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Little Puppy's Fairy Fan Site Admin Sister (15)

The school anniversary drama was filmed meticulously, so the progress was a little slower.

Meanwhile, Zhuo Yichen also had more time to be with Chu Xiang.

Since he confirmed his intentions that day, he has gotten closer to Chu Xiang.

Whenever Huang Hao and the others were too close to him, he could always separate them without a trace.

Xia Zhou laughed at him for being a jealous king secretly in love, but he didn't comment.

Anyway, Chu Xiang didn't like those men.

Why couldn't he do this

The guesthouse variety show has been airing all this time, and Zhuo Yichen and the female singer's CP fans increasingly became enthusiastic.

They have edited many videos of their sweet romance, wrote fanfiction, and posted their intimate couple photos.

All kinds of analysis showed that they were real.

Because variety shows were loaded with their genuine temperament, plus both of them loved singing, many CP fans were looking forward to seeing the female singer at Zhuo Yichen's concert.

Zhuo Yichen never thought that there were still people who could imagine things to this extent.

Many CP fans claimed they were sweet when in fact, he did the same to other hosts.

Despite this, CP fans just thought that he treated the female singer differently.

He usually didn't care about these things.

In any case, whether it was true or fake, everything would be fine some time after the airing of the show.

But now he likes Chu Xiang.

How come he had so many Cps He regretted it to death in his heart.

Had he known this would happen, he would have paid attention to avoid suspicions while filming the show.

The new episode of the show was aired, and even in his Chu Xiang, there were CP fans posting photoshopped couple photos, which Chu Xiang accidentally saw.

At that time, Zhuo Yichen was sitting next to her, watching her post in the Chaohua.

He assured her while feeling annoyed, "I was too careless.

This will definitely not be the case in the future."

Chu Xiang looked at him.

"Which one do you mean Not helping your female companions"

Zhuo Yichen said earnestly, "Anyway, people shouldn't be misunderstood like this.

There's obviously nothing going on, and we even couldn't be counted as friends, but these photoshopped photos made it look like a passionate romance.

Moreover, fans fighting with CP fans is also very disturbing." He glanced at Chu Xiang and asked tentatively, "What do you think fans will think when they see this You are also my fan.

Would you mind"

Chu Xiang studied the photo.

The photoshopped photo of them hugging was quite realistic.

She held her chin and said, "Seems like...

It feels odd...Others probably find it strange too.

I still think you are more handsome when you are alone."

The corner of Zhuo Yichen's mouth turned up in an instant, but he hastened to control it and replied, "I'm single from the very start.

Aren't all these fake Don't look at it.

I'll pay more attention in the future, so there will be no such thing.

It's a good thing I have an interview tomorrow, I'll clarify it."

Chu Xiang said with a smile, "I didn't expect you to mind it yourself.

How can you clarify this kind of issue The more you clarify it, the more chaotic it will become.

If there's no news on either side, the heat will go down after a while."

"No, I have to maintain my single noble title." Zhuo Yichen felt that Chu Xiang already cared a little bit about him, and happily joked with her.

By the time he was interviewed, he stood by his word and clarified about the CP.

In a joking and chatty tone, he brought up the topic inadvertently with the host in casual conversation, and then jokingly said he was still busy recharging his batteries and didn't have time to fall in love for the time being, denying all the CPs himself once and for all.

This time, Zhuo Yichen's three major CPs have all cooled down to a certain extent.

Only the "Recharge Couple" that silently snorted candy was as excited as the Chinese New Year, because the master himself mentioned the word 'recharge'.

Besides, Zhuo Yichen and Chu Xiang were taking classes in the Directing Department of the school.

They were the two most likely to become real!

At the end of the guesthouse variety show, the school anniversary short drama produced by Chu Xiang and the others were reviewed and broadcasted on major platforms.

The school's official page posted a list of all the crew members.

The second male lead, Xia Zhou, and the assistant director, Zhuo Yichen, made their fans rejoice.

Being able to participate in the production of such a very memorable short drama by the school represented the recognition of the school.

It was rare for their fans to have no friction, and they happily promoted the mini drama.

Immediately afterwards, the school's official page released the shooting footage, showing the seriousness and hard work of the students, among which there was a picture of Chu Xiang and Zhuo Yichen discussing things together.

Some netizens found Chu Xiang, and wondered, Why did this beauty look so familiar It was soon confirmed that this was Zhuo Yichen's well-known fansite admin sister, ZYC-Xiang! Then another sharp-eyed netizen saw the title 'Chief Editor Chu Xiang'.

Combining the three elements of 'Emperor Chu', 'ZYC-Xiang' and 'Film Academy Editor', they immediately guessed that Chu Xiang was ZYC-Xiang.

So Zhuo Yichen served as the assistant director in the mini drama, while Chu Xiang was the chief editor.

What kind of magical collaboration was this Has Chu Xiang also become a star-chasing winner Sure enough, they still had to be in the same field as their idol to get to know each other.

They were now colleagues!

The Recharge Couple fans rejoiced once more.

This was truly the core sweetness.

Compared with those hard spliced

clips by CP fans, this was what Zhuo Yichen looked like with a genuine smile and without arousing suspicions, right However, after watching the operations of those CP fans, they continued to enclose themselves and silently watched their CP work.

They never mentioned the two of them anywhere else.

They only hoped to protect this piece of pure land and wait for the flowers to bloom.



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