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The hashtag #Xingchentranscripts quickly rushed to the hot search.

Some Xingchens might have unfollowed the fandom; the group’s combat effectiveness might have weakened a bit; and everyone might have become Buddhas; but this time, no bashers could defeat the Xingchens, because it was absolutely positive to show good results in such a neat and uniform manner.

Furthermore, it was the fans themselves celebrating their glory along with their idol!

Other fandoms wanted to expose and share their experiences, but none had someone like Chu Xiang who had a great influence and could drive fans to collective action, not to mention that there wasn’t enough fan coherence that could make people actively involved.

Some of them revealed their achievements sporadically, but they were hanged and beaten, thus greatly reducing their momentum.

Many people sighed and said that Chu Xiang was worthy of being the first Goddess of War among the Xingchens.

She led the Xingchens to a beautiful victory as soon as she made her move, and even more positively promoted Zhuo Yichen.

What could be more popular than an idol who drove fans to work hard and get ahead Chu Xiang’s timely promotion once more made Zhuo Yichen’s current popularity so good.

Even in the midst of several confrontations, many passersby were bursting with compliments for Zhuo Yichen.

A fan left a message under Chu Xiang’s Weibo saying: [Goddess of War, if you have nothing to do, come out for a walk.

I really love seeing your heavenly censure against haters!]

Chu Xiang happened to read it, and directly sent a reply: [That can’t be done.

After all, I’m a person who wants to learn from my idol how to retreat and recharge.

Everyone must be bored during the summer vacation, so look forward to Yichen’s new drama! “The Dark Night Will Brighten” is scheduled to be broadcast on major video platforms on July 25, with two episodes per night.

Watch Yichen’s wonderful performance in the drama.]

She tagged several platforms she cooperated with on her Weibo post, and also tagged the official page of ”The Dark Night Will Brighten”.

The Dark Night Will Brighten’s official page was quite cooperative.

They directly forwarded Chu Xiang’s post, saying that Zhuo Yichen cooperated with the male god, Xiao Qian, for the first time.

His acting skills had soared, so stay tuned.

Chu Xiang’s popularity on the hot search was enough to give The Dark Night Will Brighten a free promotion, and the repost of the drama also added a lot of popularity and affirmation to Zhuo Yichen.

After all, the description ‘acting skills soared’ was easily mocked, but if Zhuo Yichen’s acting skills were slightly worse, the official page wouldn’t claim that.

The Xingchens lauded Chu Xiang, and they really didn’t know how to express their feelings other than saying she was awesome.

Every time a bad thing happened, Chu Xiang would always had a trick of turning it into publicity after it was resolved.

This time, Zhuo Yichen’s The Dark Night Will Brighten has strongly entered everyone’s vision.

If the population paid attention to The Dark Night Will Brighten because of Xiao Qian, then Zhuo Yichen was now added to this expectation.

The date of the release was also firmly etched in their minds.

Many people thought, We’re on summer vacation on July 25th, we must watch if it is good.

Let’s see if Zhuo Yichen’s acting skills are even good.

When everyone was discussing this topic, a CP Chaohua was silently established, which belonged to Zhuo Yichen and Chu Xiang’s territory, and it was named “Recharging Couple”.

This group of CP fans had been shipping them for a long time, but had been carefully hiding for fear of being torn apart by solo stans.

This time when they saw that Chu Xiang made another big move, they finally decided to set up a special Chu Xiang, and specially chose a name that was very down-to-earth and fit them well, hoping not to attract attention so quickly.

Perhaps because Chu Xiang herself was a fansite admin sister and not a celebrity, the CP fans did not run around everywhere saying they were a match made in heaven or something.

They only kept all varieties of sugar sweet and dark sweet exchanges among themselves in the Chaohua.

The cover of the Chaohua was the cartoon of the two transcripts drawn by Chu Xiang where the caption said they should recharge and improve their performance.

This storm not only defeated haters, but also made the Xingchens more united.

Their chats in the fandom also encouraged everyone to work hard and make progress with Zhuo Yichen.

After Zhuo Yichen’s long-term retreat, most of his fans were now rational fans.

After going through such an incident, they no longer quarreled or got involved in bitch fights.

They just posted their transcripts and dominantly defeated their rival fans.

They felt that their fandom’s style had improved a notch higher.

It really gave off the impression that others could make irresponsible remarks, but they spoke with their achievements.

In this way, they recognized Zhuo Yichen’s decision to change from traffic to strength more.

On top of that, they looked forward to the works that Zhuo Yichen would bring after his retreat.

Some netizens who were more knowledgeable determined that Chu Xiang was simply outstanding.

After the messy incident this time, Zhuo Yichen’s fan loyalty has skyrocketed.

Looking at how many people responded to Chu Xiang’s call this time alone, it could be seen that Xingchens were definitely more reliable than other fans.

If Zhuo Yichen’s dramas and movies would achieve good results again, then who could mock him by saying he was a flop When the time comes, his performance in the entertainment industry would be bright, and his academic achievement would also be bright.

It was simply a double harvest of fame and fortune, ah!

So now be it the Xingchens or the haters, they could only wait for the broadcast of “The Night Will Brighten”.

By then, they could judge whether Zhuo Yichen was in a flop state, and whether the method of giving up TOP traffic to retreat and recharge was feasible.

The Dark Night Will Brighten has become the most watched TV series this summer, and Zhuo Yichen has also successfully become the most followed actor this summer.


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