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Little Puppy's Fairy Fan Site Admin Sister (13)

In the variety show, Zhuo Yichen was modest, polite, considerate, responsible, assertive and independent.

He was kind to help others, took the initiative to help others overcome difficulties, and made everyone convulse into laughter.

He was also clever.

Someone taught him how to make the bed and clean the room, and he memorized all the details.

After practicing a couple of times, he mastered them all and taught them to other hosts.

When something was difficult to solve, he could always quickly come up with a resolution, every witty.

These were aspects he didn't have the opportunity to show before.

Previously, he filmed variety shows mostly with playfulness, which at best made people feel like he was a grown up kid who knew how to behave.

But this time, he was very calm, taking care of even the hosts older than him, directly reflecting his charisma.

In his first variety show as an adult, he projected an outburst of charm.

He got along smoothly with several MCs and generated all kinds of chemistry, giving the show superb viewing points and making it an entertaining watch.

As Chu Xiang predicted, this variety show became a hit!

Zhuo Yichen's blockbuster drama has just ended, and another blockbuster variety show has appeared.

It trended every week.

His fans would never worry about not seeing him again.

Many mini clips were edited with these materials.

He also gathered scores of new fans, and his Chaohua ranking gradually rose to fifth.

But now Xingchens were no longer obsessed with the Chaohua ranking, and paid more attention to Zhuo Yichen's actual performance.

His excellent performance made them extremely proud, and even if another CP were to appear, they could face it calmly.

Anyway, their idol was charming, and he could form CPs with whomever he worked with.

As long as he was not maliciously linked to someone and hyped, they wouldn't care.

Zhuo Yichen focused on his studies and turned a deaf ear to whatever was happening to the outside world.

With his rich experience in filming, plus his studies with Director Chen for a while, plenty of his insights and professional knowledge were much better compared to his classmates, and so he became a favorite among his teachers.

The school planned to shoot a short drama for the school anniversary.

Each episode was 30 minutes long and a total of 5 episodes.

It was hoped that the elite of all departments of the school would be responsible for completing the drama and finally submit it to the teachers for review.

Zhuo Yichen's mentor recommended him to participate in the later stage team.

A school anniversary short drama has never been filmed for so many years, and so the drama would be used as an official publicity of the school in the future.

With the honor it would bring the students who could participate in it, the competition was very fierce.

The chief director was a senior director of the Directing Department who has participated in the shooting of online dramas.

As a sophomore, Zhuo Yichen won the position of assistant director, winning glory in battle, which gave his mentor a lot of honor.

Professor Lin also called Chu Xiang to participate, saying that her apprenticeship in editing was already over.

This kind of activity was to add luster to the school, so he asked her to contribute to the school.

She didn't even have to compete, and directly took the title of chief editor.

Others included actors, artists, lighting engineers, special effects engineers, field operators, etc.

the whole team's front and back stage personnel have been strictly screened before the final list was determined, and then the preparations were in full swing.

In addition to Chu Xiang and Zhuo Yichen, there was also an acquaintance in the crew, Xia Zhou, who played the second male lead in the drama.

After Chu Xiang and Zhuo Yichen finished filming with Director Chen, they haven't been together every day like before for half a year.

Making this short drama was equivalent to them joining the same crew again.

On a rare occasion, Xia Zhou also joined them because of his schedule.

This time was indeed a rare gathering.

The three of them sat together every time they had a meeting, and sometimes when they needed to discuss things,they also discussed together.

Everyone in the crew knew that Chu Xiang was Zhuo Yichen's renowned fan site admin sister, so it was not surprising that they have a good relationship.

Everyone was a school elite, and they all wanted to be in the entertainment industry in the future, so nobody overstepped their bounds and gossiped.

Then Chu Xiang discovered that although she and Zhuo Yichen often talked on the phone and played games in the past six months, Zhuo Yichen had surprisingly grown a lot in places she hadn't seen.

Especially at work, Zhuo Yichen would be very serious, expressing his views in a coherent and clear manner, without arguing with others.

Nonetheless, he could always find a way to put what he said into practice.

He was also acutely sensitive to the problems of the rest of the team and brought them up when appropriate in a way that was not uncomfortable, making the team work more harmoniously.

Without realizing it, he was almost the second-in-command of the crew, gaining everyone's love and trust to carry out their work with more ease.

Chu Xiang attended with a more casual attitude towards participating in the filming project.

She only planned to do a good job in editing, and did not intend to bother with the rest.

Anyway, the chief director, Huang Hao, was the former president of the school's student council.

Seniors were busy with work before graduating, so he naturally became the leader of the crew.

Unexpectedly, she also saw another side of Zhuo Yichen.

People who worked hard were always charming.

It turned out that this big boy has really grown up.

At 19 years old, he was much more mature than his peers.

He was akin to a manager, when most of the managers were senior students and elder sisters.

He has really become a reliable man and could no longer be regarded as a Little Brother.


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