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Little Puppy’s Fairy Fan Site Admin Sister (26)

It was inappropriate to completely avoid suspicion, unless he really didn’t communicate with Chu Xiang.

Otherwise if something was photographed one day, the fans would definitely attack Chu Xiang savagely.

He must take all of this into consideration.

After a day of deliberation, weighing all the pros and cons, Zhuo Yichen decided that now was a good time.

He called Chu Xiang to talk about it, and asked her for his opinion.

If Chu Xiang didn’t want to be on the show, he would of course reject the crew.

Chu Xiang thought it didn’t matter.

For her, going to this crew was for fun, and doing tasks as well as playing with Zhuo Yichen was even better.

She couldn’t care less about the Duweis online that Zhuo Yichen mentioned.

After the two negotiated, Zhuo Yichen agreed to the request of the program team, allowing the program team to improve the later production.

The crew attached great importance to the intelligence of the two.

After referring to the last phone partner scenes, they deliberately set up more difficult game sessions.

After the program started recording, Zhuo Yichen called on everyone to surround the director as soon as he heard the game project, “What do you mean You want us to do arithmetic, play chess, do puzzles, go up and down the slope and jump boards There are even games in the sea You guys must have gone to heaven today, right”

The director coughed a couple of times.

“Please return to your positions.

Your task will start soon.”

Several MCs protested, “No, no, you are going to torment us to death.”

“Exactly! You, program crew, try playing for a day.”

“Isn’t this bullying me for not having an IQ high enough I probably can’t even pass the first two levels!”

The director glanced at Zhuo Yichen and Chu Xiang, and said helplessly, “There’s nothing we can do about it, okay If you want to blame anyone, blame Yichen and Chu Xiang, the former partners for being too bright.

How are we supposed to set up a normal game to play”

Zhuo Yichen spread his hands innocently.

“So you’re blaming us for being too outstanding.”

“Narcissists!” Several MCs jokingly threw a bunch of flowers on them.

Zhuo Yichen blocked Chu Xiang with a smile, and said, “Well, if we get the first place, how about we distribute the reward to everyone, Brothers and Sisters Is this okay”

“No, no, you are humiliating us, absolutely not.”

“Huh If you don’t want it, Yichen, let’s form an alliance and divide the reward.”

Everyone set a new rule amidst bursts of laughter, and that was if others won, they would be the winner.

If Zhuo Yichen and Chu Xiang won, they would distribute the rewards to everyone.

Who made this show so difficult because of them

Zhuo Yichen looked at Chu Xiang and asked with a smile, “Are you ready Shall we start”

“No problem, let me guess.” The first level was charades.

Chu Xiang stood behind the scenes and didn’t care about screen times, so she directly gave the other role to Zhuo Yichen for more shots.

Zhuo Yichen also understood her meaning, nodded and stood opposite her.

The program team deliberately intensified the difficulty of the topic.

There were animals, vehicles, cartoon characters and song titles and so on.

Zhuo Yichen used rich body language and expressions to interpret the various topics, and Chu Xiang guessed the answer in an average of three seconds.

Once Zhuo Yichen posed as a seven, Chu Xiang actually instantly guessed the title of his seventh single!

The two passed the first level with amazing speed, while the other five partners only reached the third and fourth questions.

They were stunned when they saw the two happily doing a high-five, taking their clearance card and running to the next level.

The second level was to mentally calculate math problems while singing KTV.

In the final song, they must reach 80 points.

The math problems must be calculated correctly to pass the test, and the challenge could be repeated.

There was a long list of math problems; six digits plus five digits minus four digits plus five digits and then minus six digits.

What was more, it was one question per person.

They couldn’t help each other calculate.

The staff asked, “Do you need to rest first Refresh your brain.”

Chu Xiang tutored Zhuo Yichen in everything for his college entrance examination, so they both knew each other’s mental arithmetic too well.

They looked at each other and grinned, “No, we’ll start straight away.”

The song was very difficult with bass and treble present.

Chu Xiang and Zhuo Yichen each took a microphone and accurately sang songs on the screen at the same time.

Both of them were talented in singing.

When they sang together, they also took care of each other’s timbre, making their voices super pleasant when they dueted.

The two staff members who were holding the question cards beside them forgot to lift the cards.

It was only after Chu Xiang waved her hand at them that they lit up the questions.

Chu Xiang and Zhuo Yichen glanced at the questions from time to time, and then glanced at the lyrics on the screen.

A few staff members were holding back their.

These were the results of their collective brainstorming.

The arithmetic problems also included a lot of exponentials and trigonometry, so mental arithmetic alone might not necessarily lead to a correct answer!

The song was four minutes long, and when it was over, a high score of 95 was displayed on the screen! The staff immediately asked: “What is the answer to the math question Answer it in five seconds.”

Chu Xiang said without hesitation, “934765.”

Zhuo Yichen took the microphone from Chu Xiang’s hand, put it together with his own, and said confidently, “Mine is 397701.”

The answer was posted on the back of the question board.

The two staff wrote down the numbers they said, and compared the answers.

There was no wrong number!

“Yeah! Pass!” Chu Xiang and Zhuo Yichen clapped their hands with a smile, ran directly to the staff, took the pass in his hand, and continued to the next location.


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