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On the contrary to Chu Xiang, Sun Jie felt rather irritated by the conversation that just took place over the phone.

Having married into a rich family for all these years, she has only received countless praises from others — never before tasting such defeat in his eyes.

As a matter of fact, this was the first time that she has ever been rejected.

If not for the sake of the company, how could she have held herself back from venting out her anger

However, Sun Jie despised Bai Xuewei even more.

No matter what she does, she will never live up to the standards of the Ye family.

After all, how could a mere housekeeper hope to rise in society through the Ye family She ought to look around her and know her place.

At this moment, the driver has just sent Ye Chen back to the Ye family’s house and notified Sun Jie about the calls from Ye Chen’s phone.

Just as his phone rang again, Sun Jie ordered someone to bring Ye Chen upstairs as she hung up the call immediately.

She then proceeded to block all contacts related to Bai Xuewei without saying a word to Ye Chen.

Only at that instant did she understand Chu Xiang’s previous words.

With the witches of the Bai family still there, she would definitely not be able to revert things back to normal even if she wanted to.

Having been betrayed and thrown under the bus by two she once called family, it was natural for Chu Xiang to want to cut off all connections with them.

Sun Jie understood those feelings very well.

Since Ye Chen already started to waver in his decision, Sun Jie believed that she should give her son a final push in the back to get him back on track. 

After everything she has done, however, could she still understand her son’s feelings

Suddenly, Ye Chen’s phone rang again, but this time, from an unknown number.

Sun Jie did not even have to think about it to guess that that caller was Bai Xuewei.

Her lips curled into a waning frown as her expression sunk.

When she answered the call without saying anything, she heard Bai Xuewei speaking from the other end, “Ah Chen, why haven’t you been answering my calls Where are you right now I have been worried all day long since I could not find you.”

The corner of Sun Jie’s mouth twitched mockingly as she said: “Miss Bai, right Do you not understand what it means to be blocked Are you really trying to take advantage of my son with your seemingly gentle worries If you were Chu Xiang, she would have already known what he was up to.”

Sun Jie said coldly: “Miss Bai, only people of equal standings would be able to stand on the same playing field.

A mouse that has yet to see the light of day can only bow down and curry favor with someone stronger.

Of course, my Ye family will not be willing to raise such mice.

In fact, Ye Chen has already told me that he will stop playing around now.

Starting tomorrow, he will be working in the Ye family’s company, so if you know what’s good for him, then stop bothering him and causing even more conflicts in his heart.

If you ever interfere with his work and cause some sort of trouble, I’m not kind enough to let you go unscathed.

Thus, you better behave yourself.”

As soon as Sun Jie hung up, she immediately blocked the number and placed the phone next to Ye Chen’s bed.

Meanwhile, she began thinking up ways to deal with the two witches of the Bai family.

After the things she said to  Chu Xiang, she would naturally take things into her own hands and live up to her words.

On the other end, Bai Xuewei looked at her phone with an ugly expression and frowned.

Bai Ling knocked on the door to her room and asked: “What’s wrong Did you get into a fight with Young Master Ye”

Bai Xuewei replied impatiently: “Mom, could you stop calling him Young Master Ye  If you keep this up, you’ll only be lowering our status even further.

You have to remember that you’re now his mother-in-law and elder.

Your inferior attitude and manner of speech no longer fit someone of your status.”

Bai Ling frowned and replied: “Your temper and ego is getting more arrogant by the day, don’t you think Can’t you just say things in a more polite manner Did you already forget how I’m your mother Or do you regard me as a mere servant now If it wasn’t for me, you would never be wearing the clothes you have now or even get the chance to meet Ye Chen.”

“Alright… I don’t want to get into a fight with you.

It’s just that Ye Chen’s parents are being incredibly strict with him right now, so I’ll have to come up with some sort of solution as soon as possible.

Otherwise, everything that I have built up over the years will ultimately shatter into bits and pieces.

By the way, have you found a place to move into yet If so, you should move out tomorrow.”


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