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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 357

Chu Xiang actually didn't pay attention to this when she was a star before.

She was a bit too workaholic at the time, and she left everything around her to her agent and assistant, and they took care of everything very well.

She remembered how a lot of cameras were shooting everywhere she went.

She thought they were all reporters, but it turned out that they were all her fansite admins.

Now that she thought about it, she was not warm enough, and she hadn't given camera benefits to those admins.

Fortunately, she never quit the entertainment circle in her life and never let her fans down.

She was a complete success.

When she boarded the plane, she accidentally found that she and the four teenagers were on the same flight, and they were all in first class.

She was the only one who went first class with them, and their assistants were also in economy class.

There were few passengers in the first-class cabins.

The four teenagers were young after all, and they had been protected by the company for only two years after their debut.

Thus, they still retained their teenage spirit.

After sitting down for a while, they couldn't help looking at her, a bit awkwardly and unnatural.

Chu Xiang saw and smiled at them, "What a coincidence.

I didn't know you were on this flight.

I live in the capital and happen to be going back today.

I've put away my camera, so I won't be taking pictures.

Rest assured."

Mentioning that she wouldn't take pictures in turn made Zhuo Yichen a little embarrassed.

He smiled and said, "Actually...

it's okay to take a few, but don't take pictures of my teammates."

"Then why don't you sit here for a while" Chu Xiang got up and asked Zhuo Yichen to sit in her seat.

There was no one there, so she quickly took a few photos before the plane would take off.

Zhuo Yichen faced the camera.

Naturally, he put on a handsome appearance.

She showed the pictures to Zhuo Yichen.

"I won't post these pictures.

If your staff were here just now, they would have definitely asked me not to take pictures.

Don't be so soft-hearted in the future.

It's okay to refuse.

Fans who get angry about this are not good fans."

"Oh, okay." Facing this new Big Sister fan, Zhuo Yichen touched his nose a little bit, planning to return to his seat.

He was in the front.

He just stood up, and Geng Xuan, who was only one aisle away from Chu Xiang, said, "Yichen, sit here and chat with this Big Sister."

Geng Xuan smiled at Chu Xiang and said, "Sister, your drawing is beautiful."

"Really I'll draw one for you when I have time in the future." Chu Xiang was not a Duwei, and had a good impression of them, so he agreed with a smile.

Zhuo Yichen and Geng Xuan changed positions, bringing him closer to Chu Xiang.

After the plane took off, and the stewardess came to deliver their drinks, he felt momentarily embarrassed.

He felt that with only one fan present, it wasn't nice to give her the cold-shoulder, so he cleared his throat and asked, "Big Sister, are you studying art"

Chu Xiang, holding a warm coffee cup, replied, "I studied it before.

I am currently a Film School student.

I am studying editing in the Directing Department.

I am a sophomore this year, so when you enter college, I will be a junior student.

Have you decided which school you want to enter What are you going to study"

Zhuo Yichen was surprised: "I also want to take Film School in the Directing Department.

I would love to be able to personally direct a film of my own in the future..."

He hadn't finished speaking when Chu Xiang couldn't help but laugh.

Zhuo Yichen touched his face, and thought he had gotten something dirty.

"What's wrong"

Chu Xiang waved her hand.

"Nothing, I'm just wondering why you are so simple and answer everything you're asked Are you not afraid that I am a marketing account who would go out  and expose your material"

Zhuo Yichen was confused by her brain circuit.

When he posted on Weibo and asked how his tangyuan looked, other fans said, "Aaahhh, it looks delicious," "I really want to make the tangyuan in your bowl," and so on.

But this Big Sister said, "If you watch some more, your tangyuan will be cold again, eat quickly."

When he was allowed to take pictures, other fans would certainly be "Ahhhhh, so handsome!" or something of the like.

But this Big Sister said, "Don't be so soft-hearted in the future".

He confessed his future plans.

If it were other fans, they would have said, "Great", but she said he was too innocent Did he have some misunderstanding about his fans Was this not the way to spoil fans

Chu Xiang was bewildered by his baffled look.

He resembled a fluffy puppy, and she couldn't help but reach out and rub his hair.

"You're so silly.

What if someone cheats you You don't even know my name yet.

It's only our second meeting; be stranger-proof and don't feel like your fans are your own people.

A couple of months ago, wasn't there a fan of an actress who turned his back on her and trampled on her You have to be a good idol, and be good to your fans.

It's also okay to give the public some benefits, but protect yourself in private."

The three teenagers at the front laughed out loud in unison.

Zhuo Yichen's face turned red.

He was 17 years old, the captain, and has always considered himself as an adult, but ended up being treated as a child by a Big Sister who wasn't much older than him.

Xia Zhou turned around and laughed: "Big Sister, don't you feel that we're quite congenial We actually met you three times within two days.

Last night we also saw your Weibo post and felt it's familiar."

Geng Xuan followed suit and nodded.

"Big Sister,you look like someone with a good personality."

Chu Xiang laughed and said, "You won't think so in another two years.

Let's see what you can tell at a glance But I have a really good personality, you got that right this time."


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