Various traffic idols could not bear the box office of the film and ridiculed it, saying that Director Chen’s biggest failure was in finding a traffic celebrity to play the leading role.

The Xingchens, who still haven’t recovered from their heartbreak after watching the film, were enraged! Chu Xiang immediately posted a long film review, commenting on the plot of the entire film and Zhuo Yichen’s acting skills from an out and out professional perspective.


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