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Retired Villainess Transmigrates into a Cannon Fodder

Vi5-7 minutes 13.09.2020

Zhuo Yu sighed after drinking a bottle of white wine, “I don’t know what the future will be like.”

Zhou Yu didn’t really blame the characters of the elders in his family.

Even if didn’t like to be rejected by his sweetheart, he still loved his parents and grandmother.

They wanted him to get married and have children by the age of 30 and hoped that his wife would be virtuous and generous.

It came with the expectations of wanting her to take care of the family and to have a stable job.

He tried to change this deeply ingrained concept but he failed to do so a few years ago.

It was not easy to change a person’s concept and character, and it was even more impossible for elders who have lived for a long time to change as well.

He passed the rebellious period early, cherishing the kindness that his family extended to him, so when they felt that writing was unstable, he opened a gym that made him good business.

With that, he bought four houses to collect rentals from and used his own way to make them achieve peace of mind.

They had him go on blind dates, but they wouldn’t force him to marry anyone, so even if he didn’t like the blind dates, he still met friends of the opposite sex.

He wanted them to be happy, so he’s willing to do things that would make them happy.

Family would always be the most important thing to him.

At the age of 30, he was no longer as reckless as he was when he was a teenager, so he would not be impulsive to toss something else aside just because he had someone he liked.

He saw that it was impossible for Chu Xiang to deliberately get a job to appease them because of his family’s concept.

He also saw that Chu Xiang had a strong personality and liked to charge into battle rather than run a small family.

So even if he thought that his parents, the elders and Chu Xiang were all good people, he still understood that they would have irreconcilable conflicts.

Now that Chu Xiang had rejected him, he was very uncomfortable, but he couldn’t do anything but let go since there was already a  result for it.

In the future, he would marry a virtuous wife that everyone from his family liked and have children.

What would his future life be like That bittersweet burden made him feel confused about the future because it wasn’t what he wanted most.

However, his reasoning and logical side kept telling him that it should be something that he desired the most.

Liang Jun answered him seriously, “Your future will be very happy.”

Zhuo Yu smiled, “Really”

“Of course.

Your family members love each other and the atmosphere is always warm and happy.

Even if there are shackles in some aspects, it is insignificant compared to the beauty you have.

That is why you are so willing and rational, but your own family will be like this in the future.

You will cherish your wife and children and love them.

Nevertheless, you will not give your children any burdens as you will let him grow up and fly freely; you will be filial to your elders, love your wife, and become the best father there is.

Do you think this life of yours would be unhappy”

“No, it’s plenty,” Zhuo Yu smiled again, “Of course it would be happy.”

There were many frustrations in life.

Some people like to travel around the world, but if the seniors who were very close by needed someone to take care of them, could the younger generations leave them behind and travel the world Few people could truly do whatever they want.

When they gave up one thing for another, they were just weighing the weight of the two things in their hearts, eventually bearing the burden of choosing one just to forsake the other.

Some roads were doomed from the beginning, but there were still many remaining roads.

So, it wasn’t too late to choose one until the end of the journey.

If things went on like that, the dissatisfaction would eventually become more bearable as well.

As an orphan, Liang Jun’s pursuit for Chu Xiang was already a great advantage in objective conditions, but Zhuo Yu would not envy him for this.

He would not think about what would happen if he was also an orphan nor the chance that his family never intervened in his personal affairs.

This was because his family was like this in reality and they were irreplaceable in his heart.

So he could only accept this result willingly before finding another way to go on.

That kind of helplessness was something that could not be changed, so it could only be accepted.

Zhuo Yu didn’t speak anymore as he drank glass after glass until he was so drunk that he lost consciousness and didn’t have to think about anything.

Liang Jun stayed by his side the whole time, finally sighing and helping  him return after settling the bill.

Everyone had their own way to go about it, but the two of them have been brothers for ten years, and they will continue to be brothers in the future.

They both knew that this matter had already ended by the drinks today.

Being drunk and unconscious was the only way Zhou Yu could vent his frustrations the quickest.

Liang Jun gave Zhuo Yu some soup and settled him so that he could sleep.

Back in the guest room, he couldn’t sleep.

He opened Weibo and found that several more painters had drawn cartoon portraits of Chu Xiang as well as portraits of the two of them.

It was both cute and funny as the corners of his mouth rose involuntarily again.


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