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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 384

Zhuo Yichen liked to sing and dance on the stage, and his dream was to be a director.

He has never thought about taking another path, so he could only be cautious in his words and deeds before becoming strong, so as not to give his haters and opponents a chance to act ostentatiously and hurt the people around him.

Chu Xiang felt a little distressed when she heard this, and said softly, "You have done a good job.

You don't need to be so well-rounded."

Zhuo Yichen smiled helplessly: "No way.

I don't even have my own freedom now.

I can't make decisions on my own in case of a crisis.

If I want to relax a little, I must at least wait until I'm on my own."

"How many years are left on your contract"

"More than two years, very soon." Zhuo Yichen smilingy said, "All right, don't worry about me.

Sister Chu Xiang, I'm fine.

If you want to gain something, you have to lose something, it's fair.

I just don't want to implicate the people around me.

Anyway, I know who I'm on good terms with, so I don't need to let the public judge and discuss me, adding to the annoyance."

Chu Xiang sighed, "You're like a little old man.

Fine, it's good that you know what's what."

"En, I have a sense of proportion."

After Zhuo Yichen hung up the phone, he lay on the sofa and reflected on a lot of things.

It took a long time before he picked up the character mini-biography again.

He knew the focus of Director Chen from Chu Xiang, so his confidence was much stronger.

He played the protagonist in the mirror and practiced until late at night.

In the end, he surprised Director Chen with his acting skills during the audition.

Director Chen directly asked him to dress up and act a scene in dire straits.

The makeup artist applied a miserable makeup on Zhuo Yichen.

The performance in ragged clothes didn't happen at all, but his weeping and foolish laughter fully satisfied Director Chen.

Director Chen asked, "Wonderful performance.

As you can see, an extra episode was added to the original script.

In this play, it's not simply about being ugly.

You must completely discard your image to perform well.

Think about it, can you ditch your image"

Idols generally played handsome and compelling characters.

No matter what the subject matter, their image was always the attractive kind.

After all, many people were beauty fans, and some fans only liked the handsome temperament of their idols.

Seeing this kind of slovenness that subverted the image, some people were bound to unfollow their idol.

The amount of fans unfollowing an idol varied from person to person.

Hence, it was really necessary for idols to consider the impact on themselves when shooting this kind of image.

Zhuo Yichen replied decisively, "A good actor will not worry about any image in order to film a good movie.

Director Chen, you can rest assured that I will devote myself to the role.

I have no problem with this aspect."

Director Chen nodded: "Okay, then this role will be assigned to you.

Go back and prepare, and wait for the notification for you to join the team on time."

Zhuo Yichen bowed politely.

"Thank you, Director Chen!"

He immediately informed Chu Xiang and his three brothers the good news, [I passed the audition!]

[Geng Xuan: Captain is awesome!!! Treats, treats, treats, set an appointment for a couple of trips, quick!]

[Xiao Ran: [thumbs up.jpg] [congratulations.jpg]]

[Xia Zhou: You are amazing, this is the rhythm of God.

You must treat me.

See you in the cafeteria in the afternoon!]

Zhuo Yichen laughed and shook his head, [Please, feel free to come as often as you like, as long as you can match my itinerary.]

It was now more difficult for the four of them to meet even if they wanted to, so how could it be so easy for him to treat them to dinner Chu Xiang was the last to reply to him.

After congratulating him, she also sent him a detailed character analysis, and which details of the performance were most likely to stand out in the editing.

Sometimes the director's ideas might not always be correct.

Because of this, the effect of the editing afterwards might not be as good as the director wanted.

By then the editor could put forward his own ideas, give the Director advice, and the Director would finally choose a better cut version.

So what Chu Xiang sent to Zhuo Yichen was all solid content, which benefited him a lot .

It gave him another perspective on how actors should express themselves.

This kind of unrequited kindness suddenly warmed Zhuo Yichen's heart.

He saved the document in his phone, created a new folder, and encrypted it.

He recalled that since he met Chu Xiang, she seemed to have accompanied him at every important moment.

He retreated and had Chu Xiang assist him in increasing his popularity.

When he was slandered, Chu Xiang helped him tear up his opponents.

He had Chu Xiang to tutor him in the college entrance examination, and he had her analyze the details for him when he was filming.

It seemed that Chu Xiang shared the many things he needed to bear alone.

Although she might not have thought so, the truest feeling in his heart was that someone was really accompanying him.

He was not alone on this road, just like the plush earmuffs and hand warmer that filled him with warmth that winter.

Zhuo Yichen changed the name of the folder and named it 'Company'.

He didn't know how long Chu Xiang would follow him and how long she would accompany him, but he really hoped that she could accompany him forever.

She was his most special fan.

Once again, Zhuo Yichen cut back on his notices and took some time off to study seriously at school.

Next, he took a leave of absence to join the crew.

This movie has it all, a costly investment, a big production, and a sought after director, so it must be polished meticulously.

Not only the director attached importance to it, but Professor Lin also attached importance to it.

She often took Chu Xiang to the set.

Film editors didn't always receive the footage and edit them in the studio afterwards.

Sometimes they also needed to watch the shooting on the set, communicate with the Director, and make the best presentation together, so Chu Xiang was able to sit behind the Director and watch Zhuo Yichen film.


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