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Little Puppy’s Fairy Fan Site Admin Sister (27)

The cameraman specially gave a close-up of the two staff members.

Their expressions as if they were suspecting life was all too funny!

The next level was physical work.

The program crew built a very shaky slope, tasking the pairs to climb up to the top, pick up two things, and then go down and climb over a 2.5-meter-high fence.

Zhuo Yichen rolled up his sleeves and said, “I’ll try it first.

It looks a little dangerous.”

Chu Xiang made a cheering motion.

“Go, you can do it!!”

Zhuo Yichen stared at the top, ran up fiercely with a burst of energy, then looked below and smiled, “Yes, we can do this.

Let’s go together.”

Chu Xiang nodded: “Okay.”

When Zhuo Yichen was shooting variety shows, he didn’t perform entirely for the purpose of doing tasks.

He needed to consider some funny scenes too.

He looked at the shaky slope, simply sat down, and said with a smile: “I haven’t played on a slide for a long time.

Please stay away and see how far I can slide down.”

Chu Xiang stepped aside in amusement: “Just don’t kiss the ground when you’re down.”

Zhuo Yichen smiled and slid down, holding his hands high and also doing a handsome pose.

Who would have thought that he slid super slow He slid to a third and completely stopped.

He touched the flat board, speechless: “This is not slippery!”

He rubbed the board, but just as he finished speaking, he slipped down the spot where he stopped without warning.

For a moment, he lost his balance and rolled over on the side, slowly sliding down in a strange posture.

He was startled, looked at Chu Xiang, and laughed, “Mistake, a small mistake.

I can come down at lightning speed.”

He tried to get up to save his dignity, but the slippery slope seemed to be working against him.

He just bent down to stand up when his feet slipped and he stepped on the air.

He hurried to stabilize himself on his hands and knees, hilariously funny.

Chu Xiang convulsed into laughter at the bottom.

Zhuo Yichen hurriedly got back up and ran down.

His face was a little red, but he laughed at the camera and said, “Delete that part just now! Do you hear me”

Chu Xiang pulled his hand down and said with a smile, “No, it must be aired! Don’t cut that part at all.

I haven’t seen such a cute little brother for a long time! Hahaha~”

Zhuo Yichen looked at her with a helpless smile.

“Are you a fake fan Don’t you know how to maintain your idol’s image You don’t want me to lose face, right”

“What face I don’t know.

I just want a cute Little Brother!”

“Cute, my ass!” Zhuo Yichen muttered the sentence.

He pulled her wrist to the starting point and let go.

“Okay, okay, stop laughing.

Let’s do the task.”

“3, 2, 1! Chu Xiang shouted the count down, and they rushed out together.

The two rushed to the top at the same time, and together ripped off the cloth ball hanging on the clip.

Zhuo Yichen looked at the height of the downhill and asked, “How about it Are you afraid or not”

“Not at all.

Rush straight over the wall, do not stop.” Chu Xiang finished with a hand gesture to him.

Afterward, the two dove down the slope in unison, and then directly sprinted to the front of the railings, stomped a few times to climb to the top, and flipped over in one go.

“Yay! Another level!” Zhuo Yichen turned his head and saw that Chu Xiang also successfully completed it.

He happily ran to her and high-fived her to celebrate.

“We are too strong, right We can’t even see the other guests behind.

We’re way ahead.”

Chu Xiang laughed: “I feel like they will be stuck in the second level.”

Zhuo Yichen nodded and laughed out loud.

“You’re right.

They probably won’t be able to play the project today.

We can take it easy.

Just think of it as a vacation, and take our time.”

Chu Xiang looked around, pointed to a stall, and said, “Let’s go over there for a drink.

There’s even ice cream there.

Let’s buy ice cream.”

“Okay, let’s go.” Zhuo Yichen didn’t even look, turned around in the direction she pointed, and walked there.

The two went and bought two glasses of cold juice and two more ice creams, and the program team paid for them.

The staff urged them to make haste and go to the next mission point, but they refused to listen, standing in front of the stall, leisurely appreciating the scenery and eating.

The guy selling ice cream looked at Chu Xiang for a few moments before asking tentatively, “Excuse me, are you Emperor Chu”

Chu Xiang was momentarily stunned, then nodded and replied, “Yes, it’s me.

Do you like reading comics”

The young man said excitedly, “I like your comics very much!! My God, I actually saw Empress Chu herself.

Can you take a picture with me Can you sign an autograph for me I like you very much!”

“Of course.” Chu Xiang smiled.

She walked up to him, held the ice cream in her hand to the booth, posed for a photo with him, and praised, “The ice cream you made is delicious.”

Zhuo Yichen lowered his head to eat ice cream, but his eyes frequently rose to observe them.

Chu Xiang noticed it, but she didn’t speak when she took a photo with the ice cream brother.

After Chu Xiang gave the ice cream brother an autograph, Zhuo Yichen immediately said, “We still have tasks to do.

We are almost done resting.

Shall we go”

“All right.” Chu Xiang bade the ice cream brother goodbye and followed Zhuo Yichen to the next mission point.

Zhuo Yichen took a look at her ice cream and said, “It’s about to melt, and it’s not good to eat too much cold food.

Give it to Xiao Dong to dispose of.

I’ll invite you to eat at the store later.”

Chu Xiang sensed something.

The corners of her mouth curled up, and she stuffed the ice cream directly into his hand.

“Yeah, here.”

She saw him immediately run off to take care of the ice cream and came back with a refreshed smile.


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