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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 341

Then, the more attentive users began recalling, “Wasn’t Chu Xiang… Empress Chu’s real name” Furthermore, Chu Zhe had once mentioned that exact name when he berated her on his social media.

It was at that moment when another user found out that the screenwriter of the series was also Chu Xiang.

Since Chu Xiang was Empress Chu… doesn’t that mean that the actress who absolutely nailed the role as the master was actually the author herself!

That speculation was far too ridiculous! Not willing to believe such a conclusion just yet, everyone flocked over to the forum of “Demonic Empress” to make a conjecture.

Seeing the public’s response, the social media handler inquired Chu Xiang regarding the matter.

To no one’s surprise, Chu Xiang remained indifferent, saying how it was another chance to become a subject of yet another hot topic.

With her permission, the social media handler immediately began uploading pictures of Chu Xiang working amidst the production crew.

One picture was Chu Xiang in simple, plain clothing sitting next to the director while watching the scene play out.

The other included her dressed in the outfit of the master while acting out her role.

The social media handler even wrote in the caption: [Sure enough, the person who understands the characters best is the author herself, Empress Chu! Do you guys like Empress Chu for personally acting out the role of the master]

This one post caused Chu Xiang’s entire legion of fans to erupt in shock! That woman in the picture was the chubby sister who got doxxed in the past Even if every chubby person had good prospects, wasn’t Chu Xiang’s transformation far too drastic Not only did Chu Xiang possess such good looks, but she had the talent for both writing novels and acting.

Just where did such a goddess come from!

At that moment, the number of Chu Xiang’s fans seemingly multiplied.

Her popularity once again lifted her up to the top of the popular search query as people began calling her a “master of many trades.” Furthermore, the older fans began telling the newcomers the history of how Chu Xiang had once been stomped on before turning things around, in addition to her high-quality works and outstanding acting skills.

It was around this time that Chu Xiang began updating the chapters for her new modern novel.

Riding the wave of popularity, it gradually became the next incarnation of the “Demonic Empress.” Meanwhile, in the movie adaptation of “Demonic Empress,” Chu Xiang was once again chosen as the actress for the role of the master.

This time, the production crew placed even greater emphasis on the quality of the camera work when shooting her scene, making the disposition of the character even more prominent than before.

From then onwards, whenever a difficult character showed up in any of Chu Xiang’s series, the director would always ask Chu Xiang to take the role as a special guest, proving anyone who thought she could only play the role of the master wrong and winning them over.

At that point, she was most likely the only screenwriter in the entertainment industry who had also been recognized for playing the role of her own characters.

But just as she asserted before, she would never actually become an official actress — only occasionally appearing as a special guest in the film for a few minutes.

Instead, she focused more effort and attention on updating her various kinds of novels.

At that point, her readers had already gotten used to the drastic change in the genre with each new work.

As for the shipping fans with discerning eyes, a year after Chu Xiang and Liang Jun officially began dating, they were finally able to find proof of them going out with each other.

Knowing that piece of news, some of their fans gave them their blessings while others were so excited for them that they did not know how to properly respond.

In fact, they were cheering for them even more so than the couples in the entertainment industry as their love for one another actually seemed sweet and genuine.

As such, countless fans were extremely happy for them.

Furthermore, Chu Xiang and Liang Jun appeared to be the perfect match for each other, for they would always write together, go on trips together, have fun relaxing together, and talk about matters in their circle together.

They even got to attend Zhuo Yu’s wedding and witness four generations of his family living happily under one roof, including him becoming a good father.

On the other hand, people also admired them for being able to live the rest of their lives in such a joyful, carefree manner without any care or worries.

Sure enough, Liang Jun stayed true to his words as he remained obedient to Chu Xiang for the rest of his life.

He would accompany her to do whatever she wanted to do, watch her adaptations of her novels one after another, see her receiving many awards, and witness her becoming a famous online writer and well-known screenwriter.

No matter how far she walked down the path of a successful writer, he would always be there standing alongside her.

Meanwhile, the Chu Family was still looking for opportunities to make a ruckus.

Seeing Chu Xiang standing at the peak of life, they would dream of standing in her position.

However, they were already at their wit’s end, only ever able to receive the meager amounts of alimony sent to them by Chu Xiang.

Furthermore, Mr.

and Mrs.

Chu were forced to meet the demands of Chu Zhe for the rest of their lives as he would constantly make a fuss over minor matters and treat them miserably.

As for Matchless Sovereign, she had long since lost everything she had built up and drowned among the masses without ever being able to pull any more nasty stunts.

However, the one thing both parties had in common was how they regretted treating Chu Xiang the way they did.

And unfortunately, they could not turn back time to make up for their mistakes.

The only thing they could do now was look on helplessly as Chu Xiang walks down the path of success into a faraway place where they could never hope to reach.

Everything that took place in this lifetime flashed past like a fleeting dream.

Even so, Chu Xiang had already left behind her legacy and become an exemplary model that all future writers would strive to become.


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