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Zhuo Yichen was surprised to see Chu Xiang.

He never considered that Professor Lin would come personally and bring Chu Xiang with him.

Chu Xiang covertly gave him a cheering motion, and the corners of his mouth curled up subtly.

Soon, he returned to normal and seriously got into his role.

This was the first time Chu Xiang saw Zhuo Yichen filming, but she had previously seen the idol drama Zhuo Yichen acted in last year.

In just one year’s time, Zhuo Yichen’s acting skills have improved by more than a bit.

No wonder every time those three teammates mention him, they admit his superiority.

He wanted to work hard to improve, and was not afraid of hard work.

He always made astonishing progress, which made them regard him as the captain from the bottom of their hearts.

It was already a little cold in November.

Chu Xiang waited until it was almost Zhuo Yichen’s rest time and went to buy two boxes of hot drinks.

When she came back, everyone was resting, so she distributed the hot drinks to everyone in the crew.

Director Chen saw this and smiled at Professor Lin.

“Your new apprentice is very interesting.”

Professor Lin glanced at Chu Xiang and shook his head with a smile.

“She, ah, is a fan of your male lead.

The fansite admin sister who became famous in the online war is her.

Didn’t she run to talk to her idol by delivering hot drinks Young people, they have this enthusiasm.”

Director Chen looked up, and sure enough, Chu Xiang had brought a hot drink to Zhuo Yichen.

He chuckled and joked, “Then you shouldn’t let her interfere in the editing of this film.

Why don’t you cut it into an idol play for me”

Chu Xiang whispered as Zhuo Yichen took the hot drink, “Exceptional acting! Go for it!”

Zhuo Yichen nodded with a light smile.

He looked at her and said, “Let’s cheer together.”

In the eyes of outsiders, two short sentences might just be a thank you, nothing unusual.

Chu Xiang quickly retreated to Professor Lin’s side and followed him to watch the finished shots.

Professor Lin finished watching in silence, picked up a hot drink and asked, “Tell me, which version is better between these two shots”

Chu Xiang quickly went through the images in her mind and figured out the effect after editing.

She said seriously, “Teacher, I actually think the NG version is better.

At that time, the letter in the protagonist’s hand was blown away by the wind, but at that moment, he was just shocked by the contents of the letter.

He was emotionally unstable and found it hard to accept the truth.

This image better reflects the impact on the protagonist’s heart, so much so that his fingers unconsciously relaxed and lost grip of the letter.

This is a sideshow.

This detail can directly reflect the psychological turmoil of the protagonist.”

Professor Lin nodded, found three more filmed clips, and asked her opinion.

Chu Xiang analyzed them and said, “The first version is the best.

Here, a leaf falls on the protagonist’s face, stops on him for a few seconds before falling.

Moreover, the leaf is what remains of an insect infestation, which somewhat destroys its overall beauty.

But because of this, it echoes the plight of the protagonist even more.

I think it is better not to highlight the beauty of the protagonist here.

The effect is better when it’s presented with a sense of destruction.”

Professor Lin smiled in satisfaction and looked at Director Chen.

“What do you think Can I edit it into an idol drama for you”

Director Chen nudged him with his finger and laughed, “You’re so protective of the calf.

It was just a joke, you know” But he was really surprised at Chu Xiang’s acumen in editing.

He nodded and praised her, “Not bad.

You have the style of your teacher back then, you can finish your apprenticeship now.”

Chu Xiang smiled, “Thank you, Director Chen.

It’s all because my teacher taught me well.

I still have a lot to learn.”

“All right.

Well then, just cut out these two scenes according to Xiao Chu’s suggestion.

Let’s continue shooting for now,” Director Chen liked Chu Xiang’s opinion very much, but in the end it depended on the effect.

Professor Lin took a few sips of hot drink and said to Chu Xiang, “Go and edit it, practice.”

Director Chen was bewildered by the fact that Professor Lin gave his own film to his apprentice for practice, but this also showed how much he trusted Chu Xiang’s ability.

It was highly likely that this young girl would inherit Professor Lin’s mantle in the future.

Young people tended to have more novel ideas and more daring attempts, and he was looking forward to what fresh elements Chu Xiang would bring to their film.

Zhuo Yichen was filming at the front, while Chu Xiang was sitting behind the Director to edit the film.

Although there was no communication, they occasionally could see each other when they raised their eyes.

Chu Xiang often bought afternoon tea, hot drinks and the like for everyone, and quickly got to know the whole crew.

In fact, she just found out that her Little Brother was cold or that he hadn’t eaten a few bites of food.

Once Zhuo Yichen wore ragged clothes for half an hour and sneezed several times, Chu Xiang bought tea for everyone to prevent colds.

She earned everyone’s praise for being so considerate.

Although Zhuo Yichen did not say a couple of words to Chu Xiang, he could feel Chu Xiang’s concern at all times.

Just as he thought that day, for such a film that was very important to him, Chu Xiang accompanied him all the way.

This wonderful connection on the same set made him feel very good.

He was pumped up and always vigorous every day.

He was able to do more with less when filming, and he always performed exceptionally well.

Occasionally, when he and Chu Xiang got closer, and he heard Chu Xiang’s whispered compliments, the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but turn up slightly.

Chu Xiang wanted to laugh every time he saw his seemingly proud expression.Sure enough, he still enjoyed being handsome as always.

Even though he restrained his playfulness to the extent where it wasn’t easily noticeable, he still showed his best side all the time, especially her as a fan present.

Little Brother Chen really projected himself in various ways.

The shooting task wasn’t demanding.

After all, they needed to be meticulous, not fast.

However, Zhuo Yichen was very busy.

This year, the four brothers all reached the age of 18.

The company asked them to hold a coming-of-age ceremony concert, one person for each of the four seasons, which was also their first solo concert.

Now that the other three were done, his concert was scheduled for mid-December.

Thus, he has to spend a lot of time every day after filming to practice dances and songs, and to discuss with the staff the various details that needed adjustments.

In fact, he was exhausted every day, but because these two things were his hobbies and his pursuit, he didn’t find them difficult no matter how weary he was.

In such a period, Chu Xiang’s daily hot drink was like a kind of comfort and motivation.

He has less time to feel beaten and completely relaxed, because he always remembered that he needed to work harder to become better and stronger.

He would not let his fans down.


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