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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 358

Zhuo Yichen asked smoothly, "What is your name, Big Sister I read from your Weibo that you're a new fan.

Why do you stan me, ah"

"My name is Chu Xiang." Chu Xiang showed him her phone screensaver.

"This was during your Spring Festival Gala performance.

I think your stage performance is particularly great.

Then I looked up your previous stage videos and saw that you have improved every time.

I like people who are talented and still serious about progress, plus you're so cute."

Xiao Ran, who was half lying in the seat, looked back at them and said sharply, "Big Sister, why do I feel like you are raising cats online It's almost like you're looking at a small animal you like."

Chu Xiang raised an eyebrow.

"Almost Isn't raising cats online for appreciating them on the screen and liking them Then am I raising idols online"

Zhuo Yichen tidied up his hair and clothes and said unconvincingly, "I'm not cute anymore, okay I was cute when I was a kid, but now I'm already handsome, not at all like a cat.

And I'm the captain.

Big Sister, do you know how I became the captain I have to manage the three of them every day, and worry about everything.

Where am I cute"

Chu Xiang held back a smile and said, "You're pretty cute right now.

If you don't believe me, when you look back on your current state two years later, you'll know that my words are true."

"You must be a fake fan!" Zhuo Yichen made a gesture to get up and jokingly said, "Change seats, change seats."

Geng Xuan immediately agreed, "Yeah, let's exchange ah."

Zhuo Yichen sat back again and laughed.

"Even if you're a fake fan, you're still my fan.

Turn over!"

The few gags broke up the initial bit of strangeness and awkwardness.

Most of all, it was because there was a very comfortable, reliable and relaxed feeling of being with Chu Xiang, so even if she tackled it, it didn't give rise to a defensive notion against her.

On the contrary, they got a little closer to her because of her concern and treated her as an interesting Big Sister.

The flight was short, and they didn't talk much before they arrived.

The four of them wanted to meet up with their assistants, so Chu Xiang took her bag and waved at them.

"I'm leaving first, bye."

The four of them saw that the fansite admins in the economy class were still waiting to take pictures of them, but Chu Xiang left without looking back.

She was really characterized as a fake fan...

Moreover, the pictures that the fansite admins took when they sent them off to their flights, and picked them up on arrival, or the photos they took at any event were posted on Weibo immediately.

This way, everyone could know they have photographed them ahead of anyone else.

Chu Xiang was at the concert, too, but it was only a long time after the concert did she post.

She obviously took pictures this time, but she didn't post a single one.

Still very much like a fake fansite admin lady...

The four teenagers walked together in a nanny car.

All four of them were from the capital, and this time they came back for a few days of vacation.

The staff would take them home one by one to reunite them with their families.

The four of them talked about Chu Xiang in the car and thought that she would not necessarily be a fan of Zhuo Yichen for a long time, because she was really different from other fans, more like a Bai Fumei8 on a whim to have fun.

Zhuo Yichen felt a little at a loss deep inside, because he felt that Chu Xiang was pretty good.

Maybe he would not see her again in the future, so they should just go their separate ways, right

Chu Xiang was totally in the dark that she was taken as a fake fan, but then again she was not an ordinary little girl in the first place.

The mentality of a fan/idol was of course a little different.

She returned home by subway, took a comfortable bath, and then imported all the photos from her camera into her computer.

Zhuo Yichen's airport photos have already been sent by other fansite admins.

There were quite a lot of people, and they were crowded with the rest of the group.

In fact, the overall beauty of the photos were average, but screen fans were fully satisfied with the dynamics of their idols.

A fansite admin sister also sent a photoshopped photo of Zhuo Yichen when he went in to wait for boarding, with his other members smudged beside him.

This single photo looked pretty good, and was forwarded by many fans.

Chu Xiang didn't post any of the like.

She found four photos of Zhuo Yichen out.

One was a happy smile, one was with a black question mark on face when talking to his teammates, one was looking ahead and staring blankly, and the last was shocked and staring round-eyed.

These four expressions were particularly vivid, but Chu Xiang didn't post them directly.

She drew four scenes and bodies in a four-grid cartoon, all of which were cartoon images, and then cut out the heads of Zhuo Yichen's four photos to secure them.

On the cartoon body,the four-grid portrait suddenly became extremely interesting.

Coupled with the dialog boxes and script, it immediately turned into a fun short story!

Chu Xiang sent out this four-grid portrait with the caption: [The cutest Little Brother I'm afraid ate cuteness growing up @SJBoys - Zhuo Yichen].

Zhuo Yichen has just followed Zhuo Yichen with an alternate account.

The moment he saw the emoji-like cartoon, he slumped weakly on the back seat.

"Oh, why does she say I'm cute How can I be cute!"

"What" Geng Xuan stretched his head to look at his phone, and burst into laughter.

"Big Sister is top-notch.

You're going to be a cute boy living in comics from now on, hahaha."

"Show me, show me!" Xia Zhou grabbed the phone while Xia Zhou leaned closer to him to  have a look together.

He then laughed, "Your fan is awesome.

We're still stuck in traffic here, but she has already drawn such fine art.

Yichen, how does it feel to be treated like a little boy"

"What the, I'm a man!" Zhuo Yichen got up and grabbed the phone.

He raised the corner of his mouth, gave Chu Xiang a like, and replied, [The comics are cute.

Yichen isn't cute~ He'll be an adult soon.]

After replying, he also muttered, "She must be a fake fan."

Geng Xuan couldn't help laughing.

"Stop pretending.

Look at you laughing, you can't restrain the corners of your mouth."

"Shoo-shoo-shoo, go play aside." Zhuo Yichen pushed him away with a smile, and saved the four-grid portrait on his phone.


8 Bai Fumei - women with fair complexion, richness, and beauty


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