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He first greeted Xiao Han, then gestured toward her.


Xiao, she is…”

Xiao Han introduced her to him.

“She is the daughter of Director Chu and Director Fang of the East Corporation, Miss Chu Xiang.”

Chu Xiang smiled.


Chen, because my mother has been feeling unwell today and cannot attend the banquet, I offer felicitations on behalf of my parents.

If this has been discourteous in any way, please forgive us.”

“So you were Miss Chu.

Don’t worry about it, Miss Chu, of course Director Fang’s health is very important.

Now please come inside, my father is chatting inside with some cousins, why don’t you two come and meet them”


Chen was slightly more open-minded than they had anticipated.

He was quite modest, knowing that the Chen Family’s power was waning.

They walked for a little while until more guests arrived.


Chen excused himself and went to welcome the new guests, beckoning the two of them to enter without him.

Xiao Han brought his lips closer to Chu Xiang’s ear.


Chen is the third son of the senior Mr.


He’s smooth, elusive, and really good at making friends and connections, but he is overall a  good person and would never hurt anyone who has fallen.

He is a possible person to associate with.”

Chu Xiang tilted her head and smiled at him.

“Is this a benefit of dolling oneself up to become a beautiful woman Mr.

Xiao was never this enthusiastic and warm-hearted in the past.”

During their short exchange, they had somehow moved close enough to feel each other’s breaths.

Xiao Han looked away first.

“I promised Director Fang that I would take care of you.”

Chu Xiang nodded.

“So that’s why.”

On instinct, Xiao Han added, “Of course, it’s also because I really admire Miss Chu.”

Chu Xiang smiled faintly.

“I also really admire Mr.


The two of them joined the crowd and had to stop chatting with each other.

They delivered their presents to the senior Mr.

Chen together and Xiao Han introduced Chu Xiang again, helping her get to know the senior Mr.

Chen and several other distinguished people in the business industry.

A couple of people learned a little more about the collaboration between the Xiao Family and the East Corporation after observing Xiao Han.

It seemed that the work was going rather smoothly, and that the two families were getting along really well.

Otherwise, Xiao Han, the cold and impassive iron wall himself, wouldn’t be here guiding the Chu Family’s daughter.

Additionally, the two young people together made a dazzling couple, so many people had their own vague assumptions.

The Ye family arrived shortly after them and also wished the senior Mr.

Chen a happy birthday.

Sun Jie stepped forward and grabbed Chu Xiang’s hand, cordially smiling.

“Xiang Xiang, you’ve become such a busy bee lately! You’ve gotten so busy to the point that you don’t even have time to go window shopping with me! Today, I finally got to meet you again.”

Chu Xiang took a glass of champagne from the waiter, seizing the opportunity to free her hand from Sun Jie’s grasp.

She laughed frostily.

“Long time no see, Mrs.


The honorific instantly increased the distance between Sun Jie and Chu Xiang.

Those who knew about their families cutting ties were all paying close attention, and it was obvious from the younger woman’s behavior that she was uncomfortable.

In truth, the entire situation made the Ye Family seem quite shameless, seeing that they still had the nerve to approach her and pretend nothing had happened.

The average person wouldn’t have been able to do such a thing.

In addition, many people were starting to have misgivings looking at Ye Chen’s partner.

What was the meaning of this Isn’t it just revolting to bring a female partner who looked so similar to Chu Xiang

Chu Xiang and Xiao Han chatted for a little while with the senior Mr.

Chen, then walked to the side.

Those who wanted to collaborate with the East Corporation and the Xiao family stepped forward and greeted them.

Xiao Han introduced several people to Chu Xiang, and from the start to the finish, Chu Xiang never acknowledged Ye Chen.

It was as if he was only a mere subordinate of the Ye family.

On the other hand, Ye Chen was becoming more and more aware of Chu Xiang.

When he was near her, he could see that Chu Xiang’s black diamond stud earrings matched with Xiao Han’s black diamond cufflinks.

Not only that, he saw the two of them chatting in proximity and Chu Xiang smiling happily at Xiao Han.

And even though Xiao Han didn’t smile, his expression was clearly gentler when he was with her compared to when he was with other people.


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