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“It’s very similar indeed, but don’t take pictures of me secretly in the future— I don’t allow it,” Chu Xiang grabbed a pillow and threw it at him before she got up and switched on her laptop.

Liang Jun suddenly wailed, “No way, you are so beautiful, so you should take more pictures.

I even plan to learn photography in the future, so I will definitely take beautiful pictures of you.”

“Stop talking about a bunch of nonsense and come write.

Zhuo Yu, are you joining” Chu Xiang powered up the software, opened the room familiarly and sent the room number to the group.



Liang Jun and Zhuo Yu responded at the same time as they joined with their own devices.

Zhuo Yu raised his eyes to look at Liang Jun.

He was already in the zone, but Zhuo Yu couldn’t calm down as his mind was in a very chaotic state, so his typing speed was surprisingly slow.

Liang Jun wondered, “Zhuo Yu, why are you so slow today”

Zhuo Yu said calmly, “Writer’s block.”

Writer’s block was a common thing.

After all, they wanted to write high quality works all the time without caring about the number of the words.

Therefore, it was probable that they could encounter a form of writer’s block occasionally.

Liang Jun and Chu Xiang didn’t find it odd, so they all calmed down and wrote what they wanted to.

Since the three of them wrote together, the three people’s texts were very prolific.

Since they were there to accompany one another, it wasn’t boring and would become another form of fun.

At this point, it had even become a daily routine for them.

Once they got used to this pace, they didn’t think that they were writing a lot either.

Besides, seeing their readers cheer them on and thank them for their updates was a rather nice feeling as well.

However, Zhuo Yu was in a bad state today, and in the end he only wrote 3,000 words.

The two of them did not reprimand him, only asking him to update the 3,000 words that he had written.

Then, they changed their clothes and went to the gym to exercise together.

Zhuo Yu stopped Chu Xiang when Liang Jun went to the store to buy a drink.

He made a roundabout way of asking his question, “With a bunch of CP fans online, aren’t you worried that fans will misunderstand that you two are really a couple”

Chu Xiang replied, “Not really.

Misunderstandings are just misunderstandings; it’s not like anything would happen,” She used to have a lot of CP fans in the entertainment industry, and every time she filmed, there was a probability that it would generate new CP fans.

She was used to it already, so it was safe to say that she wasn’t affected in the slightest.

Zhuo Yu pursed his lips and remained silent for a while before asking, “What kind of man do you like”

Chu Xiang gave him a keen look and said, “This range is too wide, but if I had to sum it up, then it’s just unconfirmed.

I think I would probably like it better to be free from any constraints and limitations when it comes to this.”

Zhuo Yu had a hunch that it would be too late if he didn’t make a statement now.

Liang Jun’s pursuit towards Chu Xiang was already beginning to show its results.

If he missed this opportunity, he might never have another chance.

Before Liang Jun came back, he asked bluntly, “If I didn’t pay special attention to my behaviour at the beginning and instead, took the initiative to do something for you, would we also have our CP fans now After all, we met first, and unexpectedly became neighbours and friends…”

Zhuo Yu had a lot to say, but after seeing Chu Xiang’s clear eyes, he didn’t say anything after that.

He guessed that he already knew the answer, but he still wanted to hear Chu Xiang’s response to it.

Chu Xiang didn’t like to be unclear and vague.

Since he had already opened the window to let in the light of truth, she answered clearly, “No, we wouldn’t.

Your grandmother is very kind, loves you very much and is also very attentive towards you.

I wouldn’t let us have any CP fans; otherwise, your future girlfriend would be jealous.”

“If my family…”

“No ifs— if they weren’t like this, you wouldn’t turn out this way either.

You have their imprint in your everyday life of growth.

 They love you dearly and you are also filial to them, forming a family in a warm and happy atmosphere, which is really good.

But I don’t fit in because my goal is to just freely walk my path of life.

When my parents tried to have a say in how I should be living my life, I already deprived them from seeing me.

Haven’t you always thought that I was a bit too extreme So you see, we aren’t exactly two peas in a pod.

If we get too close, we might argue and fight each other all the time, so it would be better for us to remain as friends,”Chu Xiang smiled at him, turned around and walked into the gym without looking back.

Zhuo Yu stayed where he was and watched her walk away step by step, not chasing her.

It was rare for Chu Xiang to say so many things at one go, but she had already rejected him neatly and without leaving any leeway.

Though it was true that their three viewpoints were not the same, it was due to the differences between their families.

Since their way of being brought up was different, it was hard to understand the logic behind one another’s actions, which was also the reason why he didn’t do anything up until now.


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