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Little Puppy's Fairy Fan Site Admin Sister (11)

Several of Xingchens' influential fans sent private messages to Chu Xiang, and also tagged her in the fanclub.

She was the first they thought of when something happened.

Chu Xiang immediately called Zhuo Yichen and asked him if he was working laboriously there.

Zhuo Yichen laughed: "Did you see those rumors online They are all rumors.

Everyone is exhausted, so I worked more if I had the strength to spare."

"I know they're rumors, but looking at the photos, it looks like you're really working hard." Chu Xiang said with amusement, "You regret it, right Did you think you were going to rest, like on a vacation"

Zhuo Yichen has long turned off his microphone, lying on the bench in the backyard for a long deep breath.

"I really regret it, ah.

I brought several books over, and thought I could read them while filming the program, but as a result, I haven't even read a page to this day.

All I want to do is go to sleep after work.

Isn't this a leisure variety show Why is it so tiring"

Chu Xiang smiled and felt that this wasn't like a program that Zhuo Yichen had personally contacted to understand, and asked, "Is this something your company picked up for you"

Zhuo Yichen remained silent for a while before responding, "Yeah.

It's okay.

Isn't this show very popular It's pretty good."

Chu Xiang quickly looked up the show online and frowned, "What do you mean very popular This is their fourth season, and their popularity has long since died."

After some mulling over, she knew that Zhuo Yichen had resisted the company too many times this year.

Anyway, he was on vacation this time, so he went with the company's wishes.

After all, his contract was still in the company's hands.

Who would have thought that the company just wanted to make money and didn't consider anything else

Chu Xiang couldn't help either, so she could only comfort him, "You'll be back in a few days, so get some rest then.

In fact, it's better for you to do more things.

When the show is broadcast, everyone can see your shining points."

Zhuo Yichen laughed when he heard her statement: "How do you know they're shining points and not flaws Maybe the demon mirror will expose me and directly make the fans unfollow me."

"How is that possible I believe in your personality.

Think about how the 'Winter Vacation Travelogues' became a hit, okay I have a feeling that this variety show of yours can also be a hit.

Shoot properly and keep in mind to perform more."

"With all your encouragement, I don't feel even dog-tired anymore." Zhuo Yichen had to go to work, so he got up and said, "Okay, I'm going to wash the dishes.

Don't be too busy.

Take a rest."

"Okay, I know."

Chu Xiang hung up the phone and pondered.

Afterward, she said in the fan club, "Yichen has always been opinionated and knows what he is doing.

We just need to wait quietly for his works, and not start rumors or spread them.

Before there is any conclusive evidence, don't let comments gain any momentum.

Just watch The Dark Night Will Brighten."

Many fans in the club expressed that they had the same attitude.

Of course, some fans stepped out to say that Zhuo Yichen was mistreated, and the fans wanted to stand up for him.

Chu Xiang simply dug out the first three seasons of the guesthouse variety show, studied it, and drew a comic story, drawing all the exhausting moments of all the hosts on the show from the first to the third season.

The last picture was the fourth one.

All the hosts in the season were working hard in their respective roles.

[ZYC-Xiang V: After watching the variety show, I realized that it is really hard to open a good guesthouse, but it is a rare experience to successfully run a business.

The warmth and affection from that unity and cooperation are also the rarest of friendships.

Even if you are tired, you are still happy.

Congratulations to Yichen for unlocking new fields and making new friends.

Look forward to our guesthouse brother.

(Frontline fans have worked hard, but please don't disclose the shooting situation.)

Chu Xiang's comic strip clearly expressed that everyone in the variety show was drained, and that Zhuo Yichen was not the only one who was toiling.

The furor that those fans ignited previously could make people believe that Zhuo Yichen was pretentious.

Everyone was working, but he alone had so much to do.

Fans hated it too.

But Chu Xiang, as one of the most well-known fans among all fans, came forward to show her stance.

In turn, several major fans among the Xingchens took the lead to forward her post to show their support, which basically represented the attitude of all Xingchens.

No matter how noisy other people were, and no matter how haters jumped around, people would feel that they were just a bunch of ignorant loose fans.

On the other hand, Zhuo Yichen's fan club respected the show very much, appreciated the other hosts, and was looking forward to the broadcast of the variety show.

If it was said that people were easily disgusted by unruly fans, and then shift their hatred to the fans' idol, then such a gentle and generous attitude would easily win favor.

In turn, it would make people think that Zhuo Yichen and his fans were of good quality.

The impression given by celebrity fans was also very important.

If the fan club always carried out something strange, passersby would most likely hate the celebrity before even knowing him.

Therefore, Chu Xiang stood out at this juncture to lead the major fans and take a stand, which was a stable way to maintain the image of the Xingchens and wash away a number of radical fans who couldn't make sense of what they heard.

The drama The Dark Night Will Brighten was a hit, so no matter how haters mocked Zhuo Yichen, he still frequently made it to the hot search.

Some people speculated that Zhuo Yichen's acting skills have improved a lot because he cooperated with Xiao Qian in the film.

How could he tolerate his bad performance in front of his idol Therefore, it could be clearly seen from this drama that his acting skills have improved exponentially.

He has definitely worked hard, and his retreat was worth it.


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