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Chu Xiang frowned and asked, “Who is that senior”

Zhuo Yichen smiled and said, “Don’t worry about it, I’m fine.

Don’t worry about this kind of thing.

Aren’t you recently chosen by the professor to be a young assistant You should be very busy, right In fact, I’m almost done with my revision, so you should take care of your own matters.

I’ve taken up too much of your time.”

“What do you mean you take up my time I will allocate time for myself in my way.

Well, don’t think about anything.

It’s the last two weeks, so work a bit harder.

I circled the important points and speculated some questions.

I’ll send it to you, so concentrate on your revision.

Leave the other things to your fans.

We, Starry, will always support you.” Chu Xiang saw that he did not speak and so she did not ask further.

She could find out for herself anyway.

Zhuo Yichen smiled at her words, and his mood was inexplicably much better.

If Chu Xiang didn’t mention it, he would have forgotten that she was still one of his fans.

The relationship between them has long been more than a fan and idol.

They’re also a teacher and student, friends, and in the future, colleagues.

With Chu Xiang around, it seems like the time ahead won’t be too hard.

Chu Xiang sent a lot of questions to Zhuo Yichen.

Zhuo Yichen appreciated her hard work and did not waste it, so he quickly looked into it and concentrated on his revision.

After Chu Xiang hung up the phone, she pondered for a moment but really did not know where to start.

She is not exactly an insider yet, so she has not built her network, and it is impossible for people who are mere acquaintances to tell her this kind of thing, so she can only start from some channels and hope it will be useful.

When Chu Xiang was working part-time helping others edit videos for money, she got to know a lot of people, including people from the entertainment industry.

In school, she was also acquainted with professors and teachers, and due to some courses, she got to work together with students from the directing and performance arts departments.

There are also fan groups.

Not only Starry, but she could also go around other idols’ fan groups to find out the news.

However, all of these require her to come around in a circle, because the relationship is not tight-knit, so she couldn’t be straightforward and it would take some time.

Before she found out who the opponent was, Chu Xiang drew two more sets of comics.

This time she did not use Zhuo Yichen’s avatar as the main character but drew a story about a tea party at the zoo, which is subtly funny and easily understood as a mockery of those scandals.

The story is very simple, but every picture and every sentence in it is just right, precisely pointing out the core content of those scandals – that they had no real facts.

It is also clear that this negative news is meant to make people who do not know the facts follow blindly so that someone else could benefit from the dark.

The end result is of course that bad thing will come around to the evil people as karma, and all the evils will be punished.

Chu Xiang’s Weibo now has more than three million followers and was a very influential individual account.

For the first time, she sent out a long Weibo post and finished uploading the complete story of that comic in one go.

Starry is stunned after reading.

The story is too explicitly clear and was way more useful than a whole lot of words they said in the comments.

At a glance, it was clear that someone was spreading the fake news purposely, and the miserable ending for that villain was very comforting.

The key is that the whole story remains the same funny style.

Every detail is mocking the culprit and it feels like a particularly advanced dark mockery.

While Starry was filling the comments’ section with essays of explanation, few people have the patience to read them.

Then, there are contrary opinions from the keyboard warriors which result in an argument.

A lot of the Starry are young girls full of vigor, and sometimes they can’t hold back their anger and will argue with people.

But this is something that gave no good impression, so Starry felt helpless and restless all this time.

However, Chu Xiang’s comics are different.

People who don’t know about it may start reading it as comedic relief but will immediately relate the story to Zhuo Yichen’s after reading.

Even the signature on each page of the comic is a conspicuous “ZYC-Xiang”.

People who know about this matter can easily look into it.

After all, texts are boring, and there are many people arguing there, which is pandemonium.

However, this comic is so interesting, and people inadvertently finished reading it and finally understood it.

Zhuo Yichen’s true fans all found the best counter material at this moment.

After a few major loyal fans got Chu Xiang’s permission, they and Chu Xiang herself immediately rallied Starry and spread Chu Xiang’s Weibo.

Starry was instantly motivated and brought out a fighter’s stance for Zhuo Yichen.

In an instant, Chu Xiang began trending.

The hashtag #Zhuo Yichen’s fan mocks the fake scandals# was trending on number one.

A lot of random people found it funny and a lot of rational ones started to discuss whether the scandals were true or not.

A lot of fans started to spread actual facts and achievements of Zhuo Yichen in the entertainment industry.

Under this heated situation, the content of those who denigrate Zhuo Yichen became not so obvious anymore.


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