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Zhuo Yichen dialed Chu Xiang’s number.

One of the MCs, who was still laughing next to him, quipped, “You’ve hung up on Geng Xuan.

Don’t tell me you want to call your three brothers one by one, do you Just in time to use up all your chances.

The time has come to test the tacit understanding of you, brothers.”

Zhuo Yichen raised his index finger and shook it, “The one with the best rapport with me is not necessarily one of my brothers.

Even if they have guessed that I am recording a show, they will most likely pit me.

In my experience, this person can definitely do it.

I’m going to take the first place today.”

The call was connected, and Chu Xiang’s nice voice rang through the microphone, “Hello, Yichen”

Zhuo Yichen gestured for everyone to be quiet, and smiled when he saw the staff’s board of questions, the first line on the board was “You are the most handsome”.

He immediately said, “Do you have time Is it convenient for you to chat”

Chu Xiang replied, “Yes, it’s convenient.”

“When I look in the mirror today, I always feel less confident, as if my good-looks aren’t good enough compared to others…”

Before he could finish speaking, Chu Xiang burst out laughing.

“Are you not awake”

The other MCs all showed exaggerated looks of schadenfreude, thinking that his call was a failure again.

Who would have thought that they would hear Chu Xiang say the next second, “You are the most handsome, the most handsome in the world, better looking than everyone else! Wake up and realize the reality, okay”

Zhuo Yichen laughed: “I’m awake, I’m awake.

The more I look at myself now, the more handsome I feel.” He gave a thumbs up to the camera, waved his hand to the staff, and the second question board lit up, asking Chu Xiang to say “Transfer some money to you”.

He immediately said, “I was so unsure of myself just now probably because I didn’t bring any money with me today.

My mobile wallet only has 12 yuan left.

I haven’t eaten yet.”

Chu Xiang looked at the date and time on her phone, and smiled knowingly.

Wasn’t Zhuo Yichen recording Fancy Partners at his day and hour So he called her to say these mess because of performing a task.

She replied along these lines, “Then I will transfer some money to you.

Go and quickly have a meal.

There’s no need to return it.”

The third topic on the board was ,”You are too fat”.

This was a bit difficult.

After all, Zhuo Yichen’s figure was just right, and he had nothing to do with being fat at all.

Zhuo Yichen said without thinking, “I’d better stop eating it.

I lost so much weight when I was filming Fleeting Years.

Hey, how do you think I would have looked if I hadn’t lost weight back then”

Chu Xiang guessed an answer and said, “You’re perfectly fit.

It won’t be bad enough.”

“Miserable on the one hand, and my body shape also…”

“Body shape” Chu Xiang reacted instantly and said with a smile, “Compared with the role setting, you were too fat and strong.

You can’t do without losing weight.”

The fourth question board was, “I want your autograph”.

Generally, relatives and friends were unlikely to want this, so of course, he wouldn’t mention it.

Zhuo Yichen had already perceived that Chu Xiang knew that he was recording the show, so he said confidently, “It’s been a long time ago since our shooting was all done.

Time flies by too fast.

Do you remember when you first met me Did you want to do anything when you saw me back then”

“Yes, take a photo of you.

I wanted to ask you for a group photo and an autograph.”

The fifth topic on the board was asking Zhuo Yichen to sing a line of his latest song, and to let Chu Xiang accurately pick up the next line, and then to sing another sentence of his first song.

Chu Xiang also needed to accurately pick up the next sentence, and the melody and lyrics must not be wrong.

This was also quite difficult.

After all, even relatives and friends might not be entirely familiar with his songs, much less sing along.

She was not his three brothers, so she didn’t have an advantage.

As a result, Zhuo Yichen smiled when he saw the question board.

“I suddenly want to sing.”

He cleared his throat and immediately sang the latest song.

As soon as he paused, Chu Xiang sang the second line seamlessly! He sang another line from the first song, and Chu Xiang still picked it up perfectly.

All the MCs, including the staff, were stunned.

These two lines by Chu Xiang were not only flawless, but also super nice! Was she a singer!

The staff reacted a little.

It seemed that this woman was not only Zhuo Yichen’s family and friend, but also his fan.

The first thought that popped into their heads was Chu Xiang, Zhuo Yichen’s most famous fan.

The more they thought about it, the more they believed they were right.

Then the difficult questions they believed she would completely get wrong allowed her to finish it successfully instead.

The staff immediately wrote the sixth task on the board, asking Chu Xiang to say the words “I hate you”, holding back a smile and waiting to watch the excitement.

However, after Zhuo Yichen saw it, he shook his head and said, “I abstain, I’ll just stop here and finish five questions in one minute.”

“What’s wrong” Chu Xiang was a little puzzled.

Weren’t they cooperating very well There was practically no second guess.

Zhuo Yichen laughed: “Nothing, you’ll never say this statement.

I’m going to wait for the results of the competition.

I’ll hang up first and call you later.”

“Okay, bye.”

Zhuo Yichen waved his hand to everyone and said with a smile, “This is something absolutely impossible for her to say.

After all, I am so outstanding, right Okay, five questions in a minute is my score.

I don’t believe that someone can surpass me.

Bring it on!”

Next, when other MCs took the challenge, he stepped aside and smiled.

If he gave Chu Xiang a hint, Chu Xiang would definitely be able to say those four words, but he would rather lose the game than hear those words from her lips.


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