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Tong Nian’s team immediately sought the idol and thought about countermeasures anxiously, but what Chu Xiang photographed was none other than the truth, so they had no way to clarify things otherwise.

Before, Tong Nian was eager to step all over Zhuo Yichen, but now, he was overturned.

The team was scolded fervently by Tong Nian and finally, they could only make a relatively ambiguous statement, saying that the company would retain the right to investigate the rumor.

This kind of powerless statement was not even believed by passers-by, so Tong Nian completely stood on the cusp of the storm, attracting everyone’s attention.

Geng Xuan saw Chu Xiang’s post and was shocked as soon as he read the Weibo that popped up, “Holy crap! Sister Chu Xiang is tearing up Tong Nian!”

He ran out after speaking as the most important thing at this moment was to stop Zhuo Yichen.

If he were to stir another situation right now, then things were going to get even more messed up.

Zhuo Yichen was just finished talking with the company when Geng Xuan pulled him back to the lounge and told him that Chu Xiang had made a big move, “Don’t do anything.

First, look at what Sister Chu Xiang revealed; she absolutely hammered Tong Nian to death.

Like, look at these pictures!”

Zhuo Yichen hurriedly opened his Weibo and looked at it.

In the photo, Tong Nian was holding two women in the car with a smug look on his face.

Zhuo Yichen’s eyes widened in surprise, “Tong Nian is like this in private”

Xiao Ran exclaimed, “Sister Chu Xiang is a genius—look at the long article she wrote.”

“That’s right, she’s too amazing! She’s not a writer, right I feel like after reading it, I really despise Tong Nian to the point where he is unworthy of having any fans,” Xia Zhou’s face was full of admiration, “Yichen, please share sister Chu Xiang’s WeChat account number with me.

When I encounter a crisis in the future, I must ask her to help write the copywriting.

Her skill with words is just too amazing.”

Zhuo Yichen quickly read Chu Xiang’s long Weibo post and he had to admit that it was truly marvelous.

The Weibo post that followed up was also overflowing with confidence and logic— it was worthy of being admired!

At this moment, he was a little lost.

Chu Xiang was involved in this whirlpool entirely because of him, but he did not actually protect her.

Instead, it was Chu Xiang who stood in front of him and solved all the storms for him.

He couldn’t even say such tough words because he was an idol.

As a teenage idol who had not yet reached maturity, his every move would be infinitely magnified, so it was impossible for him to stand up and do anything in person.

This time, Tong Nian’s career was definitely finished.

Those incidents that Tong Nian had caused would be immediately invalidated and their competitive relationship had completely disappeared.

It was conceivable that he would have a great advantage in many resources in the future, resources that were taken from Tong Nian’s grasp by Chu Xiang.

It seemed that since knowing Chu Xiang, she had always been helping him.

However, he couldn’t do anything to repay her.

It was true that he would rather lose the popularity of the passers-by and retain fans like Chu Xiang, but at this time, he was soberly aware that he was not doing well enough because he really hadn’t grown up yet.

He was not strong enough to protect the people he wanted to protect.

He was only 17 years old and even Chu Xiang never thought of relying on him since she only regarded him as a younger brother who needed protection.

He didn’t know what an idol like him meant to Chu Xiang, but he was sure that he was not good enough and he lacked a lot.

Only by standing at a higher place could he prevent this from happening again.

Only then could he make sure that he wouldn’t be hiding behind his fans when he encountered a risky situation.

A sense of growth seemed to occur at this moment and Zhuo Yichen’s whole mentality changed.

The staff came over and asked him what his plans were.

He calmly canceled the PR plan that he had finally negotiated before, politely telling them that they worked hard and had them take a good rest.

Compared with his previous anxiety, his entire being had become much calmer.

Geng Xuan was the first to notice his silence and asked inexplicably, “What are you thinking about Why do I feel that you are not excited at all Your issue has been resolved.

Sister Xiang is so amazing, so shouldn’t you be showing off your fan to us by now”

Zhuo Yichen looked at Chu Xiang’s Weibo with eyes that were full of emotion.

He smiled unconsciously and said softly, “It’s time to show off, indeed.

She once said the idol that she was a fan of was really amazing, so she wanted to let the entire world know about it.

So, when I have such a great fan like this, I should let the world know about her as well.”

He directly followed both of Chu Xiang’s Weibo accounts.

As he rubbed his fingers on the Weibo account of ‘ZYC-Xiang’ for a moment, he asked his assistant to find a beautiful card for him to write a personalized message to.

Geng Xuan was shocked, “Yichen, are you crazy Why are you paying attention to Sister Xiang so publicly Now everyone will be focusing on the two of you!”

Zhuo Yichen spread his hands and said, “What’s wrong Should I not pay attention to such a sensational station sister I’m not a cold-blooded animal.”

Xia Zhou saw the card beside him and gave him a thumbs up, “You are truly brave; the company is going to have to talk to you later.”


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