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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 380

His three teammates were also stunned.

Although they studied well, their grades basically fluctuated around the 500-point mark.

Xia Zhou only scored 530 points in the test this time despite working hard too, so it was a surprise to know that Zhuo Yichen got 100 points more than he did.

When he caught Zhuo Yichen, he grabbed him and asked, "How did you get such high grades Come on! If you confess, I'll be lenient; but if you resist, I'll be strict!"

Zhuo Yichen smiled and pushed him away, "Just study hard.

Did you not work hard when we were on a break Didn't I send you a lot of questions Did you do them"

Xia Zhou said speechlessly, "I can't finish so many questions.

How can I remember what I did I must have done more of the questions that the teachers gave us.

What's the matter— were your questions that great"

Zhuo Yichen played with the phone in his hand and smiled a little smugly, "Of course it's amazing; mine were all the questions that Sister Chu Xiang bet on.

She guessed several types correctly and I was completely led by her to take the place on the throne."

Xia Zhou regretted, "If I knew about it, I would have done yours.

Why didn't you say it earlier"

"If I said that they were the questions given by Sister Chu Xiang, would you do it" Zhuo Yichen rolled his eyes and said in front of the mirror as he was tidying up his collar, "Be content; 530 is already pretty good.

To get into the film academy, didn't we pass already It doesn't make much difference between high and low scores in the future."

Xia Zhou complained, "You're getting famous again now, I don't suppose you took the first place as well, huh It seems that Sister Xiang has given you another benefit.

Did she teach you the style of the professional examination questions "

Geng Xuan hurriedly said, "I also have to find Sister Xiang soon—look at how much pressure you two put on Xiao Ran and me from this year's test.

If we both score around 400 points in the test next year, wouldn't we be ridiculed to death We are a team! How could you two reach for the Heavens like that Wouldn't it be good if everyone got a solid 500" Xia Zhou pointed to Zhuo Yichen, "You blame him; he went to heaven alone."

Zhuo Yichen smiled and pushed them out, "What are you talking about Let's go, it's time for an interview.

I'll just help you out next year; how about it"

"No, I want Sister Xiang to bet on them.

For her to be able to predict the questions accurately is such a skill!"

"Sister Chu Xiang doesn't have time, so don't disturb her."

The four of them left the dressing room as they were talking and laughing.

The tense college entrance examination was finally over.

They all relaxed and everyone had a smile on their face.

During the interview, the three teammates also flaunted their leader's score.

After all, it was really difficult for an idol to get this score, which showed that their leader was their pride.

The host specifically asked Zhuo Yichen, "I heard that your score was around 500 during normal tests.

How did you increase your score by more than 100 in the college entrance examination Is it related to the rumors about the test Did you want to get good grades for everyone to see"

Zhuo Yichen said with a smile, "No, I just happened to have a very good and strict private teacher who kept making questions for me during our break.

When I finally got this result, it surprised me too."

"Is it the teacher's credit Then can you introduce this teacher to everyone Maybe there will be many students who want to get their guidance in the future."

Zhuo Yichen's smile didn't change, but he refused directly, "My teacher doesn't plan to tutor students again.

Perhaps it was because the teaching process was rather difficult, I'm sorry."

The three teammates glanced at him at the same time.

Wow, starting a new stage of life was different for their leader.

His little domineering trait in his bones was becoming more and more obvious.

To Hell with a private teacher; wasn't it a private fan

This kid had been possessive since he was a child.

To hide it so secretly and merely revealing one or two sentences about it, his teammates didn't know whether he was showing off or expressing his gratitude to Chu Xiang.

No one else had a chance to know who his personal teacher was anyway.

Zhuo Yichen's high score of 628 completely shattered the previous rumors that someone was taking the test on his behalf.

Once this rumor was shattered, the series of black materials that were exposed at the time immediately became unconvincing.

Compared with the other aspects, his grades made it easier for him to gain the goodwill of others.

No matter what teacher he had hired to tutor him, if he wasn't intelligent enough or hardworking enough, it was impossible to obtain these marks.

Zhuo Yichen once again proved his excellence, making his fans proud and making many passers-by start to take a glance at this young man.

Once he grew up and went to college, he would ace singing, dancing, acting and studying as well.

This was the legendary 'other people's child'(5)! As long as he maintained this serious attitude, he would definitely become better and better in the future.

He truly deserved the title of 'idol'!

(T/N: The phrase comes from the parents that Asian parents would often make.

They might compare their own children to the accomplishments of their friends' or relatives' children.

Often, they would say it directly to their children)



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