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“Why did you assume that I would play the role well You haven’t even seen me act before.”

“That’s only natural for me to assume.

After all, the director surely isn’t a complete idiot.

He must only have chosen you because you suited the role.

Besides, he failed to find a suitable candidate even after going through so many people,” Liang Jun spoke in a prideful manner as his face beamed with a bright smile.

“I would love to see you shoot a movie in person.

Who knows when the TV series will actually be broadcasted But when that time comes, I will definitely edit out this particular section of the series and watch it countless times.”

Chu Xiang laughed, “Don’t forget to swallow that saliva of yours.

You’re looking more and more like a perv.”

Hearing people calling her from the side, she then stood up.

“I’ll be heading over for the shoot now.

I’ll call you back when I get back from the shoot at night.

See ya~”

“Alright, remember to take care of yourself.

Make sure not to overwork yourself,” Liang Jun urged like a worried parent just before hanging up the call.

At that moment, images of Chu Xiang’s beautiful face drifted restlessly throughout his mind.

Usually, he would never pay much attention to one’s looks.

However, it was then and there that he truly understood that one’s sweetheart would always look beautiful to them no matter what — so much so that he wanted to hide her away and not allow anyone else to witness her true beauty.

But at the same time, he also wanted to announce her presence to the entire world and let them see her good sides.

In that instant, Liang Jun opened up his diary and jotted down the feelings he felt just then with a wide grin on his face as his heart surged with a great sense of joy.

At that moment, he could finally relate to the romantic scenes commonly found in romance novels.

No matter how much one tried to hold their feelings back, they would inevitably pop back up without a moment’s notice.

Meanwhile, under the doubtful gazes of the production crew, Chu Xiang finally began her act.

The stunt rigging wire, the camera lenses, the optimal positions, her facial expressions, the lines of the script, her ever-so-slight movements… every single one of these factors blended with one another just as the crew began filming the scene.

In a flash, it seemed as if the powerful female demonic cultivator of the myths was really right there before them, picking up the frail, young child from the ground.

Chu Xiang had undoubtedly blessed the TV series with her top-class performance.

However, the main reason why everyone had fallen into a state of shock was that they had set their expectations far too low.

Never in a million years would they have anticipated such a stellar act from Chu Xiang.

In fact, it would not be an exaggeration to say that they were frightened by her.

What they felt even after coming back to reality was simply indescribable with any human language.

After all, the person acting before them was a young screenwriter who had only just recently taken up the job.

After showering Chu Xiang with endless praises, the director then ordered the cameramen to take more shots of her.

From his expression, one could tell that he was more than content with her performance.

At that moment, the co-director asked from the side, “Director, aren’t you clearly satisfied with Chu Xiang’s acting In that case, why did you keep sighing whenever you saw her for the past few days”

The director replied mindlessly, “Isn’t it such a pity No matter how much I tried to persuade her, she simply refuses to become an actress.

Rather, she wants to stubbornly remain a screenwriter and novelist.

What a shame! Truly a shame!”

The mystery of the director’s constant sighs has finally been cracked.

After shooting the scene, Chu Xiang simply went back to her role as the screenwriter.

Having witnessed such a scene, many people within the production crew could not help but empathize with the director in regret.

Chu Xiang’s performance was truly a feast before their eyes.

It truly was a pity that she refused to become an actress!

While the shooting proceeded as usual, the editors were already starting to make edits for the first two-thirds of the TV series, in addition to selecting the scenes for the trailer.

The director had specially informed them to pick out the best angle from Chu Xiang’s scene and include it in the trailer.

He did not want to show too much or too little — only showing just the right amount to make the scene memorable.

Having finished filming all the scenes, the production crew then released the trailer for the TV series.

Upon watching the trailer, the fans of the novel all found the acting skills of the main characters to be more than satisfactory.

On the other hand, they were rather surprised to see an unknown actress playing the role of the female lead’s master.

However, the hollowness in the depths of her eyes and the hint of malice in her smile truly embodied the character of the master perfectly in the story!

In the original novel, it was never mentioned just where the female lead’s master went or how high she had reached with her cultivation.

The only piece of information they knew about her was that she remained undefeated in that realm prior to her disappearance.

As such, none of them expected her to appear in any of the scenes in the TV series.

In contrast to their expectations, she not only made an appearance in the series, but her actress seemed to have embodied her soul perfectly.

At that point, the fans had already recognized the actors and actresses playing the main characters — only the actress for the female lead’s master remained unknown.

Thus, everyone began wondering, “Just who was this actress” Was she a student from some acting school Some actress who has yet to debut Even after rummaging through the list of actresses in the series, they still could not figure out her identity.


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