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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder Chapter 340

Before, Zhuo Yu would always worry about Liang Jun having contradictions with Chu Xiang.

But after hearing what Liang Jun said, he suddenly realized that he had been overthinking.

After all, only the couple themselves would know whether they were compatible with each other or not.

On the contrary, one can only know so much by seeing things from the perspective of an outsider, so what’s the point of worrying blindly

Besides, if Chu Xiang really was opposed to the goofy side of Liang Jun, she would never have dated him in the first place.

Having processed all these thoughts, Zhuo Yu laughed, “Alright, I’m happy for you as long as you’re content.

Congratulations, brother.

I hope you two continue enjoying your honeymoon together.”

“Thanks, bro.” Liang Jun, hearing that Zhuo Yu’s words only held good intentions, thanked him wholeheartedly before focusing his mind back on his trip.

Their entire trip lasted until the broadcasting day of “Demonic Empress.” With the movie adaptation of the novel now underway, Chu Xiang was once again invited as the screenwriter.

Moreover, since both “Rising Immortal” and her most recent novel had also been completed, her editor in Jinjiang once again urged her to come up with a new series.

As for the publication of her two novels in simplified and traditional Chinese, in addition to the contracts for the audiobook version, she would have to head back for a meeting to proceed with the discussions as work began piling up for her again.

With that, the couple returned home with a great sense of satisfaction as Chu Xiang felt that she had gained much from this trip.

Since she went on this trip with the purpose of observing all aspects of life, she managed to have a lot of fun while moments of inspiration popped into her mind one after another.

After her relaxing and joyous trip, she could feel her mind brimming with vigor and motivation again.

Since the two of them were officially dating now, Chu Xiang did not hesitate to move all her belongings to Liang Jun’s place upon returning home.

Under the intoxication of their beautiful spring days, they began writing together in the modern-styled room.

Not to mention the artistic mood of the room, the entire courtyard surrounding the place felt extremely serene — creating the perfect atmosphere for them to start writing again.

Occasionally sunbathing in the large courtyard, the birds hopped around the porch in a leisurely manner.

Seeing this natural, peaceful atmosphere, one would find it difficult to believe that this place was located in the midst of the hectic capital.

In Chu Xiang’s past two novels, Chu Xiang had mainly chosen to write about her experiences in her past lifetimes due to her lack of experience as a writer.

Since the plot of her stories was already set in stone, in addition to having knowledge about the most recent trends in the novel world, she was naturally able to attract the attention of many readers.

However, having written up to her third novel, she now had to write a story without any prior foundation of her past experiences.

With Liang Jun as a competent mentor, Chu Xiang managed to learn many different writing techniques, including the ways to create an outline and methods to set up the plot of the story.

Not to mention her monstrous ability to learn, with a godly writer doing everything to assist her, Chu Xiang naturally had everything in her favor to create a new story without any issues.

Furthermore, having taken a step into the present entertainment industry and having received the favor of a director in the field, she had also gained quite a bit of knowledge regarding how things worked in the production of films.

In accordance with the new standard, she ultimately made her next novel related to an independent woman living life in the modern workplace.

Upon the announcement of her new work, the readers immediately bookmarked the page and urged her to update it as soon as possible.

After reading the synopsis of her new work, the readers felt as if they could not keep up with Chu Xiang as she had jumped from a cultivation novel to a historical novel, and now to a novel taking place in the modern world.

The difference between the setting of each novel was quite large, to say the least.

Meanwhile, “Demonic Empress” had skyrocketed in popularity, so much so that people who knew nothing about the series would have heard about it one way or another.

It had gotten so popular that at least one person in each family would have been watching it.

At that point, not only did the selling price of the license to Chu Xiang’s work increase even further, but even the price of hiring her as a screenwriter had increased drastically.

What was even crazier was how various publishers across the country were already asking her regarding the publishing rights of her next work before it had even started.

As such, she decided to have several chapters stockpiled before then.

“Demonic Empress,” having risen from its past negative light to the hot topic it is today, ended up becoming a rare phenomenon in the online literature industry.

Naturally, the name “Empress Chu” too began circulating throughout the field.

This was a rare ripple effect that certainly did not seem to be stopping any time soon.

Just when Chu Xiang joined the production crew for the movie adaptation of “Demonic Empress,” the series adaptation just so happened to finish airing the episode that included the appearance of the female lead’s master.

As expected, the viewers synonymously urged the production team for the master to have a different ending as they expressed their fondness for the unruly master and wanted to see her appear once more in the series.

At that moment, a certain user noticed that the name of the actress who played the role of the master in the official listing was replaced with the words, “Chu Xiang.”


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