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Little Puppy’s Fairy Fan Site Admin Sister (29)

What did it mean by divine tacit understanding What did it mean by heart-to-heart The chemistry between the two was almost spilling out of the screen.

Compared with the Recharge CP, all of Zhuo Yichen’s other CPs were too weak! In this show, two nicknames were added to Zhuo Yichen’s nicknames, which were “Zhuo Diaodiao(literally means Zhou staring at someone)” and “Little Vinegar King(means little jealous king)”.

In all of Zhuo Yichen’s complete screen time, a lot of scenes of him looking at Chu Xiang could be edited out.

Even if he wasn’t looking at her, he would unconsciously aim at her; especially in the photo of Chu Xiang and the ice cream brother.

The title Little Vinegar King really became famous.

He even found an excuse to give the ice cream to someone else.

Adoration for the appearance of the fierce little puppy gushed out among the fans!

CP fans were also screamed madly in their hearts when they saw Zhuo Yichen’s slide and heard his accusation that Chu Xiang was a fake fan.

This was more exciting than falling in love themselves, then came the aunt smiles.

There were also the screen cut of Chu Xiang’s sentence by sentence “Okay” and Zhuo Yichen’s  “Okay, let’s “.

Both of them naturally pampered each other, and greatly spoiled each other.

At this juncture, Duweis were of course enraged.

However, Zhuo Yichen, who was once a top idol, has a small group of Duweis, and those fans who tore each other apart at the slightest disagreement were almost gone in the past two years.

It was only during these quarrels that Duweis found out that most of the Xingchens were rational fans and did not participate in this matter at all.

Duweis could argue and stir controversies all they wanted, but never with CP fans.

If they wanted to scold Chu Xiang, that was impossible.

Chu Xiang had scores of fans, and even Xingchens hated them for scolding her.

For Xingchens, Chu Xiang has always been the one who guarded Zhuo Yichen.

On top of them, there were also a large number of passers-by who felt that they were spouting nonsense and were speaking for Chu Xiang.

It was too miserable to quarrel and lose.

When fighting with solid fans, they must win for it to count.

Otherwise, they’d lose their identity.

When Zhuo Yichen’s Duweis lost battles several times in a row, a few also began to unfollow him.

Zhuo Yichen became a missing person at every turn.

He never gave out male beauty benefits when he went out for business, such as winks, blowing kisses, sweet wake-up alarms, and sultry twists and dances.

All of the abovementioned were as conservative as a veteran cadre.

But now, he and Chu Xiang were chatting and laughing on the show again.

Did he consider their feelings Zhuo Yichen’s initiative made them unable to win even a quarrel.

They were tired and felt an inexplicable disgust towards him, so they unfollowed him, one after the other.

In fact, the reasons for many of them to unfollow him had accumulated bit by bit, and Zhuo Yichen’s growth was the key factor.

In the past, many people liked him because of his boyishness, with the cuteness and vigor of a boy.

When he became mature and stable, he began to take care of the people around him in every aspect, and he stopped showing his true emotions at will.

He was no longer attractive to the Duweis.

There were two outstanding youth groups in China, aged 14 and 15.

Most of these fans would turn to like other teenagers, and the fact that Zhuo Yichen treated Chu Xiang nicely was just an opportunity for them to unfollow him.

Nothing more.

Whether they were Duweis, girlfriend fans, or fans who only liked young boys, their unfollows were a blessing.

From idol to strength faction, from immaturity to maturity, these were necessary stages.

Nobody could keep all fans forever, and Zhuo Yichen just advanced to this stage.

Chu Xiang was well aware of these circumstances, but she didn’t care one bit.

After finding that Zhuo Yichen was jealous, she realized that he was paving the way for the future.

The little puppy was only 19 years old, yet he was hiding his thoughts and plans for their future.

He just secretly loved her and grew stronger, and this was poking her too much! And here she was wondering why Zhuo Yichen was completely different on screen and in front of her.

It turned out that he has long been paying attention to his girlfriend.

Chu Xiang looks through the videos that Zhuo Yichen often sent to her.

What did they mean by super conservative and not provocative Obviously, the dance he recorded in the practice room was particularly seductive.

A wink was only a minor case; even the lip-biting and collar-tearing were there.

At the beginning, she wondered why he didn’t perform these dances at the concert.

It turned out that the boy recorded them for her alone!

Chu Xiang poked at Zhuo Yichen’s abstinent face on the screen, with his raised eyes to look at the camera; a little puppy, cute and mature; he didn’t seem too bad.

The corners of her mouth curved up unconsciously.

In the next second, she took out her drawing board to draw.

The little guy worked so hard, so of course she wouldn’t let him carry it alone.

Paving the way too much wasn’t really that difficult.

She drew the scene where Zhuo Yichen made a joke when he was “sliding down the slide”.

After more than a year, Zhuo Yichen finally showed his adorable side again.

He abandoned his prudence and restraint, and even smiled shyly.

Soon, some CP fans got to the most poignant point of this episode — Only Chu Xiang could make Zhuo Yichen show such a lovely side.

He didn’t change, but hid that cute innocence and only showed it to one person from now on!

CP fans were delighted.

They truly believed that the Recharge Couple could come true! Everything was getting more and more feasible!

When fans of several parties were wondering whether Chu Xiang’s cartoon was a declaration of sovereignty, she posted another on Weibo to promote “Fleeting Years”, which would be released on the first day of the new year.

[ZYC-Xiang V: I have the honor to participate in the editing and dubbing of “Fleeting Years”.

Everyone don’t forget to watch it~]

Fans were stunned.

Wasn’t “Fleeting Years” a big-budget male dominant movie that was particularly important to Zhuo Yichen Chu Xiang actually edited and dubbed For whom The heroine


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