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The host said in surprise, “What a surprising answer! Then, Yichen, do you regret not being nominated as the assistant director in the school anniversary drama this time”

Zhuo Yichen shook his head.

“No, this is my first time directing a drama, and I have loads of shortcomings.

It was mainly to accumulate experience and study.

This drama has only five episodes; it is a very short story, and it is also made with a group of students.

The answer sheet we handed in is much more immature than the predecessors in the industry.

That’s why I say that Chu Xiang is great, and her nomination for the Best Editing Award has proved her ability.”

The host no longer had time to ask further questions, so he smiled and said, “Both of you are exemplary and excellent.

I wish Yichen and Chuxiang can both win awards that bring you more and better works.

Please enter this way.”

Chu Xiang and Zhuo Yichen waved to reporters and fans once more and walked down the red carpet with a smile.

The two crews were seated next to each other.

Only Chu Xiang was nominated from the school anniversary drama, and only she came.

Seeing that they knew each other, the crew of The Dark Night Will Brighten left the two adjacent seats for them and let them sit together.

Coincidentally, opposite Zhuo Yichen was Xiao Qian, so it looked like Zhuo Yichen was Xiao Qian’s fan, while Chu Xiang was Zhuo Yichen’s fan.

The three people in the same frame inexplicably made people feel very excited, and the fans of the three fandoms were especially concerned about their friendly interaction.

As the biggest hit drama of the year, The Dark Night Will Brighten bagged the four major awards for Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Screenplay and Best Drama Series, and it was their crew that was on stage the most in the hall!

When Zhuo Yichen was announced as the winner, Xiao Qian was the first to applaud.

He got up and gave him a big hug, and said to him, “Spectacular, you deserved it.”

Zhuo Yichen showed a rare bright smile.

He turned around and hugged Chu Xiang gently.

At that moment, he felt that his heart was about to jump out.

He was even more excited than the award presenter when he announced that he was the best supporting actor, to the point that he genuinely hugged Chu Xiang!

Chu Xiang smiled in his ear and said, “You are the best!”

The common affirmation of his idol and sweetheart made Zhuo Yichen feel like he has reached the peak of his life at this moment.

He walked onto the podium with suppressed inner excitement.

When he received the trophy, he barely calmed down.

He smiled and said a thank-you speech prepared in advance.

Finally, he looked at Xiao Qian and thanked him emphatically, “I entered this film primarily because of Brother Qian.

I was most happy to cooperate with him in this film.

He has guided me a lot, leading to this award today.

Thank you, Brother Qian.

In the future, I will continue to work hard and follow you on the road of acting!”

The Xingchens watching the live broadcast excitedly posted and filled the screen with barrages.

This was simply a confession from a fan to an idol.

Their idol was truly a star-chasing winner, and this was what made them even happier for Zhuo Yichen!

After Zhuo Yichen stepped down from the stage, the presenter quipped, “Yichen, the child we know well, has grown into an adult.

I’m telling you, when he was having his thank you speech just now, he remained calm and collected.

Finally, he confessed to Brother Qian with some excitement.

Brother Qian, you’re really capable.

Are you proud to have such an excellent little fan”

The camera took a close-up of Xiao Qian, who smiled and nodded his head, giving a thumbs up in affirmation.

Back in his seat, Zhuo Yichen really smiled like a child this time, causing everyone to have a good-natured laugh.

After that, many more awards were given out, and when it came to the best editing award, Zhuo Yichen wiped his eyebrows nervously and slowly clenched his other hand in his lap into a fist.

When the award presenter announced Chu Xiang’s name, he reacted even faster than Chu Xiang and instantly smiled happily, gently hugging her.

“Congratulations! Congratulations to you, Sister Chu Xiang!”

Chu Xiang smiled at him.

She shook hands with the people around her one by one and walked up to the stage.

She did not know how many times she has participated in an award ceremony, and she did not know how many awards she has won.

It was completely impossible for her to be excited and nervous.

So all that everyone saw was a beautiful girl walking onto the stage calmly, chatting with the presenters with ease, receiving her trophy, and even smiling naturally.

Chu Xiang glanced at the trophy, smiled and said, “Thanks to Director Huang Hao and Assistant Director Zhuo Yichen of this drama, they all listened to my opinions and let me edit this work with my ideas.

Thanks also to the editing team.

All my classmates assisted and perfected the editing work.

Of course, the person I am most grateful to is my mentor, Professor Lin Aiqin.

It was Professor Lin who taught me the most professional editing knowledge, and it was him who inspired my potential time and time again, letting me have more and better ideas for editing.

I will continue to work hard and hope to bring you better work in the future, thank you.”


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