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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 383

Under this star-chasing winners discussion, the topic finally fell on hard work.

Facts have proved that if fans just wanted to be a salted fish(metaphor for people who have no intention of doing anything), they would never be star-chasing winners.

Because this topic was first initiated by Zhuo Yichen, the Xingchens left messages to him one after another, expressing that they must work hard and make progress, and even if they couldn't become a star-chasing winner, they would never bring shame to their idol.

There were also many fans who posted the exercise books they bought, expressing that they wanted to take their idol as a role model and study well, which could be regarded as very inspiring.

Zhuo Yichen officially entered the university and became a freshman in the Directing Department of the Film School while Xia Zhou was studying in the Acting Department.

Neither were filming recently.

Both shaved their heads into a crew cut during the military training and were tanned to a shade darker.

Someone photographed a new picture of them and nicknamed them the Charcoal Twins.

However, of course, this was just a joke.

Although their image was not as handsome as their previous hair styling, their handsomeness was enough to sport their crew cut.

Their complexions might have turned a bit darker, but for some reason, they exuded a tough-guy feeling, making people sigh that the young men have really grown up.

Some directors and investors also noticed their new image.

The scripts they received were of another type, that was, action films, war resistance, the army, and so on.

It could be regarded as an actor's repertoire opening up.

The director of the film that Zhuo Yichen fought against Tong Nian also finally contacted him.

The incident was so turbulent at the time, and Tong Nian fell from being a first tier to an 18th-tier.

Naturally, the director no longer considered him, but he also planned to give Zhuo Yichen another chance and observed him.

Now that he has steadily improved in all aspects, and his image and acting skills were all right, he asked him to audition

Zhuo Yichen's dream was to be a director, but he has only just started to learn the basics of directing.

In the future, he wanted to direct films independently.

Before that, he still needed to make good films and accumulate experience from the production team.

It went without saying that he wanted to shoot films by sought after directors.

He prepared for the audition seriously, read the original of the movie properly, and wrote the characters biographies by heart.

After that he still felt a little uncertain and gave Chu Xiang a call.

"Sister Chu Xiang, your mentor, Professor Lin, seems to have a good relationship with Director Chen, does he Have you heard about Director Chen's preferences when selecting candidates I'm going to audition tomorrow, so I'm a little nervous."

Chu Xiang was stunned for a moment, "Director Chen Are you going to audition for Director Chen's 'Fleeting Time'"

"Yes, this is also to your credit, Sister.

As previously with Tong Nian, I also want to grab the male lead role of Fleeting Time." Zhuo Yichen closed his book, took his phone and lay down on the sofa, with a smile in his voice.

"Thank you, Sister, for helping me to grab such good resources.

I can't let you down.

I must take this role."

Chu Xiang was stunned by his voice and asked, "Has your voice changed Why do I feel that your voice is not the same as when I first met you"

"Really Probably.

It must have gotten a little a little deeper over the last two years." He joked, "It must sound better than before, right"

Chu Xiang laughed and said, "You are quite narcissistic, boasting about yourself.

But it does sound good.

When you have a concert at the end of the year, I must go to listen to it.

All those who are present will definitely scream their heads' off."

Zhuo Yichen laughed out loud and quipped, "Sister Chu Xiang, do you know you have a nickname now"

"What nickname"

"It's the 'First Chen Bragger'.

Netizens said that the small cartoon you drew recently simply blew me away.

No fan is better than you, so they gave you the first spot."

"Haha, then I am honored, ah.

No way, my idol is excellent, so I should boast about him." Chu Xiang thought back on their main business and amusingly said, "This topic has gone astray.

Director Chen doesn't consider anything else except acting skills and character suitability.

Your image is very much in line with the script persona.

Do you know what your biggest advantage is It's the picture of you in your military training recently.

The script of Fleeting Time has been changed, and there is a scene in which the main lead was in a dire, miserable state.

Director Chen willingly contacted you absolutely because he thinks you are suitable.

You just have to act well during the audition."

Zhuo Yichen showed a puzzled expression.

"Is that so How do you know so much about it, Sister Chu Xiang"

Chu Xiang smiled and said, "I, um...

Coincidentally, my mentor, Professor Lin, personally took charge as the Chief Editor of Fleeting Time.

She promoted me to be his assistant and brought me into the crew together, so I have already read the script."

Zhuo Yichen froze and said happily, "Then we will be able to work together by then, right"

"You are in front of the stage, and I am behind the scenes.

There may not be many opportunities for us to meet each other.

When I have the opportunity, I will visit the set for you and bring you delicious food."

Zhuo Yichen thought for a while after hearing her words.

His mood sank, but he kept laughing.

He said, "Forget it, there will be many people, and I don't want to cause you trouble."

When Chu Xiang was an idol herself, to be honest she never cared about any gossip, be it a CP, rumors, and scandalous materials.

She just wanted to be happy by herself, and didn't let anything limit, because she thought that fans who could abandon her would one day be no longer her fans.

Those who could follow her to the end must like her character and work.

It was impossible for a fan to turn their backs on her because of something inexplicable.She cherished her fans, and of course, all of them loved her.

But she was not afraid because she has the confidence of several lifetimes.

She had many other paths to take, and she didn't regard the entertainment industry as her own dream to pursue, so she was not afraid of everything.


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