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Little Puppy’s Fairy Fan Site Admin Sister (28)

The smile at the corner of her mouth became more obvious.

This kid, it turned out that he was being jealous.

He’d been the same when they filmed together before.

When Huang Hao looked for her, he would not leave if he could.

He just stayed beside her.

The little puppy grew up and knew how to protect his food.

In addition, he always spoke to her in his foul voice in private.

He clearly has bad intentions, this little villain!

Chu Xiang cooperated with him flawlessly, and the little puppy cautiously stretched out its paws, which was very cute and adorable.

She was still curious about what he would do in the future, so she decided not to pierce that layer of window paper for the time being, and pretended she didn’t know anything.

The two ran to the next level together.

The next level was to play Five in a Row with a Gobang master.

They were required to play two against a master, but the two of them had to play one at a time, each taking turns, without communication or eye contact.

This was more like a pitfall because each person has his own habits in playing chess.

If one person played one at a time, the game he wanted to play might not be finished and was led back by the next one.

The game would be broken, and they had to start all over again.

What was more, their opponent was a master, so defeating them was a piece of cake.

Zhuo Yichen had never played chess with Chu Xiang, and said, “This seems a bit difficult.

I usually play Five in a row with those three.

How about you Can you play it”


This kind of gameplay is quite interesting.

Let’s try it out.”

“Then let’s start.”

The two took turns.

When the crew designed this game, they thought they would communicate secretly, which was also an interesting point to watch.

Who knew that neither of them looked at each other, and they both stared at the chessboard seriously.

Several times later, the master blocked Chu Xiang, and Zhuo Yichen dropped another piece in the other direction.

They both laughed at each other, because they found that they both fully understood each other’s plans and played the game much faster.

The cameraman was taking close-ups of the board and didn’t understand what they were playing.

He only knew that the master was blocking their pieces, and their side was blocking the master’s side.

It was already impressive that they exchanged moves so many times without losing.

More and more pieces filled the board, and the speed of the master’s moves was getting slower and slower.

Finally it dawned on him.

He shook his head and said, “I lost, wonderful! Job well done!”

The staff was a little confused.

To be able to write the captions clearly in the post-production, they dared to ask, “Has the winner been decided Can you explain”

His question would be edited out.

The master was excited.

He pointed to the chessboard and said, “They have set up a chain for me.

These pieces seem unrelated, but in fact they can be connected into many lines in a few steps.

That is to say, I can’t stop them at all even after several tries.

They have five spots to win a row, and no one can stop them.”

The master exclaimed, “It’s amazing.

Their greatness is not in the way they played chess, but in the tacit understanding between them.

The two of them joined forces to set up a chain set without communication, to the point where I didn’t realize their intentions at all.

They’re too amazing.


Zhuo Yichen and Chu Xiang looked at each other and smiled.

They successfully passed another level.

Afterwards, they played games such as beach minesweeper, balancing a beam in the sea, and fishing for shells to make necklaces.

When they got the reward, only one pair of the other MCs reached the third level, and the rest were all stuck in the second level!

Everyone got together to share the rewards.

They played uproariously at the beach for more than an hour before everything came to an end.

It could be considered that the guests who did not pass the levels retained a happy memory.

As soon as this episode aired, the show ratings reached a new high, which was higher than that of Zhuo Yichen’s popular variety show before.

Chu Xiang became famous anew, the so-called ‘a cartoon artist who can’t go to the mountains and the sea is not a good fan site admin sister’.

She was absolutely perfect in terms of physical fitness and games, and was then recognized as a “Game King” with Zhuo Yichen.

Their team was dubbed the “invincible partners”.

As long as they were together, they were invincible.

Any occurrence was no big deal.

When the two of them sang and did mental arithmetic and then passed in one go; played chess and cooperated with each other to set up a series of traps for their opponent; these especially gave people goosebumps.

What the heck was this partnership This was undoubtedly a combination of high IQs! The crew added several descriptive captions during post production.

Otherwise, everyone could hardly understand how they cooperated in many places and passed the levels.

They both harvested masses of passerby fans through their two partnerships, and all of them were genuine passerby fans.

This kind of passer-by fans with purchasing power were called public traffic.

When their names were mentioned, they were willing to pay to watch them.

That was a real success.

Zhuo Yichen and Chu Xiang’s Recharge Couple CP fans also ushered in a tremendous upturn.

The Recharge Couple’s Chaohua ranked first in the CP type Chaohua, so the couple fans could no longer keep a low profile even if they were dying to.

Besides, they really didn’t want to keep a low profile.

They just wanted to party.

If anything, this was called not giving fanciers room for imagination.

This was it! They didn’t dare to write fanfictions like this.

It’s too high in sugar.

It was too high in sugar, and nobody could deny it, right!


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