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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 363

Chu Xiang slightly frowned.

The 17-year-old boy's firepower was strong, and didn't care much whether it was cold or hot.

They were shooting a variety show, so their pants were not thick.

Moreover, they were prone to sweating when running.

However, one could easily catch a cold in a hot and cold place like this.

It would have been fine if Zhuo Yichen was covered tightly.

But with his current state, he'd likely be uncomfortable upon their return.

She saw that the staff were busy shooting and laughing with a few boys.

They probably had never come here to play so crazy, and had no experience.

She walked quickly to Zhuo Yichen's assistant and called him from a distance, "Xiao Dong, Xiao Dong!"

Xiao Dong turned around and was a little surprised when he saw her.

He approached and asked, "Hello, what's the matter"

Chu Xiang handed him her backpack and said, "Xiao Chen can't go on like this.

He will definitely have a fever and a severe cold when he goes back.

Later, when they are resting, you can put more hot packs on him, and put a layer of clothes on his stomach, the back of his waist, thighs, and calves.

There is also a hand warmer here.

Let him hold it to warm his hands when he rests, and also warm his face and ears.

That'll be very useful.

Put a hat on him.


Xiaod Dong looked at Zhuo Yichen who was playing and hesitantly said, "It's not that serious.

I'll just remind him to wear a hat and buy him a hot drink.

I can't take anything from you."

Chu Xiang directly stuffed the bag into his hand.

"It's not something strange.

Hurry up and give him something to use.

I've been playing here for three days and met several locals, and they all told me this.

It doesn't hurt to always be careful."

Chu Xiang just finished speaking when she saw the four teenagers lying in the snow in exhaustion.

And then Zhuo Yichen raised his upper body and suggested going to another place.

The director gestured, telling them to take a break, go to the bathroom or something, and then directly go to another location to continue filming.

Zhuo Yichen went to pick up his hat, put it on his head and immediately took it off.

He said in surprise, "Oh, I sweated just now, and now my hat is frozen inside, my goodness!"

Chu Xiang took off her earmuffs and stuffed them into Xiao Dong's hands, "Come on, X Little Brother Chen is going to freeze!"

Chu Xiang gave him a push, stepped back quickly and turned away.

Xiao Dong found it rash to call her.

Seeing Zhuo Yichen's movement of covering his collar, he hesitated and ran towards him quickly, putting the warm earmuffs on his head and stuffing the hand warmer into his arms.

Zhuo Yichen held the hand warmer in the shape of a heart blankly.

He tucked his hands into it and immediately warmed up.

"Brother Dong, you are so caring today.

When did you prepare these"

Xiao Dong pulled him in the direction of the bathroom and raised his chin: "Of course I'm not so sweet.

It's your fansite admin sister who gave it to you.

She saw that you were cold and even so far as to instruct me to put hot packs on you, let you hold hand warmers, and then she gave you her own ear muffs."

"My fansite admin sister" Zhuo Yichen swept around seemingly unintentionally and saw Chu Xiang wearing a red coat, which was quite conspicuous.

He whispered, "Chu Xiang gave it to me What about her No, give them back to her.

She is a girl, and more likely to get cold."

Zhuo Yichen was about to take off his earmuffs while speaking, but Xiao Dong hurriedly stopped him and said, "Ancestor, are you really not afraid of rumors There are so many people at the scene, and there are several other fansite admin sisters around.

Keep a low profile, a low profile.

If you give it to her, she definitely doesn't want it.

She said that you will definitely catch a cold and have a fever like this.

You must save them immediately.

She cares about you, so you can't live up to your fan's wishes, right Walk around, go to the bathroom, and I'll stick them for you .Your fan told me where to stick them."

Zhuo Yichen got a little worried and glanced at Chu Xiang a few times.

It just so happened that Chu Xiang took a picture of him with his eyes on her.

In the past, some people always ridiculed sentences describing eyes, saying that the eyes were nothing more than eyes.

How could there be such this and that eyes But people's eyes were indeed different under varying emotions.

When she was an actress, sometimes she didn't need to do anything when she raised her eyes, but she could convey strong emotions to the audience through the screen.

Take this moment as an example.

Through the telephoto lens, she clearly made out Zhuo Yichen's apology and worry in his eyes.

He was afraid that she would catch a cold without those things.

In fact, she was just here to play a scene.

As long as she circulated the spirit qi in her body, it was equivalent to bringing her own air conditioner.

She could only feel a little cold here, which was not at the same level as theirs.

Knowing that her Little Brother was worried about her was enough.

Of course, it was better than the kind of idol who accepted fans' favor without qualms.


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