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“No, I’m not trying to drive you away.

Just think of this as a temporary hardship.

When I marry into the Ye family in the future, I will buy you a grandiose villa and even hire several servants to heed to your needs.

Since I’m already in such an irritated mood, just stop pestering me, okay If I end up losing Ye Chen, the two of us will have nowhere to go.”

Just as Bai Ling was about to say something else, she opted to remain silent after seeing Bai Xuewei’s annoyed expression.

Instead, she went back to her room to pack up her bags.

Once again, she started to regret her decision.

Living in a big villa… having several servants in the house…..

Wasn’t that how she lived initially in the Chu Family Was she not already living a comfortable life back then However, what’s the point of having such thoughts now If her daughter manages to marry into a wealthy family, she will be able to live in such a manner once again.

Thus, there’s no need to worry about such things.

But now, her daughter wanted to drive her out of the house.

Having been living a comfortable and carefree life in the Chu family mansion, Bai Ling — not needing to work for such a long time — will now have to do everything by herself and even look for a part-time job since Ye Chen refused to give them money.

How did the situation escalate to this point What on earth was she thinking

On the other hand, Bai Xuewei contemplated for a long time but still did not dare to risk calling Ye Chen again.

After all, Ye Chen surely went to the company to follow in his father’s steps.

If she really ends up affecting Ye Chen’s affairs and alerting his parents of that fact, then everything she worked so hard for would have been for naught.

The only thing she could do now is to wait.

Maybe Ye Chen would start to miss her again after a day or two.

As the saying goes, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

After her mother moves away, she plans to prepare a romantic dinner in the apartment for when she drags Ye Chen back.

Though she tried to stay optimistic, Bai Xuewei could not help but feel discomfort lingering around her heart.

Not only did Ye Chen immediately chase after Chu Xiang after class ended, but he also never answered a single one of her calls.

When he did answer her call late at night, his mother was the one who picked it up and said how he would enter his family’s company from then on.

No matter what happened, however, the sole factor that allowed her to remain confident despite all odds was Ye Chen’s true love for her.

She was not afraid of the Ye family’s intervention, but instead, Ye Chen’s wavering resolve.

Having always been following Chu Xiang around, she knew everything about their previous relationship.

Now that she had distanced herself from Chu Xiang, on the other hand, she was now simply an ordinary girl that was excluded from the circle.

Thus, she no longer has any idea what was transpiring between Ye Chen and Chu Xiang anymore.

This sense of uncertainty felt like a sharp dagger dangling above her — the main cause of her nervousness and sleepless nights.

All night long, she stayed awake and clutched her phone tightly as she scrolled through the chat history between Ye Chen and herself.

Only then could she temporarily feel at ease.

Completing all the preparations for the cooperation plan, Chu Xiang and Fang Qing spent quality time together as a mother and daughter in their leisure time during the weekends.

After determining that the plan no longer needs to be changed, they proceeded to schedule a meeting between the two companies.

Since Fang Qing forgot to close the window of her bedroom the night before, she ended up catching a cold and felt rather ill that day.

After double-checking with Xiao Han about the more important contents of the plan, she apologized and said: “President Xiao, I do not feel very well at the moment, so would it be okay for Chu Xiang to take my place in our discussion”

Xiao Han quickly replied: “Of course, Director Fang doesn’t need to be present if you are feeling unwell.

Why don’t you go back and get some rest Since there is nothing wrong with the plan, should I ask someone to bring you back for now”

Fang Qing waved her hand and said: “No need to be so polite.

President Xiao, I’m truly embarrassed for what happened today.

Not only did I scheduled our meeting to be the last one of the day, but I even had to cut it short due to my weak health.

I’ll be taking my leave now.

Oh, I’ll make sure to invite President Xiao over for dinner next time.”

“Director Fang is being too polite.

Please stay safe on your way home.” Xian Han spoke in a rather inferior manner when in Fang Qing’s presence.

After all, any successful entrepreneur would naturally be respected by others.

In fact, he really does admire the capabilities of the three members of the Chu family as he regards their skills highly.

Thus, he speaks in a more gentle tone in their presence — in complete contrast to his usual cold tone.

With that, Chu Xiang led Fang Qing into their driver’s car and watched silently as they drove away.

Looking down at her watch, she turned around and asked with a smile: “Since it’s already time for dinner, may I have the honor of inviting President Xiao out to dinner”


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