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Little Puppy’s Fairy Fan Site Admin Sister (18)

The outdoor reality show “Fancy Partners” soon aired its first installment.

The show has six resident MCs, and each episode has them each invite a partner to be a guest and work with them to complete a competition.

Sometimes a pair of partners would form an alliance with another pair and eliminate the others before the final battle.

There were various ways to compete, and the program crew didn’t care.

Therefore, the artists have a lot of opportunities to clash and create sparks, so the effect on the variety was entertaining.

The reason why the show was called “Fancy Partners” was because the partner theme of each episode was different.

For example, the first episode was a classmate partner; Zhuo Yichen and the others each invited a fellow classmate as a guest.

The second episode was for young and old partners, and each of them invited a senior in the circle to participate.

The games set by the crew were different every time, and the punishments and rewards also varied, so the overall program was particularly interesting.

It was well-received by the public as soon as it started.

The Xingchens were most happy.

This time, they not only saw their idol, but also saw him being witty, flexible, and running like the wind to play games.

He was much more vivid than that in dramas.

When the third episode of “Fancy Partners” was aired, Zhuo Yichen held his long-prepared concert on time.

A lot of Xingchens posted and said that they failed to buy tickets, and the tickets were really sold out in seconds.

Many new fans who just became fans of him this year joined the ranks of ticket grabbers.

In the past, there were haters who mocked Zhuo Yichen’s decline in popularity and that no one watched his concerts, but now Xingchens were saying mournfully, [I really hope he’s flopped now, so I can grab a ticket to see him!]

Many Xingchens have petitioned for Zhuo Yichen to hold a larger concert, so that they have more chances to grab tickets.

Of course, Zhuo Yichen also hoped that they could all come, but his contract was still with his company, and the concerts were held by the four of them in accordance with the company’s arrangements.

Considering the average strength of the four people, the venue was limited to a similar size, so it was impossible for Zhuo Yichen to hold a large-scale concert alone.

Zhuo Yichen silently kept this matter in his heart.

He still has half a year before the termination of his contract, so in his next concert, he would definitely let more fans see him as much as possible!

Zhuo Yichen arranged the live broadcast and filming equipment of this concert by himself, and the graphics and effects were phenomenal.

He has always kept Chu Xiang’s wish to shake the skies, so he adjusted his performances, danced a total of four super-charged dances, and sang ten exhilarating songs.

In this way, even with soft and quiet songs interspersed in it, the whole performance still shook the skies.

He also performed a violin piece.

He stood in the center of the stage, wearing a suit and playing beautiful music in the spotlight, like an elegant nobleman.

The drum set in the last concert, the violin and breakdancing in this concert; Zhuo Yichen always surprised fans infinitely.

It was most worthwhile to watch his concert!

That night, the screams in the audience almost never stopped.

Everyone in the infield stood up and jumped, waving the light sticks in their hands.

Chu Xiang recorded every highlight moment of Zhuo Yichen with the camera in the first row.

His face was brimming with a smile, but he was looking forward to the early arrival of summer.

She never wanted to see her boy working so hard again.

Zhuo Yichen’s concert was a complete success.

The people on the scene were overwhelmed, and those watching the live broadcast also saw a super wonderful performance.

There was no need for fans to heap praises of it.

Even passersby who have watched it took their hats off, and its number one spot on the hot search remained in place.

Chu Xiang edited the best film overnight so that all the viewers watching the playback could feel Zhuo Yichen’s charm.

She also put a nine-grid picture on Weibo, still with links to the sponsors of each set of clothes, as well as links to the genuine live streaming platform.

Now everyone knew that she was responsible for editing the concert video.

The photos she took were the best nine of all the admin sisters.

The Xingchens came to her to express their thanks, and forwarded a lot of her Weibo posts.

Furthermore, many of her own fans would support Zhuo Yichen and get along with Xingchens very friendly.

Zhuo Yichen’s haters more or less couldn’t interject and could only resort to hard mockery.

They told lies with eyes wide open and released all sorts of data to diss Zhuo Yichen.

In the comment section of marketing accounts, they couldn’t even score a hot comment, so their traffic was declining  lower and lower.

There were also bashers who included Chu Xiang in their mockery, saying that she and Zhuo Yichen were absolutely tied based on interests only, bundled together to hype.

This was to maintain Zhuo Yichen’s popularity, and make Chu Xiang famous.

Before the Xingchens could make a move, Chu Xiang’s fans scolded these bashers to the point that they didn’t even know their mother, without using a single dirty word.


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