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The plagiarism issue had become a comedy, but it boosted Chu Xiang’s popularity by a bit and made her two Weibo comics obtain a lot of attention.

She was a well-known writer in her last life and so, her storytelling skills were absolutely top-notch.

Her comics were particularly vivid, interesting and attractive.

A large part of the traffic brought by this wave of popularity had been directly converted into her income.

Many readers who liked to read comics or short stories have subscribed to her comics, allowing her to rush directly to the top of the income list, leaving her with no less than 5,000 as her daily salary.

In the same way, her comic of the idol and the short comic drawn out of mockery were also very popular in the circle.

Zhuo Yichen was brought to the trending search by her efforts alone and netizens started to talk about him very often.

Many people who were hungry for gossip also ended up laughing out loud in the comments section at the irony of the situation.

[It’s truly a first to be brought up into the trending searches through the efforts of one station sister(1); I would really like to know how Zhuo Yichen feels right now, haha.]

(T/N: Station sister refers to a female fan that uses high quality equipment to take photos and videos of certain idols.

Some of them are also known to be some form of committee member of said idols’ fanbase or host their own profile of the artists)

[If I were Zhuo Yichen, I would feel absolutely amazing.

What a strong fighting spirit— one person is able to take down ten thousand!]

[This station sister must love her idol very much.

Look at the pictures she posted— none of them have leaked Zhuo Yichen’s private status and program content.

The photos are either handsome or cute.

Looking at her Weibo, it would be really easy for someone to become a fan of Zhuo Yichen.]

[My God, the fourteen-year-old boy who won the National Championship back then is already grown up It’s most terrifying when someone is already more talented than you are, but they work even harder than you do as well.

That’s it; I’m going to be his fan now.]

A lot of people noticed that when Zhuo Yichen sent a lawyer’s letter and Chu Xiang posted her Weibo post, they did so one after another, as if things were scheduled to go this well.

What would this be if not a case of mutual understanding Both of them were very strong and responsible, taking a stand when they should— no one was a coward!

This entire incident was in one way sort of captivating, so many people developed a natural goodwill towards them especially after the issue was cleared.

There was also a small batch of CP fans quietly sprouting.

However, since there were not many people supporting the CP movement, the actions were rather small, so no one really noticed.

Geng Xuan, Xia Zhou and Xiao Ran were all in the company and they were reading news on the Internet in the lounge with Zhuo Yichen.

They all laughed when they saw these remarks on the Internet.

“Yichen, let me ask you, what’s your mood right now” At the same time, the three of them handed Zhuo Yichen a mineral water bottle to pretend that it was a microphone.

Zhuo Yichen held back a smile and cleared his throat, “What’s my mood Of course, I’m very happy.

After all, my fans are as extraordinary as I am.”

Geng Xuan leaned on the sofa as if he had been beaten and said unbearably, “Alright, that’s enough.

The three of us are worried to the point where we came to accompany you on purpose, but we have to put up with your abuse instead.”

Zhuo Yichen smashed a pillow and said with a smile, “What do you mean’ abuse’, you’re just spouting nonsense!!” He then looked at his three partners and said seriously, “Thanks.”

Xiao Ran leaned on Xia Zhou and said with a smile, “We’re brothers, so why is there a need to mention our thanks Come on, let’s be realistic.”

“I will bring you gifts every time I go abroad, okay The gifts will pile up to the point where it’s going to be a mountain in the future,” The smile on Zhuo Yichen’s face became much more relaxed.

Having his brothers’ support was very important to him at a crucial time like this, but between them, there was no need to express their thanks.

He asked his assistant to buy them a good meal and the four of them had dinner together in the lounge.

Geng Xuan read the cartoon story that Chu Xiang drew for Zhuo Yichen and said sourly, “You really have become a cute boy that lives in the cartoon; sister Chu Xiang’s project was very powerful indeed.”

“Of course, there’s no doubt about it.

You should also read sister Chu Xiang’s comics as well.

The drawings are super good, and the stories are absolutely hilarious— I really recommend them,” Zhuo Yichen ate while reading Chu Xiang’s serial comic stories with a huge smile on his face that couldn’t be contained.

The three teammates couldn’t deal with him, “You guys surely are so in tune with each other, it’s no wonder there are people on the Internet saying that you both adore each other.

Be careful, if CP fans form because of this, Sister Chu Xiang will be scolded by your female fans to death.”

“How can it be so easy to have CP fans” Zhuo Yichen muttered, but as he began to think, he wondered if his relationship with sister Chu Xiang seemed like it was a CP relationship.

When he thought about it, he seemed to agree that there were some points that would lead others to ship them together.

However, most of his fans would usually address him as ‘son’ or ‘little brother’, so there weren’t many younger female fans, were there


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