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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 381

Zhuo Yichen retreated for the college entrance examination, stopped working for several months, and as soon as the exam was over, a lot of work piled up waiting for him.

Because of his popularity and excellent image recently, the resources he received have been upgraded to a higher level.

His teammates have also followed suit and gained some advantage.

They became positive youth in the hearts of the masses, that they have a promising future.

Naturally, the resources they would get would be better.

Zhuo Yichen has been busy shooting magazines, commercials, and TV dramas this summer.

Chu Xiang was often assigned as an assistant by professors, and rarely had the opportunity to follow his schedule.

Although she was helpless, she was also really interested in editing.

She could learn a lot from professors, so she could not miss this opportunity.

When Zhuo Yichen found out, he quickly urged her, "You must not delay your schoolwork.

Oh, anyway, we will soon be schoolmates, so there will be many opportunities for us to meet.

Whenever you want to take pictures, I can do whatever you want, so why chase after a toilsome trip"

Chu Xiang smiled and said, "If other fans of yours find out about this, won't they hate me to death"

Zhuo Yichen replied speechlessly, "How can this be the same I treat you as a teacher, a senior sister, and a friend.

How can we get along like before It's just like me and my idol.

I never met him before, but now I filmed a TV series with him and became good friends with him.

Do his fans hate me I call this star-chasing winner, right He even gave me a set of clothes yesterday, the same style as his!"

He said with a smile, "Big Sister, you are now a star-chaser winner, are you happy"

Chu Xiang thought this was indeed the case, so she said with amusement, "It seems that I have chosen the right major and gained the biggest advantage in becoming a star-chasing winner.

But when your idol attends an event, don't you also want to go watch it I definitely want to go to the front line too, not just to take pictures.

Alas, I've been really busy lately, so I'll go when I have time."

Zhuo Yichen felt a little embarrassed, but his idol was a movie emperor.

He was really excited every time he saw his idol, and he wished he could follow his itinerary in person.

He could quite understand Chu Xiang.

He was really a little embarrassed just thinking about it.

He cleared his throat and said, "Then Sister Chu Xiang, pay more attention to your health.

Don't get too busy."

"You too, you are much busier than me."

When Chu Xiang was concentrating on work, she had always been focused on her work.

Thanks to her abundant supply of spiritual power, every time a professor gave her a task, she could overfulfil it.

Professors appreciated her more and more and even had intentions of giving her everything.

But on the occasional times she was free, she would go to Zhuo Yichen's event site.

After all, she was a star chaser girl.

How could she stay at home and do nothing Of course, she would like to see more of her little idol when the chance permits!

After the broadcast of 'Winter Vacation Travelogues', the ratings have remained at number one for the same period, giving the SJ Boys a high degree of popularity.

With the things that happened during this time along with their college entrance exam scores, the four of them have already skyrocketed in value.

The four also turned into adults this year.

Two have already celebrated their 18th birthday, representing their step into the adult society, the time when it was more suitable for them to fly solo without disbanding, each in their own area of expertise.

Therefore, Zhuo Yichen mostly released single public notices without his teammates.

Sometimes Chu Xiang and he booked the same flight and met each other in the first-class cabin and changed seats with his assistant so they could sit together.

They chatted, slept, or rested, more like close friends getting along with each other.

However, Zhuo Yichen was now much more cautious and careful.

If there were other fans present, he would not go near Chu Xiang, and would also keep his distance from the female employees of his team.

He knew that he was prone to attracting right and wrong, and this trouble was not only from the outside, but even the internal teammates of Duweis were keeping tabs on him to vilify him.

He did not want to bring unnecessary trouble to those around him.

He acknowledged that he was not strong enough.

That being the case, before he was strong enough, he could only use the dumbest way to protect all those around him he cared about.

Suspicious moments must be avoided.

Zhuo Yichen also no longer easily showed his real emotions out in public and managed his expressions perfectly.

As the company dictated: do not receive gifts; do not speak easily; do not give haters the opportunity to catch a loophole to slander him.

For things like fan pickups and drop-offs, he would only express his gratitude to his fans sincerely at the end, like any other mature idol who has put away that innocence that belonged to teenagers.

He now also finally understood why Chu Xiang said he was soft-hearted and simple when she first encountered them on the plane, that he was vulnerable to deception, and that he should protect himself.

It turned out that there were times when the less you speak, the fewer mistakes you would commit., and no is good.

The way he cherished his fans could be reflected in every fan service, every interview, and every gift-giving activity.

It could not be joking and chatting with fans as well as receiving their gifts just like the early stages of his debut.


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